Let's work on your game descriptions!

I am a noob when it comes to create description for my game. It has been rejected so I have edited the synopsis of my game description. It is actually pretty long so I edited and make it simple yet fits the requirements of minimum 500 characters. Is this fine or do I need to do more?

Kai Yamazuka went to the video rental store to borrow some movies but he was unable to find anything new on the shelves. Frustrated, he was about to leave the store when a disc suddenly fall from the shelf. Kai picked up the disc with words ''Akumu'' written on it. Considering himself to be lucky, Kai took the disc home. Unbeknownst to him, the disc is about to give him more than what he asked for.

The banned game & the banned game developer.

First of all, if this topic has been discussed or this is a wrong place to post it, forgive me. There is something that bothers me for awhile.

First is about the banned game due to violations of rules or doesn't meet the standard resulting it to gone 'missing' from the game page. Is it possible these games will be accepted back, in case the game author try to resubmit them to the site?

Second, if the author @ game maker got banned, what will happen to their games? I mean the ones that still in development section. I am pretty sure they cannot access this site through the banned account anymore so it's not possible for them to do update to the games, making the games seems...Well, 'permanently' dead. It because, I saw few games in development but the author had been labeled ''your banne.'' which make me wonders why their game page still active.

Images on gamepages

IMO, if an image in your screenshots section isn't a screenshot, you should be launched into the sun. That is all.

kory_toombs is partially correct in that as long as you have three actual screenshots, your game won't be denied because it also has not-screenshots. However, the idea that once your game is accepted you can do whatever you want is wrong. Games can be un-approved if they stop meeting the RMN standards.

3 actual Screenshots (must)+ non-screenshot (image) is fine but don't go overboard + do whatever you want but still keep the standard = game safe! Now, everything is pretty clear for newbie like me! XD

[RMXP] Chase scenes

I'm much prefer to use ''set move route'' command and set enemy as ''approach'' to player, rather than scripts since some scripts can cause lag & sounds complicated.

My only key to avoid the enemy get stuck or stopped is depend on the map @ place where you want the chase event takes place. Avoid put lots of objects (especially on the middle floor) at that place to reduce the tendency of enemy to get stuck.

Images on gamepages

The rule was about adding art to your game page in general without also adding credit for that art. That means whether it's in the screenshot or media or description. It's solely about accrediting art.

Oh, I get it now. Thanks for clearing up about the rule!

Images on gamepages

I think I've read about new rule regarding adding arts into images@ screenshots section which will cause the game approval being denied. Due to respecting this new rule, I avoid adding any arts or images as screenshot. But anyway, even with this rule,

I bet these people still can change the original screenshots to images or arts once their game accepted. Yeah, I got to agree with you. it grows lately & it seems showing off beautiful arts as screenshots is an undeniable eye catching treat to gain fast votes/supports rather than the showing off the premise of the game play itself.

Dreams as a plot device in horror games

I guess creating a ''dreamland'' will allow you to put all kind of monsters, things that defies logic(blood there and here, floating object, etc.)with no worries. See? people will NOT going to argue things like ''why there is a blood there? why the monsters are there?'' cause the answer is simple : It's a ''dreamland'', many weird thing can happen here.

Usually, the MC will aware she/he in different world & hence, no ones going to argue why the MC wasn't scared or surprised with all kind of terror around her/him.

In my newest game, I made MC explores in a normal a.k.a real world/place and have these horror elements around the places, someone come and said ''Is she blind? Can't she see the horror around her why why she still exploring?'', Emphasis how ''wrong'' to place these horror elements in reality. I guess if it a dreamland, then this will never happened.

I never tries the idea of MC dreaming and teleported to ''dreamland'', probably it is an overused idea/concept in many horror games & didn't feel like to apply it.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Thanks guys for the tips/comments & Alichains, those image is helpful. well, it's been a while I went on train ride, xd. Anyway, this is the latest and the best changes we could do so far!

No jolly window scenery like in the first video. Basically, it is about a hell a.k.a ghost train. I used RPG XP anyway, and find horror sources for RPG XP is quite scarce but that's the fun & challenging part. This is one of the intro map screenshot with shining red moon in the background that took whole day to be created. Just sharing.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

I have been pulling out my brain thinking how to make a train ride map that will give you a ''real ride feeling'' in my upcoming horror game. Densha Soul.'' After doing some tricky animations of the windows for days, this is my result of experiment and I and other team members are quit satisfied with it.

How do you guys think? I quite picky when it comes to creating map. I want my map didn't look too static, which means I wish it to be a bit lively (like moving or shaking plants when I made an outdoor map with windy weather, etc.)

Reusing resources

I get no problems reusing back (50%) resources from previous games, mostly Sound Effects & BGM files for new games. But anyway, I will try my best not to reuse same character sprites (except I wish them take small part of the game's story) as well as tilesets.

Reusing back old sources are fine, as long you knew where and when the right time to use it.
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