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Life Precious
A one hour long game, made with RPG Maker VX Ace Lite



Life Precious Review

While I think some sort of indicator within the game itself would have addressed the matter more elegantly,...

There are, sort of...
At several points in the story, it's hinted the player has a limited time (he gets different cutscenes with Rami depending if he succeed in less that 6 minutes per ruins), should get gold (especially given the prices asked by the merchant) and find Lila's father whereabouts in priority.
But overall, I wanted the game to react to the playstyle of the player. If he's greedy, ignore the threats to Rami or waste too much time, he will get some results accordingly.

Could you maybe tell me how many different endings there actually are and how they can be achieved?

There are... several. They combine with each others to create a personnal ending to the player.
- Get less than 10 000 gold, and Lila will be too poor to fulfil her wishes
- Failing to possess the five diary main page, and Lila will continue on the path of her father, instead of building her own.
- Failing to get the five artifacts in less than 30 minutes (6 minutes per ruins), and she looses Rami. Without his (indefectible) support, she will live a short, lonely life.

The worst ending is Lila choosing to continue pursuing her father's shadow through adventures. Without the loot from the ruins, she ends up in debt, without enough resources to assure herself a minimum of safety during her travels. Being alone, she get more and more risks to fund her next journey. She finally disappears in some remote location, with no one to mourn her, in complete anonymity.

The best ending is Lila giving up a life of reckless adventures (5 pages), and choosing the life of a writer. She marries Rami, and, with the generous loot from the ruins, become a worldfamous writer while Rami builds a worldclass publisher.
There's an epilogue at the end of the artbook, describing this particular fate and why she chose to write adventures instead of living them herself.

Other endings are inbetween (poor writer, famous adventurer, loved wife, etc.).

That reason is not that I want to deprive you of attention or Makerscore.

Oh come on!
We're all makerscorewhores!!!! ;)

Again, I really want to encourage you to go and put some more work into this game to fix its weak points. You would be doing me, yourself and all potential players a huge favour.

I put several weeks in trying to iron things the best I could (the water level was a nightmare). I'm afraid I will mess even more if I get into it now, since I've probably forgotten all the tricks I made to make it somehow work...

That or I'm a lazy piece of fat. :x

Good luck with any future projects.


I ran out of time before I could finish the last ruins.

You should have reload the "auto"save.
There're two shortcuts in this one (one in the middle, and the other at... the beginning! Just think of the raft as a ladder ;) ).

Life Precious Review

Woohoo!!! A review!!!! I gave up all hope long time ago.

Let's look at it more closely... :3

- Considering the restrictions of the VX Ace Lite engine, Life Precious really manages to accomplish a lot with its limited ressources.
Most players ignore the constraints of the Lite engine (20 maps, no script or common event, restricted database, ten events per map).

- The essential concept behind the game is a very good one...
I didn't want to pull another FF-like game. So I tried to do something more action-oriented without heavy scripting. Playtime managment was a good path to explore.

- Suprisingly, for such a short game Life Precious' writing is well thought out and produces very memorable characters.
That's basically the sole point I consider worth of attention. Since I couldn't count on the engine to get a fine-tuned gameplay or an epic journey, story and backstory was the only thing I could polish to compensate.

- The game mainly consists of RTP assets which are generally used well, although it contains some very beatiful custom resources as well.
Custom resources?!
I.. don't remember any worth of quoting. Maybe the pictures or the backgrounds?..
Oh well, thanks anyway. :)

- Seeing how part of the replay value of Life Precious depends on the multiple endings, it is quite unfortunate that it is never made entirely clear what exactly causes the respective endings to occur
Go get the artbook. Or read the walkthrough within the game directory.
There's a part about what is really needed to get the best ending (10 000 gold, all artifacts, under 30 minutes, all five main pages of the diary).

the translation contains many mistakes and can make it difficult to read and understand the text.
I've no real excuses for that. Sorry... :(

- Considering time is of such a great importance for the game, it is a striking design flaw that the timer keeps counting while the menu in dungeons is opened.
There's nothing much to do within the menu. So the player shouldn't waste his time looking at it.
The issue here is I cannot pause the timer with the Lite engine. Either it runs or it stops... And if it stops, I cannot make it run again at the same time.

the value of these random treasures varies so widely that it makes the benefits a bit too luck-based.
It helps the player to gather more gold without wasting time in minigames. During the runs I've done, I could get the best ending just with the treasures in the ruins + the random loot.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to reread Rami's tips, which can be a real pain in case you forget some valueable piece of information.
There are not that valuable...
Since you can use the savegame to redo any ruin at will (one run to explore fully, one run to optimize), I thought it was enough. And the event managment was already a nightmare as it was...

slightly repetetive gameplay (especially the traps, which just seem to be everywhere)
Yes and no.
Most traps are indicated by skeletons. In the end, since Lila goes into less and less explored ruins, traps become less obvious. It's to keep the player on its toes, just like a real Indianna Jones would feel while wandering in some old temples (btw, did you notice the cameos to the movies? :3 ).

