Asylum: Secret of Caledria (Demo)

Thanks for the support everyone!

I've seen a few Let's Plays of this game, and I think it looks great! Do you have an ETA on when you think the game will be completed?

I'm targeting a summer release, but I can't say for sure. Who knows what roadblocks will come up as I continue developing this. XD

What I can say is that I'm literally working on this every day. So there's definitely a steady pace of progress.


The spread between the players and enemies is quite large. I could image this taking many frames for you to attack the enemy and return to your starting line.

Definitely a legitimate concern. In case you're wondering, the time it takes to approach the enemy is less than 1/3 of a second. I've also given the player the ability to increase the speed of all battle animations and sequences through the options menu. So if that's still too slow for you, you can make an adjustment.

I should also note that in this particular screenshot, the enemy was in the back row. Enemies are typically positioned a little closer to the middle.
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