Jack of Most Trades
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The Swallow's Descent
A mystery/whodunnit starring William Byske, an investigator for the Arcane Recon Corps



That is NOT My Wife! ...I think...

Hey Game Zeta! I'm glad you played through this!

The game is open to interpretation but you pretty much got the original story I had in mind. Your "wife" isn't the same person as the girl you liked/wrote that letter to. Presumably, a lot of murder happened, considering the classroom and school was abandoned since 2001 (fun fact-- the date updates to stay current). But through the magic of blunt force trauma to the head, you've forgotten all of that.

Thanks again for making a video on my game! Was pretty cool to see :)

Someone Killed the Butler Review

Thanks for the review, TheRpgmakerAddict!

Yeah, the combinations can get out of hand quick! Even just 10 different pieces of evidence can combine in 45 different ways. And appreciate the feedback about it being difficult to determine when you're ready to accuse someone. Nevertheless, I'm glad you enjoyed my little game :)

Pointless Actions Review

Thanks for the reviews, TheRpgmakerAddict! It's crazy to think that this was released over 7 years ago. I'm glad you enjoyed this game, it's definitely rough around the edges but one of my first forays into RPG Maker. Best of luck with reviewing all these games!

Basic Non-Combat Menu

It's perfect! I'm making a dating-sim like game, and who want combat in that?

I'm glad you find it useful, good luck with making your dating sim!

Someone Stole a Necklace Review

Thanks for the review, Fomar! I'm glad you liked the game ^^ This whole thing grew out of a wish for there to be more detective-mystery-investigation type games on RMN xD I'm not super good at writing mysteries (...yet?) but I tried my best haha.

The character designs actually started with me wanting to make a pun xD I intended for Grey to a "square"... literally and in the super old-timey definition of it. The rest were made squares too for consistency, though maybe I should've thrown in a triangle or circle or two just for the sake of differentiation. Everything is also super small to keep up that retro, low-res vibe c:

Response to plot feedback (spoilers):

If the characters seemed to forgive Purple too quickly, I guess in my head it made more sense than the way it was executed. She attempted to use her friends to commit insurance fraud, basically. Maybe that's a more serious crime in some people's minds, but it has the idea of a "victimless crime"-- nobody was hurt and in the end the one ultimately paying for the property damage is Purple. That's not to say what she did was okay in any way but it's forgivable, to some extent? Like you'd be more concerned about their financial well-being if they felt the need to use you like that. That's just my perspective though, lemme know what you think!

also I will say to my credit the older ace attorney games had some pretty obvious villains too but of course I'll keep trying to become a better mystery writer! this time "the crime" wasn't really my focus while writing it, it was more like "hey look at all these cool mechanics, wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to use them?" The story might've suffered as a result.

Theme Roulette

Response to responses:

@Marrend It's mostly my fault, I think. I tried to actually attack with Zoe instead of countering and so by unlucky chance the boss targeted Abe. This happened twice in a row, and he died... But yeah, the reason why reflect isn't 100% by default in VX Ace is because of this invincibility thing.

@Fomar0153 Yeah, this game mechanic would've been amazing in a project that had longer development time. Time constraints lead to empty rooms where people mistakenly try to rush the last boss xD

@Sam Woah, sounds like the battle system was tough to work out. The final battle for me pretty much was as you described. After the 4th try RNGesus finally answered my prayers and didn't completely demolish me as soon as the king got low.

@Liberty I watched the stream-- for gotta start somewhere, there's no ending for walking, but in the beginning, before you have any skills (including walking), there's the option to [submit "Nothing" as a skill] and that's the 1st ending. You got every single other one otherwise-- thanks for being so thorough!

Anyway! I'm going after interesting-sounding titles this time.

More game mini reviews!

Slime Quest by coelocanth, Theme: Slime

Managed to get most of the endings, did both pacifist and genocide runs. I really like the concept for this, plus, the multiple endings were super fun to find. I did stumble across a bug though-- if you fight the mayor while your attack is too high and you finish him off before his guards come, he doesn't die and continues chasing you endlessly. Nothing a little editing to Troops.json couldn't fix! Also, the little details were super nice-- how each action you did would tie back in to the story and eventually endings later. I was surprised how much the dialogue could change between playthroughs-- that was a nice touch. Overall, great game with lots of replay potential.

Project Soap by Eurritimia, Theme: Soap

Very unique, to say the least! If nothing else, probably the strangest collision physics I've ever seen xD I wasn't sure if there was more to the game other than pinball, plus, my soap kept falling off the sides, and there wasn't really an indicator for like progress/score etc so after 5 minutes of trying not to drop the soap I dropped the game.

A Maiden's Ballad by Starmage, Theme: Passion (in progress)

I haven't beaten the game yet (at the underground passage part right now) but from my playthrough so far, I can say that the aesthetics of this game are really well put-together. The game is just visually really pretty to look at. The battles are balanced very nicely, too. You never do so much damage that you sweep through battles and they become uninteresting, but you don't get damaged so much that you need to dedicate a character to pure healing. Max HP is low enough that you need to use skills thoughtfully instead of just spamming attack. My only criticism, which is a bit of a nit-pick, is that the semi-cursive slanty font is a bit tiring to read in large chunks, but even the font fits the game's visual theme very well.

edit for short reviews of more games!

