The banned game & the banned game developer.

First of all, if this topic has been discussed or this is a wrong place to post it, forgive me. There is something that bothers me for awhile.

First is about the banned game due to violations of rules or doesn't meet the standard resulting it to gone 'missing' from the game page. Is it possible these games will be accepted back, in case the game author try to resubmit them to the site?

Second, if the author @ game maker got banned, what will happen to their games? I mean the ones that still in development section. I am pretty sure they cannot access this site through the banned account anymore so it's not possible for them to do update to the games, making the games seems...Well, 'permanently' dead. It because, I saw few games in development but the author had been labeled ''your banne.'' which make me wonders why their game page still active.
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