Hi there.
Do You Want To Quit
A short game about making choices.




help me please, i don't know how to recruit erina

Beta Testing has Started!

looking forward to it =)

hali, why is your name green?

congratulations! btw, i'm new here so i want to know is it possible to change my name? thanks.

Midnight Train

i see the thumbnail and i subscribe.

Everybody Make A Dumb Game This Weekend

what kind of dumb do you like?

Seasons of RMN

well then I hope you don't get mad if you can't get the ending. sorry for this inconvenience.
edit: i just watch the video. and i just want to know why my buggy version can't count? =) because I heard you say mine is disqualified.

Seasons of RMN

Hey Liberty, I just watched that. =)
oh.. that's not what I want to tell you.
What I want to tell you is I just found a big bug in my game that'll stop you from getting the ending. can you redownload my game?


that background looks stunning

標本少女 | Hyouhon Shoujo | Specimen Girl [DEMO]

i'm here for the thumbnail. everything looks so cool. i should check it out.


this looks interesting...
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