Fox Fires Fetch by tale, Theme: Aurora Borealis

A nice, calm game. I was a bit confused at first but after willing suspension of disbelief everything made a lot more sense. The HUD is very simple and intuitive. Progression was nice, I couldn't find the last quest for a bit but since the map is very linear I found it very quickly with minimal searching. I feel like some of the dialogue is hinting towards something deeper (esp. given the atmosphere) but it wasn't elaborated on a lot so I just kept going. Visuals were very nice, the inclusion of real-world photography was even somehow fitting despite that usually clashing with RTP.

Utopia by MsterLouie, Theme: Utopia

The game feels finished to me. Truly, a world without random encounters or cackling villains or damsels in distress can only be called a utopia. Just one giant map for you to wander around in, and the sailor dude lets you ride for free :D

Theme Roulette

@Delsin7 Of course I am! don't go killing me off now >.>

Free once again from the shackle that is public education, it's time to review some games~

Kill the King by Sam, Theme: Royal

Your game was a lot more futuristic than I expected! Normally it'd be a lot more magic and swords than guns and clones.
A lot of the combat was up to luck. I barely avoided dying thanks to the King deciding to use "knife slash" instead of his HP-demolishing "full clip" >.< Attacks miss left and right. The King missed a reinforce once ._. Well, I wouldn't've had died or anything but still, it was kind of funny. Story-wise, I got both endings. Pretty straight-forward, kill the king, things are good. Let 'im live, he wrecks the world. Standard stuff. Also, the chasing is a bit clunky, I avoided the entire corridor of enemies leading to the King simply by dashing. Nice going on the original art though! Your game was visually very put-together.

Amber Cocoon by Fomar0153, Theme: Metamorphosis

The game mechanic was really novel, and must've been hard to set up. I was never sure if I had enough fodder collected to save me from the dragon, though. Like an idiot the first couple times I played it I just rushed towards the dragon cause it was the only thing in the room but after dying 3 times I realized I was being stupid and needed to get more meat shields to protect myself with xD Enemy levels kept combat challenging, and while it would've been nice to have a couple more skills since I always had way too much mana and not enough health the whole metamorphosis theme thing was immediately apparent. Overall, a bit grindy but nevertheless really fun!

That Damned Redhead by bulmabriefs144, Theme: Irritation

I was a bit hesitant to install something (not virus-paranoia reasons, more of I-have-to-remember-to-uninstall-this-later reasons) but for the sake of doing things in order installed anyway. Right off the bat, the text is a bit hard to read but after awhile I could sort of make out what was being said. At one point I thought part of it was in Spanish. "Compi ei el y resiores HP and MP"...? ohhh "completely restores HP and MP" The dialogue was fun to read though (when I could read it that is... ok I'll stop making fun of the font) and the dude's girlfriend is waaayyy stronger than him, which is kinda funny in its own way. In summary, very general theme, but very nicely captured.

Ninja Waitress by Healy, Theme: Ninjutsu Couldn't get it to run-- I double clicked Setup.exe but nothing happened. Will try harder later.

Theme Roulette - Equilibrium by Marrend, Theme: Equilibrium

Zoe's counterattack skill is pretty OP. She's pretty much immortal so long as she has that on. At one point I took more damage trying to escape than I did staying and fighting ._. Meanwhile, Abe just dies as soon as he's targeted. I like that you did away with MP but not being able to heal much outside of battle meant that I had this immortal girl just rampaging around dragging along a dead guy. Not going to lie though, the game (and *especially* the battles) was pretty funny, whether intentional or not xD

edit: final battle was super long and Zoe could finally *not* be in constant taunt mode but man, that fire breath kept knocking Abe out. managed to beat it somehow though so, yeah. cool game!

More later when I get the time, maybe I'll jump around. There are some interesting-sounding titles further down the list, going chronologically I might not get to them.

Theme Roulette

Phew! Managed to submit on time. Here's a version with better sound effects though:

It doesn't really matter which one you play, one's just sliiightly better-sounding. Couldn't manage to squeeze in uploading the new one before the time changed, but hope it works out ok! There's 14 endings, mostly dependent on what skill you choose to market.

Theme Roulette

I got the theme "Beginner". Pretty easy theme, I think. I mean, when do you ever not start as one? xD
I'm done with the one map that I need, though. This should work out just fine.

Overly Competitive Fishing

The hardest part to code was definitely the mechanics. A lot of the actions had to check not just their own but also the other person's current state. It also had to be done in one big chunk since if I coded some of the actions but not all of the actions I couldn't really test the game since the actions sometimes depended on other actions that I hadn't coded in yet. Mainly, it was just that I had to get a working prototype up and tweak it afterwards.

Glad you liked the game though!