I make games (Primarily on RPG Maker VX/XP) and I'm also a game composer. I'm also pretty decent at making title screens and logos. :)



The RPG Music Challenge

I really liked those of you who made a comment on every single song for each round. I always liked going down those lists and finding my number and seeing what people thought of my music. It's much better than looking at the constant positive feedback (that I know isn't half true) that I would find elsewhere. I'm sure this contest gave a lot of composers the opportunity to get out there, also. :)

The RPG Music Challenge

I think I went a little bit too much on the side of "You're my friend, but who cares. You die!" Oh well.

The RPG Music Challenge

Submitted mine a little bit ago. Probably can't beat harmonic (friggin' 17 vote lead) but I can probably beat all of the other midi composers if I tried hard enough. :)

Moneymenace Music

Thanks for the wonderful comments. Most websites I go to are extremely nice, but you guys seem to be good as to telling me what's wrong. So thanks. It'd be actually kind of cool if you guys refer me to some songs to listen to to get a basic idea of what you mean.
Also another thing, you can listen to some of my music on my youtube account, which I placed in the OD.

Moneymenace Music

People like yourself say the same things. My problem before was that I constantly wanted to move forward and have something different happen throughout my music. Which that not only causes me to think constantly of a new melody, it also sound too all over the place.

Moneymenace Music

Nope, all of them are made by me, go right ahead and use them (with credit, of course).

That was weird, for some reason, my post was doubled. Sorry about that.

Moneymenace Music

Nope, all of them are made by me, go right ahead and use them (with credit, of course).

Moneymenace Music

Hello, this my music showcase! This is normally a shop, but I feel it is a inappropriate to have another one. So all I need from you is just credit if you ever use any of these. Otherwise, it's free!

Also, to hear some samples, visit my youtube account.

Download ALL of the songs here!

Battle Songs
Download all of the Battle Songs here.
The Last Stand - This song is meant to be a song during some kind of invasion or break-in.
Stand your Ground! - A heavy battle song with guitar and other very powerful instruments.
Essence of Death - A moderate-heavy battle song that has multiple tones of intensity.
( Inc ) Jungle Battle - This song was made for a battle in jungles, but can be used for heavy or light battle outside of jungles. But it is incomplete.
Dictatorship - Very Heavy Battle.
Final Battle - Large, In-Depth Battle.
Light Battle - Light Battle.
The End is Near - A heavy battle with the use of high and very low instruments combined.
The City's Down - A takeover scene of a huge dictator taking over an area. Can be used for battles.

Cheerful Songs
Download all of the Cheerful Songs here.
Valley Springs - This is a town song consisting of many bell-like instruments.
Mystery - Despite the name, this song can be used in glorious towns or title screens.
Up the Sky - A lot of bell-like instruments with a deep drone for ambience. Sky, Underwater, or Title Screen Theme.
Holy Song - Church Theme.
Portal - Sci-fi Theme (Not the game. The cake is not a lie here.)
Unknown Forest - This song goes with the name, it can be used in forests and mountains.
A New Beginning - A simple town theme with a high feeling and tone. Has a moderate-high pace.
City Theme - A very exciting city theme. This theme is in a WAV format, so if your game is already suffering with size, this is 11.84 MB.

Sad Songs
Download all of the Sad Songs here.
The Night of the Funeral - A very depressing song. Uses 4 strings and a piano.
Devastation - A very heavy theme, very depressing.

Adventure Songs
Download all of the Adventure Songs here.
Celestial and Etherial Law - A space, adventure theme.
The Dead Desert - A very ambietic theme using some ethnic instruments.
Castle Song (MVT. 2) - Adventure Song

Glory - Glorifying Town Theme. Graveyard Sad Theme.

Tears of White - Light/Moderate Battle
Van Luther Denzel - A Villain Theme.
Forest of Time - A theme of a bright, yet slightly ominous forest.

Spooky/Ambient Songs
Download all of the Spooky/Ambient Songs here.
Dark Night - This song is for a mysterious night scene, or just unusual dark scene.
Intro Music - Despite the name. (The name was by the requester) this is actually a song meant to be played in a sewer environment.
Water Cave - A cave/ dungeon theme, very ambient. This was made using Acid XPress 7.0.
Elden Ruins - A very ambient with a bunch of power within the instruments to create the ruin/dead-like feel.
Darkness - Jungle Song
Final Day - Dark, Night Scenes. Vampire tone.
Frightened - Haunted House.
Invisible Fear - A slow-paced spooky song uses synthetic ghost-like instruments and bells.
Midnight at Elm Street - A spooky scene out on the streets. Very suspenseful.
Mountains - A very ominous theme, high-pitched.
Survival - A spooky theme of a city that has been infested with zombies.
The End Draws Nigh! - An intense spooky with choirs, low drones, and various percussion.

Elemental Temples
Download the Elemental Temples Album here.
Blaze Temple - Apart of my Elemental Temples Album. Fire Temple.
Glacier - Apart of my Elemental Temples Album. Ice Temple.
Totem Temple - Apart of my Elemental Temples Album. Earth Temple.
The Living Temple - Apart of my Elemental Temples Album. Grass-like Temple.
Temple of Time - Apart of my Elemental Temples Album. Time Temple.

Download all of the 'Other' Songs here.
Venom Moon - A dark song with minor stabs.
Black Powder - A simple country rock song.
Hero Incarnation - A simple pirate song in SATB format. Uses clarinets.


I just want to make a quick point in saying, that the non-destroyed town is used in one scene. The destroyed one, you gather some stuff, leave, get something later on in-game and then there is no more need for the town. And this map was an extreme fluke for me. I have no idea why I made such a large town plaza, but now ALL the events have been long in place, so I can't really do much without having having to re-do everything.


Methinks the word you're looking for is "podium". Saying that, that's a pretty big podium! Now, if that's supposed to be a podium on a stage, or whatever, there should be a way to get up there. Like a staircase, or something?

Thank you, I couldn't find the right word for the life of me. That's just a make-shift podium until I either find someone to make me a decent one or find someone who already has made a decent one.

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