I've come here to spread awareness of the OHRRPGCE. It was the first RPG making engine that I have ever used, and remains my favorite to this day. Making games with it has taught me much about game-making in general, and I hope that one day I can make a game that everyone enjoys.

If you like the OHR and/or OHR games, visit these sites:

www.castleparadox.com (Unfortunately, this one is mostly dead. Check out slimesalad.com instead.)

These are dedicated OHRRPGCE sites with many games and a (mostly) friendly community. You'll find lots of people always willing to help out a newbie, and not to mention a truckload of games made using the OHRRPGCE (Some of which are very very good).




These look pretty nice. The use of blocks doesn't clash with each other.


Anyone else think of How bizarre by OMC?

Oh yeah? Whaddya gonna do about it?

Not to mention, it's a self target, so you don't have a "healer" that just takes care of it, it's the targeted characters responsibility to rid themselves of it.

I actually really like this mechanic. Especially in games that require a lot of character customization. It really requires characters to be self-sufficient, which you don't see outside of MMORPG's, usually. I toyed around with this idea in an RPG based on Double Dragon, since there were only two characters in your party. I wanted each character to be responsible for themselves. So, I made most healing and/or buffing skills target the "caster". If the player wanted to affect their party, they had to specialize their characters to be able to affect the other party members with their abilities. That's where the custom level-up system came into play. :p The player could choose what skills they would gain, depending on how they distributed skill points, much like in the Diablo games.

Of course, I never got too far with this idea (as far as bosses, or even enemies). I've pretty much scrapped the whole project, but I like that I'm not the only one who used the "every man for himself" game mechanic. :p I've actually looked at your game profile before, and I must say that I'm just as interested in it now as I was then. I hope you actually finish your project, unlike I did!

Oh yeah? Whaddya gonna do about it?

I like the sound of that boss, but I would suggest perhaps having lesser versions of the books as normal enemies in the dungeon so the player knows about the "use fire on pile of pages" mechanic.

Although I can see where sometimes boss mechanics can be more fun coming straight out of left field, I feel it's a better example of game design if you're subtly introduced to said mechanics in previous battles if you know where to look.

Actually, there are lesser versions of the book monsters that are weak to fire. The "turning into a pile of pages" bit only happens for the boss versions. I figured that this would make it obvious enough for players to figure it out. The pile of pages can be attacked, but are completely immune to anything but fire.

My idea was to throw some forced strategy at the player in a situation where they don't have much time to think about it, but also make it fairly obvious what needs to be done. As long as they don't panic if and when the Pagemaster revives his minions, they should make it through all right.

You could be right about the unexpected boss mechanics, but nobody has ever had a real problem with it yet. I guess if people start having trouble with that boss, I could go about putting hints somewhere to tell people how to beat it.

Oh yeah? Whaddya gonna do about it?

In my game, Final Dragon Legacy, there is a boss called the Pagemaster. While he himself isn't that strong, he is accompanied by three book monsters, each with a different role. The Book of Mother Earth, which heals and buffs the enemy party, The Book of Shadows, which debuffs the player (silence being a particular nuisance), and The Book of Storms, which uses damaging magic that affects the entire party. Obviously, just focusing on the Pagemaster will cause the player to become quickly overwhelmed, resulting in a humiliating defeat.

However, the player can defeat each of the books, leaving just the Pagemaster to deal with. However, once the main boss is alone, he will quickly revive the books, leaving the player in a position where they will need to deal with the swarm, or be overtaken. Defeating each book will leave a pile of pages behind, and by using fire-elemental attacks, the player can destroy the books permanently. Doing this quickly turns the tides of the battle, ensuring the player's victory... Providing the player can survive the initial onslaught.

I left no clues in this particular dungeon as to how one defeats this boss (or any boss), so the strategy relies on the player's common sense and how prepared they are when the battle starts (which shouldn't be an issue, since all bosses appear on the map and don't attack until the player interacts with them). Of course, this isn't to say that the battle would be impossible if the player ran out of MP or MP restoring items, or didn't acquire a certain fire-elemental weapon beforehand. The boss is still very much beatable, but just not as easily accomplished.

HotOHR is here!

The results are in, and I'm proud to announce that Final Dragon Legacy has (barely) won the re-released category! I guess this means that I should probably actually FINISH the game, huh?


Congratulations to everyone for a job well done!

Anyone out there practicing martial arts?

Aiki jujitsu, tang so do, uchu no michi ryu jujitsu, and kajukido.

NicoB's Let's Tries/Plays! *REQUEST YOUR GAME HERE!*

Happy belated birthday, brah! :D

Super Mario: The Secret Stars

Did you customize any scenery for your world map? That can sometimes cause runtime errors.

No, actually, I didn't. I used all the default scenery and tiles for the world map. However, would having too large of a level cause it to "Runtime Error: Overflow"? Because it sounds like it would. The one level that it keeps happening on has two very large sections, so I was thinking that might have been the problem.

NicoB's Let's Tries/Plays! *REQUEST YOUR GAME HERE!*

The new and improved version of FDL is finally ready, if you still wanna give it a shot! God, there's still so much work to do... I need a fire lit under my butt to finish this 5 year old project.
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