A Fond Farewell to Yanfly

Years ago, back when Yanfly Engine Melody for VX was just recently released, I would play around with the sample project that included all the scripts from that set, thinking about what games I would make with them. While I never did get around to making those games, I still remember that time with YEM fondly. Now, all I can say is that I wish Yanfly good luck with whatever he plans to do after this.

Protect, shell, and more in RM2K3

Okay wait....so what if you came into battle with a piece of armor that pure Fire Damage from C to D on resistance. But then you buffed up, would it then put it from D to E and thus absorb fire damage?
Yes, it would. Any given character's resistance to an element is considered as such:

actual resistance = character's base resistance + resistance given from armor*

*Note: I think armor resistances only apply once (e.g. if a character with C resistance to Fire wears two items that grant resistance to Fire, then the character's Fire resistance only goes from C to D.)

EDIT: So maybe this info may or may not actually be related to your question, but I hope it was still nice to know anyways.

Weird creating (?)

The black lines in the event editor are probably because RM2k3 thinks the image's transparent color is black. To solve this, open RM2k3, then click Tool -> Resource Manager in the toolbar.

After that, click on the folder that says "CharSet", select "Import" on the right-hand side, then pick the image that you want to import.

After that, you need to click on the color that you want to make transparent in the image.

And that's it, you're done!

The RMVX Database: Part II "A Class on Classes"

F- An actor in that class will take 200% of the normal damage when attacked with the selected element.

Still wrong, F means that the actor is healed by that element.

The RMVX Database: Part II "A Class on Classes"

Actually, elemental efficiency determines how much damage a class takes from that element, not how much damage they deal with it.

A = When an actor is hit by that element, it will deal 200% of its normal damage
B = When an actor is hit by that element, it will deal 150% of its normal damage
C = When an actor is hit by that element, it will deal 100% of its normal damage
D = When an actor is hit by that element, it will deal 50% of its normal damage
E = When an actor is hit by that element, it will deal 0% of its normal damage
F = When an actor is hit by that element, it will heal that class by 100% of its normal damage

Protect, shell, and more in RM2K3

It's been a while since I've posted here, but I also have found another problem with this method.
The fact that the magic stat only has half as big of an effect is designed to make up for the fact that it acts as both magical attack and magical defense.
No. Just no. The magic stat should be worth as much as the physical stats (Attack and Defense, if you were wondering). That way, the mages of any given game would actually be able to keep up with the physical fighters in terms of damage output.


I just noticed something; why is the mage in the front row? Shouldn't he be in the back row, so he'll take less damage (that's what I assume, but I'm not really sure)?

EDIT: Oh wait, the warrior in front of him will take most of the damage for him. Nevermind.

Is there any new updates for RPG MAKER 2003?

The latest version of RM2k3 is 1.09, but I don't recommend getting that because of all the things that got mistranslated. Instead, you should use version 1.08, which has a more accurate translation than 1.09.


Why does Aisling have 3-digit HP at level 1? Last time I checked, the Persona games had characters that started with low-end 2-digit HP.

Chrono Shift

I kind of like this demo, but there are some problems with it.

-Why are you using RTP defaults for everything? At least you could just make new battle animations with the RTP or change to sounds in the System to different RTP sounds.
-When I look in the Items menu in the database, I saw that you used default items for...some reason. Why can't you just completely empty the database and replace the defaults with new stuff?
-Lastly, why, why, WHY, are the elemental attributes all set to 100% when they should be higher so that the characters' stats actually matter!?

EDIT: Almost forgot to mention this. Why do characters learn skills by simply levelling up instead of earning TP? This system should be pretty easy to implement, so this seriously bugs me.

I will post a reworked demo with these problems (and some others) fixed soon.