Hello from Canada !

Canadian here, not that I post anymore :(

Upcoming RMN Updates (01/24/2011)

*Sigh* It still makes me nostalgia

Upcoming RMN Updates (01/24/2011)

As an old time RMN'er, I'm glad to see that the site is being worked on and improved. It saddens me to think about how rarely I even pop in anymore, but I felt that the site had just gone downhill. In the good days, everyone was constructive, friendly, and welcoming. The site revolved around game development, and whatever was off topic was intellectual and good discussion. I found that the site slowly became a place for trolls, dickheads, and off topic douchebaggery. What happened to the nice, close community, where everyone was cool, and relaxed about things? Prior to my leave, it seemed like everyone found a reason to argue over everything posted. Each thread slowly derailed into arguments and flaming, and the members I grew up at RMN with slowly faded away.

Alas, I am ranting my opinions, of course, but I do say with honesty that I miss my time at RMN. If these changes that are mentioned on the front page truly do turn for the better, and the site does unfold to be more revolved around game making, perhaps I will slowly creep my way back into the community, and get this production game I've had sitting for years rolling.

Here's to hoping. Please don't take this post the wrong way, as everything stated is merely my opinion on the history of the site.

New Year's Resolutions

Return to RMN?

Post Pictures of Your Crash Pad

wait wait wait
so instead of showing us your expensive computer setup
you are showing us your parents' expensive musical gear
"your crashpad" ???

My basement is attached to my house... It is part of the 'crashpad' that I live in...

Post Pictures of Your Crash Pad

Surprisingly, our neighbors used to complain about our dog barking, and even phone the police about it. Not once have we had a noise complaint with the musical equipment though. Perhaps the family band is just that good?

Post Pictures of Your Crash Pad

There are actually people who like using three computer screens for working and multitasking... That's not the case here; but I thought I'd bring that up.

Myersguy: Buy this mouse pad:

Tardis: Is there a reason you're biting this guy's head off? He said something about your keyboard and mouse pad in jest. I thought you were a pretty cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything? I mean, using your logic those higher resolution than real world pictures you take are showing off your deep pockets.

Actually, I do use all of the screens quite often. For anyone who is part of the Garrys mod roleplay scene, I am a frequent player of TacoNBanana servers. To shortform everything, it's roleplay in which I like to have firefox open for info, and often a movie, or something similar, to watch when gameplay gets slow. Aside from that, it's nice to be able to put a movie up on the TV, and watch it from my bed.

Also, sick mousepad, but I find I am playing less and less FPS lately, so my Razor pad will suffice for now. First is new speakers/headset.

Finally, the only reason I didn't post the rest of my room is because it's rather generic, and it's a huge mess. But hey, I'll show the basement of my house, since it's something to look at, and I already have pictures uploaded:

Stage was homebuilt. Turns out making one isn't really that hard. The rest of it is my Dad's collection, really. Music is to him what computers are to me. That's not to say I don't take interest in music, of course. I enjoy making some noise down there once in a while.

Post Pictures of Your Crash Pad

oh, and as far as the computer cases go, i recommend you re-read my post. not once did i make any generalization about the currently popular design aesthetics of computer chassis. (:
...Tower looks pretty sick though.
1) the tower looks that way because any tower that size looks like that...

i swear every post i read of yours is just full of the need to get your spoiled internet dick stroked. funny how your first post here in 6 months is an excuse to get some internet kudos for your latest unnecessary purchase.

I was posting an image of my residence, as was the purpose of this thread. I bought everything on screen myself with money I have earned over a long period of time. If I am looking to get my 'spoiled internet dick stroked' by doing the same as anyone else in this thread, are you not simply doing the same when you show off your electric kit, keyboard, and pc?

I'm really not sure what I've done wrong here. I posted my room as it is now, commented on another image, and suddenly I am some spoiled attention whore?

Post Pictures of Your Crash Pad

is it necessary to hook up an LCD tv?
I am filled with envy now.

Haha, It's nice for movies and some games. Especially if you are playing Xbox and PC at the same time, etc. Work hard, save some cash. It's not as hard as people think ;)

Also, Tardis, your mouse and keyboard disappoints me. Tower looks pretty sick though.
1) the tower looks that way because any tower that size looks like that. it needs to be that size to fit the components i use to work, not game. computers are not a vanity item for me.
2) as for the mouse and keyboard, i like not having carpal tunnel. also, yay for not spending hundreds of dollars on new 'better' keyboards and mice when the ones i've owned since windows 98 function amazingly well to this day. and i just like those mice.

at any rate, this is not the 'post pictures of your incredibly wanky computer rig' thread. nice money, bro.

I swear every post I read of yours is just full of negativity. This thread is for posting pictures of your dwelling. My room is where I spend most of my time at home, so why would I not post the main attraction of it?

Also, there are plenty of mid and full tower cases which feature a plain, or sleek look to them. Claiming that all larger computer cases are coated in blue glow is really quite naive. Thank you for refusing the compliment though.

Post Pictures of Your Crash Pad

Long time no post, RMN. Seeing this thread, I decided I could show off my latest updates

Also, Tardis, your mouse and keyboard disappoints me. Tower looks pretty sick though.