Wyrm Warriors

Bug: Anna is listed as being able to equip Wands. She can't actually equip Wands but can equip Swords.

Homework Salesman

Quest completion bug:
- I have 2 Liffely's delivery quests active, and the first one (deliver 3 doughs) does not complete upon talking to Meracon. (Day 9)

Homework Salesman

Okay fixed the bug, sorry about that.

Fix verified. Thanks.

Can you enable an auto-run option in the next game? (where you're always running, but you can hold a button to walk)

Homework Salesman

Does this count as a game breaking bug?

Script '>Module: DevPatch' line 403: NoMethodError occurred.
undefined method 'objectives' for nil:NilClass

This happened directly after loading my ~20 minute savefile, which was saved shortly after the heroine catches dad reading her diary.

Czarina Must Die

Couple battle menu bugs:
- Go to item menu, select an item, but before selecting a target, go back to character selection. If you select a different character, the item menu becomes unusuable for that round.
- If you use an item and escape the same round, the next battle's item menu is unusable for the first round.

General commentary:
I played some of your other games (favorite is Obelisk: Devilkiller) and the battles here are not as fun. In Obelisk you really had to think about who got what equipment, and the way this game is set up, most of the choices are obvious.

Not a big fan of the whole pick-up-some-chests-and-reach-a-red-crystal-before-you-die exploration mechanic either. I'd stick with visible encounters.

For a 1 week project though, this is really impressive.
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