If I could only sprite but then also code and then understand game design then I could make a game.
Final Fantasy: Immortal
A retro Final Fantasy fangame


[RMMZ] Effekseer is driving me to drink

That RMMZ, powerful bit of software. Totally worth it. But man oh man I am just not getting something with Effekseer.

Purely for test purposes (he lies...) I tried using some spell animations from an obscure snes game called Earthbound, and diligently followed the instructions in post #68 here.

And here's the animation I tried to reproduce.

And here's what I ended up with.

WTF, it's all blurry and semi-transparent, where are those sassy pixels I love so dearly. One of my pet theories is that it's just playing too fast, the original animation goes for three seconds and the ripped one for just over a second, maybe finding a way to slow it down (which I have failed so far to do) might change things. But probably not. So I'm stuck, would be greatly appreciative of anyone with a clue why this is happening, generally the consensus seems to be 'it shouldn't'.

[RMMV] 8-Bit Spriters

Since at a good place to start asking, I thought I'd put it out there.

I'm officially looking for artists who might like to help out with my Resurgam project. Right now, the graphics are mostly complete, but I have absolutely no imagination as a graphic artist, and would like to see what someone with a creative eye could add. I can't offer a lot of money, and would be chuffed if someone if willing to work pro bono, but believe strongly in artists getting paid. If you charge a commission, but have rad ff3 retro graphics, we can negotiate.

I am looking for every 8-bit asset imaginable; sprites, tilesets, animation, weapons, monsters. You name it, I want it. Fortunately, I do not need a lot of anything, a few graphics can go a long way for me.

[RMMV] Custom gauges for ATB, is it possible?

Though I've fiddled with other battle systems, even going as far to spent $ on Olivia's OTB script as part of her fantastic OctoPack, nothing beats the nostalgic thrill of a good ATB system for me. Potentially Yanfly, even though it's not supported any more, but There Are Options.

Here's the rub tho: To do an ATB with my hand-ripped retro graphics, I need a plugin that replaces the default gauges with a custom image. I have no idea how to do this. Shaz made a plugin that replaces the default gauges with custom images, but it was made for a specific project, and I can't even get it to work for that.

Can this be done, or am I like Icarus pushing my ball of wax too close to the sun?

[RMMV] Playing animations under the character

Hi RMN, it's been too long. How ya doin?

I'm having a relatively minor problem with animations in RMMV. I'm using Victor's Cast animations for my battlers, which works about as well as I want it to. Problem is, I need some of the animations to appear UNDER the actor, not over it like seems to be the only option. I've searched around without finding a solution, I suspect this is something easy I'm just too dense to figure out. Also, since I'm using some other Victor-reliant scripts, is the solution is anything related to Yanfly's Battle Core that's out. Any points in the right direction would help, otherwise I'll have to scrap this not-very-important feature.

Also, if anyone knows of any plugins that can change the speed of some animations but not others, that'd be sweet!

[20XX] I'm just gonna ask...

Anyone feel like they're getting a handle on 20XX? I mean, beside Wolfcoder, who knows all. I'm making some progress, learning a lot mainly about how to import graphics, which, y'know, isn't like rocket science. I want to help along the bugtesting process, problem is, I don't know enough to do anything useful! I know Wolfie is going to be working on some tutorials, at some point, but in the mean time I'm wondering if anyone's got some tips and tricks to share. I have lots and lots of FF3 rips and resources I'm be happy to share in exchange. Or just ask me, I'll share them anyways.

[RMVX ACE] Sfonts spacing problem

Ok, so I'm using Victor's Sfonts script with Wcouillard's custom spacing. Works great!...except where it doesn't. The spacing on the numbers are tragically scrunched. I suspect there's a fix out there for this somewhere, but maybe not.

This is what I mean. It's that way in the battle, too. The easiest way to fix this obviously is to use a smaller font size, preferably 12, but none of the Final Fantasy fonts work at that size. If anyone has an 8-bit looking pixel perfect font at size twelve, that would probably be one way to fix things.

Anyways, figured I's ask. Thanks, everyone.

[RMVX ACE] VE Visual Equips not working

I'm even a little afraid to ask, since usually questions about the Victor Engine follow a similar pattern. Right now I'm attempting to implement Visual Equips to create visual weapons. As far as I can tell it should be an easy process, create the weapon sprite, import it in to the character folder, and drop a notetag in the weapon comment box going like so:

<visual part>
id: x
name: x
priority: x
</visual part>

At least that's what the instructions say! As usual, I know there's something I'm missing, whether it's improperly explained or I'm just dumb is anyone's guess. I'm not quite certain what the ID should be, since it says 'actor or event ID', tried lots of different possibilities but none seem to work. What I'm trying to do is pretty easy, essentially just replacing the icon used in the default attack with a custom weapon. I have pretty good momentum right now, and though there's lots of other things I could be doing on my project, this one is killing me! If anyone has any suggestions on how to get this functioning, it's incredibly appreciated.

Brassington Lane Font

Has anyone had experience installing any of these fonts? They come with very simple instructions that I feel are rather idiot-proof, yet I can't seem to get them to work. Basically, I delete the old fonts and pick the new ones out of their respective folders, and install (making sure to install, not just dropping them in) the fonts. And that should be it...or should it? Any help or experience would be appreciated, thanks.

Adjusting movement speeds in VXAce

I'll give you it strait: I'm trying to implement water animations through the event layer in VxAce, fiddling with the autonomous movement settings and the event propts I can either get it much too slow or much too fast. Has anyone had any experience with this? Any scripts worth mentioning. Thanks

Hello RMN

Hello everyone at RMN

I've been circumspectly scoping out this site for what seems like close to a decade, might as well come in from the cold.

I have lots of interest in old school rpgs, like a lot of the oldsters on this site I grew up in the halcyon days of the eight and sixteen bit rpg, and I seem to be going through some kind of arrested development in my continued enthusiasm for them.

I hope to get involved in the community and make a few games. If everything goes as planned expect to see a completed game by 2045, or sooner.
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