i'm preety good at making brid's-eye 2D adventure games with game maker 8. i also once shot a bear in my pajamas! how it got in my pajamas i'll never know....



Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

ok, i finished my Gamemaker adventure game, put the RMXV idea in the "later" bin, and am still nagging at my dev team. but now i'm making a game called "dot detective".


i have the best avatar ever.

Character Design

i have a rather dumb charactor from a game i'm making called "dot detective" (a bit of toung-in-cheeck L.A. Noire) he's litteraly a gray dot. he underwent litteraly 2 revisions:
1. i changed him from black to gray because i wanted to have a black background, and everything that wasn't another human was esintally just a white dot, except for important items which are beige dots and humans which are red.
2. i changed him from a vetran 2-d detective to a idiot who has an ultimatum: if he doesn't completley tank thje next case, he MIGHT not get fired. it's pretty funny.


What RMN game are you playing now?

it was a good game, i'm just the worst player ever! good luck with.. whatever you're doing right now!

Resident Evil: After History

nope. i didn't jump. i expected that. you see, peaceful music in a RE game is non-existent. so i thought " i know what his deal is.." litteraly seconds before the scream happened. so i'm not a liar. RPGMXP game's just can't be scary. it's impossible.

Resident Evil: After History

did. not. jump.

Resident Evil: After History

how is this scary?!?

What RMN game are you playing now?

Gave up? :(

How far did you get? I'm interested to know what did you in.

not very far at all. i got to were (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!) you fought the buff guard saving james from the prison.

anyone have gamemaker sprites/backrounds? i'll credit you!

if you have gamemaker sprites that would go with a detective game ( cafe' scenes, warehouses, and i curently need a detective too.) and i would prefer they were each seperate images please. and if you had a download page, that would be easier than saving each image. thanks in advance!