If I could only sprite but then also code and then understand game design then I could make a game.
Final Fantasy: Immortal
A retro Final Fantasy fangame




I am, however, on the last stretch of game.

Game page went up in 2014 & you might theoretically finish it in less than a decade. Anything less than a decade is a blazing-fast dev cycle, not sure why ppl are getting impatient, jeez. ;P




Mamma mia!

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Hoooly crap man. It all looks perfect, all the pixels are nice and crispy and the menu design is poppin' fresh. I assume it was no small investment of your time to get it all set up like this.

I've been working on a Dragon Quest game in MV for a while now and wanted to show some of the progress. I've implemented quite a few mechanics (formulas, state behaviour, equipment handling, changing formation) for battle/menus/characters and some UI.

(The images have been resized from the actual game res)


Hey look it's Durane my old buddy from college.

Also, I've been spending so much time messing with Visustella my first immediate reaction is "Need to turn off those item boxes and change the font outline to shadows". But these are choices, and it probably looks better the way you have it. Is the font smoothing still on tho? Looks like it's doing that anti-aliasing thing.


Loving all these new maps, you are a master of the simple retro style.


Just so good, on first appearances just looks like your standard Time Fantasy with some extra freshness, then I notice all those loving little edits and details that give it that extra pop.

Yeezy RPG

RPG Maker has a good track record with Ye-based content. I just wonder what we're gonna have to do to unlock the secret cult recruitment video hidden somewhere in the game.


haha penis shape (this looks lovely)

*Turns head to side & squints*

Hey, maybe it's not so bad after all.

I feel like this so much a relic of the old style I was going for, as my bag 'o tiles has evolved it starts to feel overly blocky and simplistic. Got some ideas how to improve it but now that somebody's called it out as looking like a wang I'm going to have to make sure any future version looks that way as well.