I attempt to give critiscism and help people better their games, but I often end up saying something stupid or unrelated
thats right no makerscore yuck it up


Character Development?

Do you find it hard to develop the characters in your Rpg maker games?
Do your characters suffer from lack of spotlight, or do you have no problem at all showing
your "actors" have indidvidual personalities?
If your characters don't, then why not?
What do you do to insure that they express themselves and are fleshed out without
literally going out of their own nature, so you can understand them?
(Sorry, it's not a more engaging topic)

How's your Christmas so far?

Here,s the deal
I have had the shittiest Christmas ever(so far) mainly because of injuries such as
an absassed tooth( you know infected)
A cut open toe
And I couldn't stand my tooth so much that I got high off of Ibueprofen( a bit of an exaggeration but, they are 800 miligrams a piece)

Anyways, my question to you is: What was your worst/favorite X-mas explain what happened to make it great in detail, say the year, etc.

my computer crashed

AS the title says my, my conputer crashed and I am at a library computer,I tryed to catch up with everything that happened while I was gone but I couldn't.
The only reason this is an introduction is I saw i had no introduction page and I decided to make one, it's as simple as that. So could you guys(and girls) bring me up to date with what's happened recently?

2D or 3D?

While listening to Sradio I heard Kentona mention liking NES graphics himself,which made me wonder what kind of graphics does everybody else like,2D,3D or Both?

I find myself liking 3D graphics due to the immerse feeling I get from it.

My opinion aside,which do you like 3D,2D,or both?

Favorite RMN game character

Post character and game

I like Jayson from The World Tower

edit: and Jeannine from the longing ribbon

Does allow different rpgmaker systems

I found a new system that makes rpgs will rpg allow it?
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