Pocket Mirror

The dl link is down for me. Is that just me or everyone else?

Candy Ballad

I'm hoping this is still in development because it's SO GORGEOUS and adorable. /u\

Halloween Bash

This is one of my favorite games, for the record. Flop too! I want like whole series-es of games about these characters. Just replaying, so I thought I'd comment.


So, question. I get to the second(?) floor, but after I check the far door nothing happens. (I checked some footage of the game from v 1.0.1 and it seems like the door is supposed to be locked, and then when you walk away it unlocks itself. This doesn't happen for me. Did I do/miss something?


Download link seems not to work for me?

Pointless Actions

AH! I got it now. Yeah, I just never would have thought of that haha. I tried countries and other non-actually-a-body-of-water things. Thank you!

Pointless Actions

Just gonna throw it out there, I totally still don't get the lake puzzle despite the Europe hint. I tried typing in about ten different things with multiple capitalizations and I honestly just have no idea. I'm probably missing something, but there it is.

I don't want to get spoiled on anything by watching a lets play for the solution like I normally would, either, because I really like this game so far!

Help Center

I loved this! I would really enjoy more of these guys. ;u;

The Merchant's Tale

I can't even get over this custom art and music!! I hope I get to see it in action one day!
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