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Little Briar Rose
A point-and-click adventure inspired by "Sleeping Beauty" fable
Faceless (Demo)
'A smiling face always makes things easier. Regardless it's true or fake.'
A game about friendship, loss, and white lilies.
Celestial Faith -Elythia...
Celestial Faith is a project made with rpg maker vx ace by a small group of indie game developers.
Six people enter, how many will leave?
Seven Mysteries: The Las...
A supernatural horror game about a group of students from the only school of a small strange town.
A Sun of Salt
A horror / romance in which you gain the ability to read your crews most personal thoughts.
Grandma's Special Pie
Short horror game about a young girl who goes to the forest to pick blackberries for her Grandma.
Melon Journey 2
Sequel to Melon Journey, a short adventure game
hack 'em all!
Dream Eater
A horror-fantasy about sad and lonely people.
The Witches' Tea Party
Make friends and defend world peace...or not
The Devil's Broker
a supernatural action thriller
Sci-Fi RPG focusing on galaxy exploration, combat and resource acquisition.
Secret of Cypressa
A young wizard must embark on a quest to locate a long-lost hero and save her town!
Bravos Caídos
A political themed fantasy where your actions affect the history.
Save the day
Museum (Musée de Cire)
An unforgettable journey is waiting for you...
Living Playground: The W...
A game about friendship, kindness, cruelty, and geese.
Midnight Rendezvous
Midnight Rendezvous is a psuedo-rpg game based on horror and RPG.
Mana Aeliria
A Fantasy game with an epic story, breathtaking locations and stunning music. Find the lost relics and restore their powers to banish evil.
Ruby Quest: Undertow
Guide a lost rabbit out of hell.
What's wrong dear, had a bad dream?
Kago to Torii
Set in Japan in the mid 90's, Kago to Torii is an upcoming RPG Maker VXA horror game.
The Merchant's Tale
A mysterious merchant guides a mysterious goddess.
Explore your dreams and fight the monsters in your head.
A method to his madness.
A Strider's Tale
A tale of one mans life...
Painted Heart
Restore a lost painting with your art.
Follow Maisie on a quest across the fantastical world of Arcadea to find someone precious to her....
1920's prohibition period fantasy
In a land where adventurers race for wealth, three heirs fated to clash try to fulfill their dreams.
The Eyes Of The Forest
A victorian age horror. In an age when Christian dogma and Industry has spread across the world, the old gods of the forest are restless.
A short, old-fashioned adventure made in VX Ace
Tears of Samsara
What would you do to save those that you love?
An epic tale based off the Vocaloid PV
Where Am I?
One night, after falling asleep, Olive discovers that things are not as they seem.
Must stop evil empire; Must kiss all party members (and enemies because why not)
Eulogy Of The Void Godde...
The word police has arrived.
Melting Moon
"Cursed little girl, did you know that Death stole your heart? How are you alive? How do you exist? I thought only monsters can live without a heart."
"Let's go back to the beginning..."
Protect your child from anything and everything, Dead or Alive.
How to be Funny
A being of unfathomably advanced intelligence will teach you how to be the funniest homo sapiens in existence.
Beloved Rapture
16-Bit Style Indie jRPG
Dreamfarer (English Tran...
A child lost her dreams and a man drowing in the dreams.
Red Trees
A young girl is on a quest to discover what's lurking in the woods!
Aria's Story
A story about a girl who loves books.
GUILT is a short game made for IGMC 2015.
Fighting Robots Quest
More than one hundred playable characters!
Intertwining storylines in a land of steam and broken dreams
The World Is Made of Pap...
Reality is unstable.
A Dust Tale
A Sci-fi adventure, where a lot of dedication is being put.
Rise of the Third Power
An epic drama of political intrigue, betrayal and war, blending elements of western and Japanese RPGs.
Forever's End
After being labeled a traitor, ex-Captain Epoch Lander must decide whether to accept his fate or fight his former allies for what he believes to be the greater good: even if it means fighting alone.
Celdran's Curse
A story-driven RPG, about kids and politics.
Everlasting Journey
Characters, magic, stats, charm, plot, ADVENTURE!
