i'm preety good at making brid's-eye 2D adventure games with game maker 8. i also once shot a bear in my pajamas! how it got in my pajamas i'll never know....


i'm sorry for posting so much but is there any way to play games WITHOUT winRAR

i really need to know =,(

man i suck. is there a free way to unzip RAR files so i can play games?

winRAR isn't free and money doesn't grow on trees.

me again. how do you play games after you download them?

calling me incopetent is an understatement. i need to know how to play games after you down load them.

AARRGH! how the heck do you take screen shots?!?!

i finally finished compileing my demo for "The Arena" but then i find out that i have to upload at least 3 images. i put the cover art on it, but i can't find out how to take screen shots. could someone please help me? thanks.
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