How many hours or days does it take you to make an hour of game?

Let's say, if I used back the sources available from previous games like tilesets, audio, etc for new game development that is 1 hour game play, it will took only 1 month with 4-5 hours per day of consistent working, including several complete run test to finish it.

My first project (1 hour gameplay) before took 6 months to complete since I started with zero sources & need to spend lots of time gathering the sources first before I even able to open the game maker program to start the works.

When is it *good* to abandon a project?

If it was me, the only reason I will abandon my games only when I discovered it filled tremendous glitches and bugs that beyond repair @ requires me to start back from A to Z point to remake it.

I knew when people work on 2 or more game projects, they will likely to abandon one of them sooner or later, which is what I will avoid at any cost & focusing on 1 project at one time.

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

Thinking about making the new survival horror game(rpg), Sweet Mares using RPG maker Xp. I am going to apply same game mechanics from my previous horror game.

But this time, I will have some cookies and Gingerbread man as the main villains. Now creating a map tileset that made from sweet things (table made from cracker, wall made from cake, etc). XD

My first game ever. (still in early developement)

Your game have a unique game play mechanic, but perhaps in time, will you upgrade or do something about the screenshots? In case you wish to submit your game here. I am agreed with Corfaisus, along with my past experience while sending my first game into this site, screenshots are one of the main quality aspect that will be inspected by moderators, and your game description must be freed from any grammatical issues too.

To get more clearer, you might want to read the rules of the submission. Anyway, good luck! Wish you the best in finishing your first game! XD

[Poll] All Hallows' Event 2013: Voters' Choice

Good luck for all contestants! Wish the best for you guys! I hope I got my chance to join this event too (if they still held it in the next year!) XD
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