A fourth wall breaking, story driven, retro inspired RPG where every choice matters.
Listen - Just a game.
The puppetman is a creature that wanders the earth, unseen by almost everybody who is not close to death, but always ignored.
Qui Domi
Fight monsters under the bed to save a dying world.
Virgo vs the Zodiac
Cosmic JRPG where you play as a cute villain.
Mica: Apoptosis
A horror game about delusions, blissful ignorance, and the depraved acts that humans do in the name of love.
Reap and Sow
Farming and dreaming.
Crimson Rafflesia
A story about truth and lies, love and hate, and a field of decaying flowers.
Cast Aside
Episodic Active Strategy RPG with an involved plot and puzzles.
Queen Mary's Script Reto...
An adventure game detailing the story of Mary and her newfound doll.
Mysterious Room Escape
A point and click escape game
I Object!?
The Demon Army Kidnaps the Groom
A small mystery and puzzle game.
It Moves
If this game doesn't make your skin crawl…it's on too tight!
Seven Mysteries
Keep the secret...
Detective/science-fiction game with action RPG elements
Melon Journey
A short adventure game with Gameboy-style art
Ghost Voyage
A young girl tries to get rid of a Lion and things sort of escalate
Schuld (English Translat...
a short, surreal, psychological horror
Desert Nightmare (Englis...
English translation of a German horror adventure
Professor McLogic Saves ...
Solve randomly-generated logic puzzles for the betterment of humankind
Elys is a horror adventure, in the style of old "Point and Click" games.
Hakuda's wife visiting
Never, ever make the mountain god angry.
Mission Whaled
Whale Worshipers on a mission.
Kore geemu wa very kawaii desu ~ (ᗒᗨᗕ)
Talk Like a King
When you don't want to be King, what do you do? Talk your way out of it!
Growling Garden
Eerie Adventure/Rpg
Back to Felix
Story Driven Rpg Maker game
Hierofanía 2
A young queen figures out what kind of ruler she will be
The Village Demon
A long story-oriented game dealing with an omnipotent being and the repercussions.
The Ledge
Ten-minute thriller. Stop a suicidal man from jumping.
Cafe Closedown
A visual novel made for the No-RM event
A short but witty adventure game in which you help a potion maker get to his shop.
The hours of folly are measured by the clock, but of wisdom no clock can measure.
_fade (prototype)
The journey of a Shadow in a surreal world.
Red Syndrome
The red mist grows...
Darkest Dreams
Can you withstand the worst nightmare and uncover it's secrets?
The Gift
Does the holiday spirit end after Christmas?
Explore an abandoned moon lab after a very unusual accident...
The Stoneville Mystery
Johnny's dad has disappeared in the night. What dark secrets does the forest hold?
SaGa 4: Masters of the D...
A spiritual successor to the Final Fantasy Legend gameboy RPGs
A multi-path game of research and management
A young girl named Ib visits an art gallery with her parents. While observing the many exhibits, she suddenly realizes she is alone.
Guide Me
A short, RPG Maker VX Ace horror game
A light, wistful tribute to The Little Prince in which a work-in-progress robot befriends a star.
The Witch's House
Are you ready to die a lot? I promise you will die a lot in this game.
Quest Questers
A quest of quests! Climb the ranks of the guild as you help the people of Lasna!
Razed are the Powerful
A witty near one-liner of an experience based on recruiting your favorite RTP heroes to fight alongside you.
Czarina Must Die
A priestess has earned the ire of the demi-goddess of ice...
Halo's Mixtape
A short story about heroism, and love.
Suzy and freedom
Short game inspired by a real life crime.
An RPG-Maker Point n Click Adventure. A tale about games, darkness and memories.
August and the Abyss
Welcome to the joy of RPG Maker
A group of students are kidnapped and forced to compete in a series of games. They begin to experience unusual symptoms as they try to escape.
Pom Gets Wi-Fi
A pomeranian's quest for wi-fi.
Is there a way to bring her back?
In Search of Immortality
The Alchemy Guild sends an expedition to retrieve the Elixir of Immortality from the sage Tarneu's tomb.
Azure Waves
Release something 2013 Action RPG
Very Retrouvaille
Help a little ram find their pet rabbit.
