Ehh...(Lost in thought DERp~)



Blue Flames and Exorcism

What are you thinking about right now?

...was dudesot here when i joind huh???

Erm morning urge's need to Make Perfect cup of coffee

Cosplay Crisis

I'm happy to see SorceressKyrsty hasn't abadoned this ...hahah it's halrious to see how far she has come from the conecpt idea to this point ^_^" even though it's glithed filled it amazing to see her detemintion even after reading at one point she lost the desire to finnish...seriously gurl ur amazing (well i hope i gave u some oompth even though u alreay know this hahah)


.....This thing called a "ISPEN" intrests me!!!

post your picture

Lurk-ity Lurk (still around just watching u peoples :D)Erm to lazy to size pic down (blushe all arounds)


IDK why...This reminds me of oblivion for some reason.

Luna Project

Your mapping needs to have some tuning friend...If i may i recommend Using real references Like your forest for example it's empty here's a link to something that it should look similar to
over view Forest Picture
horizon line view

Dragon Kingdoms: Birth of a Legend

Um 3-words come to mind "view point perspective"
Not to be insulting but it would help your game if you looked into it.

Here's an example edit of you 3D screenie
-sorry if it's bad i'm a bit fuzzy on the subject!

post your picture

author=Deacon Batista
Yeah, mila is back. o/ And in better shape than ever! ^_^
Looks like Donkey Kong to me. ^_-

Hee hee yea I lost a lot of weight, Derp now people think I'm cute it's crazy Lol
Flattering being hollered at haaaaa