- The one true problem of Life Precious, however, is this: It is bug-ridden.
That much?
There's some wall-passing soldiers. But it's more a immersion issue than a real gamebreaker...
The problem is, I reuse lots of events in the same map (ten events limitation per map). Given how the player progresses, there are unforeseen interactions. Generally when a player move to another part of the map while one of the soldier hasn't gone back to its intial position. Couldn't find a way to prevent that...

leave the player feeling helpless.
Sorry about that.

I ultimately decided against giving a rating
You should give one. May it be 1 or 5, it will attract attention (moar drama!!!).
It's up to the maker to make its project as good as possible. If he considered its game good enough to be released, then he must accept the harsh reality of the gam mak world. :p



Just because I love to nitpick: I think "visuals" is more right than "graphisms" in this case.

Congrats for your awards, you deserve them!!!

Savior - Will you save the world? Review

Yayyyy! A review!!!!

Many thanks.
I bet you put more time in writing this review than finishing the game, given its shortness.

Now, time for the... counter-review!!!!

Interesting you call the cycles "Puzzles", when I just see them as all the ways the NPC can think of, about how to get out of their unfinished universe.

In some of those cycles, the NPC themselves take action, affirming their autonomous self against the control of the player.

The story is plain and simple, not a lot gets explained to you

Because there's nothing to explain more than "you're the hero, go save the world".
Even the NPC cannot help at first, since they solely exist for nothing more than filling their respective (and short-sighted) role.

You never feel attached to the story or the characters in the game

For what it worth, I found funny that the evil guy ends up being the less evil of the two. While the elder quickly looks for something to blame, Dark God takes some time to reflect on himself and his world.

The hero is quite tragic in himself. Since he cannot talk by design (the mute hero principle), he ends up being the abused, despite trying his best to save the world.

The characters complain about the game and even insult the player for playing it.

That's the whole point: to make the characters alive and self-conscious, so the player feels being adressed not as an avatar in a game, but as a person witnessing their predicament.

Think of this moment in Ghost Trick, if you ever played this gem of a game.

The mapping is actually decent, even for having only two maps

Nope, it's shit. Total and uter shitty mapping.
The kind of mapping you get with a total noob with RPG Maker, going full speed in its first RPG Maker game, and ditching it a few days later. Then the game stays forever in the hard drive, with its characters enacting again and again the sorry excuse of a story that their impatient creator has put them into, for the rest of their numeric existence.

How do you know that you can jump over the fence, or jump down the bride, or move that rock to get to the airship?

By the well-known trick of any point'n click: click on everything until it moves.

That being said it has moments of frustration where you might not even care if you finish it.

I might even dare to say nobody can "finish it" in the usual meaning of the verb.
More in the other Mortal-Kombatesque meaning.

Rise Jesus Christ RPG

Are there different endings?

Like, instead of slowly walking with the cross under the insults of everybody, we could do a miracle: lifting the cross with one hand, regenerating from our wounds and shoot Dohvakin style "I'm the goddamn son of yahve! Repent while you're being judged, bitches!!".

Seriously, this sole (and easy) miracle would have convinced both jews and romans they were mistaken, setting them on the right path to enlightment. Such a pity most of jesus' miracles were made without numberously hostile witnesses...

Do we play as gesmas, too?
I find him quite badass, spiting on god despite pain and death.
For me, he's clearly stating that all of his predicaments are the setup of god, piping dices far before any mortal's birth, all for his godly plan. Not the results of his past choices, dicted mostly by poverty and survival.

BTW, i'm not sure the middle-east was that much of a desert 2 000 years ago. To be the birthplace of so many religions, it must have been quite flourishing back then.

On the gameplay side, judas seems a lot more efficient than jesus in battle. The "exorcise" talent is really useless compared to "roman rush".
I also find strange jesus saves people by murdering them. A visual novel approach would have better suited the theme, à la phoenix wright for instance.

PS: You should also take into account the latest discoveries in christian exegese. Like judas, the most faithful of all, being ordered by jesus to betray him, so he could fulfil his destiny. Or Simon refusing non-jew in his newly-found religion.

Ex Amante

Nice use of Unity!
With little props and little gameplay, you managed to pull an visually interesting game, with its own atmosphere.

