Ten Tales

So I'm ike stuck after that cupid puzzle thing, when I put the book in the last room nothing happens. What next? XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
At least the puzzles in this game are easier to solve then the previous game XDDDDD
Maria is cute and Mark's an idoit. What's the point of him again?

Make sure you had completed the missing pieces of the brother doll, placed the wizard wand, sister doll and the book on the right place. Then, you should able to open the locked door in the room after that.
Mark is there to show you what will happen when you always think logic (He got headache easily & nearly got insane)but yeah, he's kinda idiot too! just a bit XD

Ningyo Heart

RGSS102.dll could not found I really want play the game what can I do about that.

I tried to look for solution from certain forums. it's either

1. you have to download and install RTP(run time package) for rpgmaker xp. download from here (select program rpg maker xp).


2. Other option is to download trial version of RPG maker xp and select install RGSS-RTP Standard file into your computer.

re-download the game, extract it & see if it works.

My first game ever. (still in early developement)

Your game have a unique game play mechanic, but perhaps in time, will you upgrade or do something about the screenshots? In case you wish to submit your game here. I am agreed with Corfaisus, along with my past experience while sending my first game into this site, screenshots are one of the main quality aspect that will be inspected by moderators, and your game description must be freed from any grammatical issues too.

To get more clearer, you might want to read the rules of the submission. Anyway, good luck! Wish you the best in finishing your first game! XD

Ten Tales

ummm..im currently playin gyour game:> its really cool^^ and i have a problem though..i dont know how to combine the wooden stick and string together and is there a walkthrough?:))?

You can combine it by
There should be a wooden box filled with hay in another room below the hungry chef house. There is a bent needle inside it. Now, bring all you got (string and stick) here to combine them all.

Ten Tales

It needed a lot of proofreading, but overall it was a charming story... even if it was bizarre. I kind of wished we could have seen Mark and Maria's relationship grow as the game progressed, rather than having it stated to us at the end. Still, this is a nice game for somebody with about 30 minutes to spare.

Thanks for dropping by and share your thought, sir! XD I knew my English and grammar aren't good since it wasn't my native language but I will improve that in future game! still, I am glad you enjoyed it!

Ten Tales

A new game and you haven't informed me? My, I feel betrayed~
Anyway, a new game means a new fun experience~ Let's see what you and that team of yours has made this time :D

Hahaha....Don't feel bad. It's actually our old ones, made before Ningyo Heart & this created when we are still amateurs and tried to sharpened our skills. The newest one is still in progress and of course, we will inform you & Leigh when it is ready. XD

But still, hope you enjoyed it! & Thanks Leigh for your thoughts & constructive comments! views and comments does help us to get better and better!

Ten Tales

Hey, a new game from my favourite developer!
I'm surprised you completed one so quickly, but I guess this is a short thing.
I'll give it a play and maybe write you another review when I have some more time.
Looks like a game in the horror/humor genre!
(PS I like your new profile image; you should make another game with Ichirou)

Lol. Thanks but actually this is the old treasure/game we had made, months before the Ningyo heart. XD We had posted it in other website before & lately, decided to share it here as well. It basically had no horror sense inside it.

The current horror game still in progress. & since this is the old ones, it may not as good/polished like Ningyo heart.

Ten Tales

I tried to open the game, but it just said 'RGSS102E.dll could not be found.'

I had downloaded game through the available link and extracted the file and run test it. The game works fine so the main reason why the error occurred caused by corrupted file when downloaded the game exe. takes note certain antivirus could caused this.

Anyway, I had re-upload a new file (which had been extracted already,not exe file) through the same link. Try download it again and tells me if it works or not.

Ten Tales

I tried to open the game, but it just said 'RGSS102E.dll could not be found.'

Give me some times to check it out. If the problem still exist, I will prepare another downloadable file. sorry for the trouble.

[Poll] All Hallows' Event 2013: Voters' Choice

Good luck for all contestants! Wish the best for you guys! I hope I got my chance to join this event too (if they still held it in the next year!) XD