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Version 1.1c, Manaleech is broken. Has no effect on most enemies, crashes game on rattys and skeletons that I've tested.

Sprite Base, Feedback, etc.

Here's a new one I'm working on:

How does it look?

Will I eating up rmn's bandwidth?

Just link to your download page on this site instead of a direct link and there shouldn't be any problems.

Final Fantasy VIII: Sleeping Lion Heart

Lol, I wasn't expecting to be at such a high level at the start, it was kind of a shock. I kinda worry what directions characters could grow from that level, but you prolly have something in mind to step up the challenge or dial them down a few notches.

Squall was powerful, but not totally Mary Sued out. His skills made sense and he lacked the type of skills that would have made it too much of a cakewalk. Beating the boss would have been really tough without the defense skill. It was still a bit of a grind through the soldiers though, I'd suggest tossing a tougher elite Galbadian or two into the troops with a few tricks up their sleeves.

What Alignment would you make this PC as a DM? and or IRL for guessing purposes?

Yeah, I have to say you prolly think chaotic evil on the surface, acting on personal desires, not wanting people to encroach on your freedom, but at the end of the day, you're still more interested in maintaining the status quo around you. True neutral. I'd say evil, but what you think of as pursuing your desires isn't really gaining you anything or taking from others, you're basically just reacting to stimuli and willing to let it go if it threatens the way of things.

I think the biggest problem with people's perceptions of the neutral alignments is the idea that they're somewhere in between law/chaos, good/evil when it's really more apolitical and amoral. You don't sit between the extremes, you sit outside the spectrum.

The Here and Now of Yesterday

Say, I was wondering what sort of stuff was new for the RSW version? I can't find any info anywhere.

Also, should we merge or replace?

[Poll] Feedback for an Idea

I thought you mentioned Paradise Kiss above and along with this ninja story you just mentioned, I'm imagining a story about people who design ninja fashion.

Need a new game to play; make it happen, people!

Yeah, there was at least five full games I know of just released for RSW.

What do you like in a turn based battle system?

I don't have a problem with the conventional systems, I'd rather see someone expand it in new directions than re-invent the wheel as a square. I think some developers get a little too impressed with what they've accomplished mechanically and forget the player doesn't see any of that. Their experience may be a bland attack-attack-attack pattern.

Don't make the strategies Alexander mentioned too unbalanced either. I've seen too many games where only one party member is at all effective against a monster at any given time, so it's just him and the healer doing anything at all while the rest are useless. Next battle, the water guy is the only one who's effective, and that's the healer too...crap. :3

ED: Ditto what Ratty said too, I'm not the biggest fan of ATB.
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