But I'm still puzzled about the message...
Played it three times, with different choices, but got roughtly the same answers. Which makes it a little too one-wayish. It's like talking to a wall: a fruitless waste of time. Is that the morale of the story? Human relations are a waste?
I also feel the ending lacks of something. Staring at a dialog box or ending up in nothingness... I'm not sure about what I did or what I gained.

Panzer Review

Thanks for the review by the way. It's a little sad hearing about the autofight issue. I actually wanted to remove it, and there's a patch made by Cherry to do so. Still, what did you invested in? Didn't knew it was so broken! Dammit!

About the sissy part, it was a little of comic relief. Still that "sissy" kicked everyone's butt ;D. And yeah, I'm still trying to balance casual and hardcore.

I think you shouldn't try to make it too complex.
As it is, it's a nice game, a good introduction to "RPG", and perfectly suited for lunch gaming. In that regard, the autobattle feature does more good than bad IMO. I got more fun letting my character handle the fights, and focus on the customization, than choosing again and again the same skills. Just like a trainer and his boxer.

The builds are interesting. Just as the way you used the default party mechanism to emulate the various parts of a mech.
Personally, I chose lots of mobility and physical. It's more efficient to be able to attack multiple times per round, than to land lots of damages from time to time.

Star Stealing Prince Review

Just to add more fuel to the fire, I'm playing the 2.4 version of the game right now (been on my usb key for quite a while), and I see where the reviewer's frustration comes from.

The "problem" with the game is it isn't using the classic formula: hit with swords and keep magic for bosses btw status is crap.
Here, it's the opposite, where statuses do all the trick.

You're a magician (never clearly explained ingame, but hey...), and you're supposed to fight like one. I.e with magic.
Then, it implies you suck with weapons, and the enemies will defeat you if you don't act first (or make mistake => one-hit gameover).

I think this choice of gameplay could be made nicer with three tweaks:
- offer the player to save often. Open the save menu, or show a text reminder.
- clearly explain to the player how to fight (in my version, I must speak to some magic research I don't know where to find)
- design the battles so they could be won either by sword or by magic. Make the monsters high on HP but low on ATK. If the player chooses sword, the battle will last longer, but they will win eventually. If the player chooses magic, the battle last shorter, hinting this is how the fights must be handled.

This aside, I found dishearting that you cannot play as a king managing his kingdom in the first chapter. For example, during the public audience, instead of having a text-only sequence, it would have been funnier to make decisions about our people's problems. Decisions which would impact what they give us before our journey. Decisions we could take by talking to them in the very begining of the game.

Another example, a true monarch would assemble a party before going into the wilderness. Setting a scene where the player chooses what kind of soldiers he will add to his party would have been nice (and realist).
Then, we would have a war camp at the start of the Sabin Forest, where, depending on which people we choosed, we would have access to different services/items/side-stories.
The town is useless anyway...

Well, too late to implement those in the game. :p

What I've Learned About Making A Game Through Obama RPG (And Other Sentiments)

Let me tell you, I am busting my butt right now to get this first disk out before midnight. I'm coming across so many bugs to iron out. Man, I am VERY glad I decided to play through it one more time. It could have been a disaster.

You thought just because you released your game, it was over?
It just begins.
Here comes the public testing. With all the bug-ridden logs, impossible demands and heart-breaking decisions.
You will suffer. Greatly.

btw :
You have Obama, who's arrogant, reckless, and thinks he's some sort of superhuman. God's gift to the world

Do you think a humble person, afraid of his own shadow, and believing he has no value as a human being, would try to be the next president of USA?

It would have been more funny, and cunning, to describe a real-life Obama trying to save a world full of RPG clichés, with amendments, talkings and public speeches, instead of the usual private looting and mass-murdering.

Ex : "What?! You mean I have to kill those 100 000 innocent slimes to get your bloody hat back?"
"Yes sir. Here is your sword."
"This won't do. I will send a formal protest to the officials! I will assembl-"
"Drop it. Our king is a useless NPC with the same stupid sentence looping forever."
"OH F-"

See. The stupid user demands are already here. :p

Life Precious at FLIP 2013, amateur videogame contest!

Not stuck per se. I just couldn't figure out where I need to go ...

And I thought I was a casual player... :X

The exit during the cart section is in the upper-right (or, should I say, the right-upper). Try to go that way, and you should find the right tracks. And don't forget you can reload a gamesave after you beaten a level, to get a better time and more treasures.

All dungeons can be beaten in less than 6 minutes. Just use a few saves to explore the place, and then do a perfect run.
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