Trick & Treat
Trick or Treat in a vampire's house
Your Star V.3
How will you escape the mansion...
Happy Birthday
When a party for a wealthy family’s 10 year old daughter ends with the birthday girl dead and her sister missing, the detective isn’t exactly conventional. Short murder mystery adventure.
A tale of a young hero with a destiny
Scarlet must escape from a damaged hospital while avoiding a murderous stepfather
Vampires Dawn - Reign of...
A grandpa tells his grandson a story about vampires...
A character-driven, steampunk-fantasy RPG
Very Pink Game
a little game set in a very pink world
Three Cheers for the Str...
A short story about eroding friendships and the discovery of self-worth
The Theater
5 teens run afoul an ancient power on Halloween night in this puzzle/adventure game
Twice inbred iterations of garbled nonsense and glib surrealism coalesce to create a game.
Star Stealing Prince
Beyond the stars and under the flakes of fallen snow, a kingdom sleeps.
Cute Action RPG adventure!
cat game
Your cat has run away and is nowhere to be found, whatever will you do?
Nonlinear Action RPG made for Game Chill 2009.
Death Proclaimed II
Taking place 10 years after the first game.
The Huntress of the Holl...
Little... Pink Riding Hood?
Free Spirits
A historical urban fantasy RPG where you DON'T punch ghosts in the face.
Castle Oblivion: Remake
Have you ever made a mistake you regretted so much that you wish it possible to turn back time?
Myriad Cypher
McBacon Jam submission from Team "Merchants of Venus".
Find answers hidden behind a surreal world and its odd inhabitants.
A puzzle/adventure game with unusual capabilities
Exeunt Omnes
A game of strategic sophistry. Convince or crush the teenage girl who wants to end your reign of evil.
Ringmaster Clause
An adventure game detailing the lives of dolls
'Can you overcome your own weakness?'
Labyronia Tales: Legend ...
A mystery game set in the fantasy world of Labyronia.
An alternate take on the classic fairytale of Rapunzel. Puzzle game with horror elements.
Deadly Sin 2
Immerse yourself into a world of conflict, as several opposing factions clash for dominance over the Archaelus Empire and its people.
Safety: Life Is A Maze
Find out where your friend Andy went to! It's a Action/Adventure RPG/Thing.
Wine & Roses
Enter the possessed Fort Adder to discover ancient spirits and slay foul demons.
Homework Salesman
A life simulation dungeon crawler / crafting / resource hoarding game
A dream-exploration game set in the future.
Mont Asall
7 day roguelike event game
Koruldia is an independent video game under development on PC. It's an Adventure-RPG, it gathers various gameplay trends, mainly a dominating “Pokémon-like” fight system.
Dreaming Mary
The adventure through a girl's final dream.
Finding Eden
A microgame about friendship after the end of the world
A Psychological Horror Game
Mouth Sweet
Retro horror RPG with tense combat. Shoot the invisible enemies before they reach you!
Grace's Diary
A visual novel + point and click adventure. You control as Grace, a highschool girl who is worried that her friend, Natalie, might be in an abusive relationship.
World's Dawn
"The best of Harvest Moon coupled with better writing" (
One Night: Full Circle
Discover the secrets of an entire town and survive unspeakable horror as the conclusion to the One Night series is revealed!
Iron Gaia
As the only human awake on board a space station controlled by an insane AI with delusions of deification, you must unravel the mystery of your own identity and discover: "What is the Iron Gaia?"
Ara Fell
A 16-bit era, Japanese-style roleplaying game set in a magical world floating above the clouds.
Nocturne: Rebirth (Engli...
The story of a vampire whose life begins to change after meeting a girl...
The Longing Ribbon
Horror RPG, winner of the 2005 Misao for Best Atmosphere.
this game has been discontinued
The Adventures of Prince...
A Russian Fairy Tale ~ Visual Novel
Blank Dream
A young girl commits suicides only to find herself alive... or is she?
Ciel Nocturne
Despite having a sharp pain in my head all I could think about was.. who am I?
Umbral Soul
Build an army. Embrace the darkness. Conquer the world.