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Favorite examples of menu design?

What are some of your favorite examples of menus in video games? Either from purely a functional standpoint, or sheer aesthetics. Post specific examples!

One beautiful example I think about often is the menu for Dishonored.

Wish I could find a video that showcases the in-game menu, but man. It's pretty!

What else?

Filter notices by specific game

Or maybe just by projects I own? Would this be possible?

Just a thought.

Let's play, with narcodis

Hi everyone. I've been out of the RMN loop for a while now, but very recently I started doing Let's Plays on youtube, and was thinking it might be fun to showcase and/or play through a game here on RMN.

Since I don't really know what good games have been released in the last few years (or longer), I need your suggestions. This isn't a place to plug your own project unless it's widely acclaimed as good. It doesn't have to be a new game, but preferably a completed game.

Here's the channel: narcodis' let's play channel

Cherry's website down?

Does anyone have links to his patches?

Suggestion - Project Info in Forum Title

Was thinking it might be useful to have the option to list a project you have completed or have in development right below your username on the forums (or right below your makerscore perhaps). This could become available for members with more than 1000 makerscore or something, or just available to everyone.

This way when someone makes a post on the forums, there's immediate access to the gamepage from their post. I also think people with this option enabled would be more likely to express kind/helpful words on the forum, so as to not tarnish their project's reputation.

Having to click through a person's profile and sift through all their games isn't quite as intuitive as something like this could be.

Concerning the game front-page download updates

While I completely agree that working the system in such a way to keep your game on the front page by re-uploading the download over and over should be against the rules, I also think RMN should take some measure to allow people to patch or update their game without having the game bump to the front page again. If it's going to be against the rules, there should be some way to work with such an easy exploitation. I've seen "EpiQuest" on the front page more times than I care to count, and it's because he's released like forty patches or something.

IMO, patching a game does not warrant a front-page bump.

Methods of garnering inspiration

I've been stuck in a pretty deep rut lately. Not really sure quite what it is that has me so stagnant, but I can't quite get myself into motion these days. I've been trying to find the motivation to work on a variety of projects, my game being no exception, but I can't seem to get any creative juices flowing. I've sat down more than once with a pen in hand in front of a blank piece of paper for varying amounts of time, sometimes hours, to no avail. Perhaps some of you have experienced similar forms of writer's block.

So, for my personal benefit and for the sake of discussion, what kinds of things do you do to help revitalize your creative spirit? Do you go on long walks? Do you watch a good film? Do you peruse a gallery of fine art?

How Not to React to Criticism 101

We've seen plenty of this kind of thing on RMN before, but here's just a prime example of why you should just smile and nod when you receive a review you disagree with. This lady is friggin' crazy.

Closeout Downloading Binge!

So, with RMN in it's last days, I feel the need to download a bunch of games, but don't feel the need to scan through every gamepage on RMN for them. So everyone put the download link for your game here with the name of your game and the engine, and we'll all have one last game exchange.

The only game I ever released on here:

Darksteel (RMVX)

Latest Screenshots in Batches

Would it be at all possible to maybe modify "Latest Screenshots" to only display one screenshot per project? Perhaps a thumbnail of one of the new screenshots from a certain project, and then alt text that tells you how many were submitted for the game recently. This way when a project puts up 6 screenshots or so, they don't hog the entire front page.

No idea how hard or possible this would be to implement or anything.
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