Recently got RPGXP on my Laptop (not first time) and haven't transfered files for old projects yet.

Working on game using Mod of Blizz party switcher and Stat distributor.




It kind of looks like Adrial and Eryn are giving dirty looks to the other two...racism maybe?


Is the one on the left edited from the default VX werewolf battler?


Yes...It was not meant to be a Metroid but I see it now


Hmm...classic front view battlers converted to side view and ending up too big

RPG Creation Without the Price Tag - some restrictions apply

me too. BTW the worst part for me (besides the map an event limit) is the Troops limit (30). If anyone finds some genious way to bypass limits...

Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Battle Engine

can I just paste this in a new script under Main?

Blood Haze: Reborn

me too, excellent scene crafting

Where was the bgm from? That probably had the most to do with the creepiness

Blood Haze: Reborn

okay, this is the only RMN game i've played that has ligitamately scared me (like, doubled my heartrate). I cannot get past the demon girl part. I know you have to run into her at every turn and dead end and eventually you can go back downstairs, but I can never get to that point. Help? I feel trapped in that hotel....

26.png basically they're becoming an alternate RTP...I can dig it ;)


They are from a japanese site. I have the same battlers for a game I'm working on (and honestly I'm kind of surprised someone else is using them)