I do freelance job for translation/localization in Japan. But now, I would only like to work on game localization. Because, it's fun!

Whenever I find great free games that are made by Japanese developers, I will try to localize them to English so that people around the world can also enjoy it. The games are er... my choice and will only work on short games, since I will be doing this as a volunteer.

I would like to give great indie Japanese developers more exposure by having the game in English. :)
Desperate Love Feast
Can you find all the missing pieces and escape from the eerie, dark, sickening sort of love?



Desperate Love Feast

I just started playing and... all I can say is that this is gonna be ONE long journey, Seriously you got my expectations up the ONLY thing I wanna add is that you may wanna change the download name to "Desperate Love Feast" cause people might think they downloaded the wrong game.

Hi! thank you so much for the comment.
So sorry I couldn't reply sooner.

I didn't even pay attention to the game name of the Download.... Thank you so much for letting me know! Yes, you are right, I will change it right away.

Well, the game isn't that long but I hope you will enjoy it and get all ending! (you got to get the true ending!)

Thank you again for the comment!
Again, so sorry for the delay.

Desperate Love Feast

Whenever I try to play the game, it says that I don't have a file that I need to. A lot of games using this engine do this and I JUST WANT TO PLAY THEM SO BADLY! T^T What should I do??? ;-;

Hi! Thank you so much for the comment!
So sorry I couldn't reply sooner.

Which file did you download?
"Desperate Love Feast with RTP date" supposed to include all the files and should have no problem.

or, you will need to download RTP for RPG Maker VX ACE. Which you can download from here...

I really hope these will do the trick!
Again, so sorry I couldn't reply sooner.

The game has been accpeted!

I just uploaded the game with RTP included.
It's basically a same file as the other one, so I don't recommend downloading that if you have RTP for RPG Maker VX Ace installed on your PC.

I had couple of people asking me about not being able to play the game so there it is, I hope this will help.

(I did fixed some misspelling though)

Desperate Love Feast

The download looks to have been updated recently, but no blog about what's changed. Just curious to know if it's worth my time to update and replace the current one I have on my computer, or if it's just a minor fix.

Oh, sorry for the confusion. I did make a note of it though.
It's a same file except, it's got RTP included. I have couple people asking me that they can't play the game, so I thought this might make things easier.

I fixed some misspelling too but I don't recommend to download it if you have a RTP for RPG Maker VX ACE.

I will make a note of this on the blog too, thanks!

Desperate Love Feast

Great game! Really good story and narrating. I just wish it weren't so f***ing sad.

Thank you so much for the awesome comment! It makes me happy to know people appreciate this developer's great game!

It really was sad... I think it was extremely sad because something like Chihiro went through when he was little do happen in real life (not to this extent I hope).

Desperate Love Feast

hello, sorry if you already responded to this question but are you translating the second game in the series?

Yes, I'm trying to... So sorry it's rather taking some time. I'm working on something else and haven't had the time to. But I will try. :)

Desperate Love Feast

I really love this game.
The whole scenery, the character design and everything.
Chihiro being Yandere and the story with Shin.
I still dont really understand the True Ending, but i also hope that theres a second part.

Raype, thank you so much for the comment! I'm so glad you enjoy the game :) Chihiro's childhood memories and with Shin is so sweet but rather sad and I like it too!
I'm trying to work on the next part but it's been bit busy... I hope you will enjoy the next one as well :)

Desperate Love Feast

This is a really fun game, I just started playing it, looking forward to what happens after.
Please check out my let's play of this game:


Thank you so much for the comment! I hope you will play it through to get the true ending and like the game. :)
Thank you for doing the "let's play"! I will look forward for the next one!!

Desperate Love Feast Review

Thank you again for the reply and thoughtful comment :) Next game, I will get more help/testers so that people can fully enjoy the game itself!

Desperate Love Feast Review

Thank you again for the input! I think I stated that this is not my game in the description, maybe I will review it, thank you, it really helps me.

Nevertheless, I agree with you 100% that misspelling and incorrect grammar does affect game itself a great deal. Next game, I will test it much thoroughly, thank you again, these reviews really help me :)