Question for you...

Oh god ,I'm back. Ok. I was curious ,does anyone know how to go about setitng up battles to look like the old Dragon Warrior/Quest games? You know ,like just seing the mosnters and thats it .I have been wondering about this for some time now .Please and thank you for any response.

Best RPG Music of all time

Ok, im thinking ,since i am a huge fan of music ,and i love games with good soundtracks, id ask you all your opinion on what you think are the best RPG music of all time.

Custom Music Plz

Ok ,i know thier is a ton of people offering, but, i thought id put up my own post so i can get specific help. I want some killer music for my game, because, i believe one of the keys to a great game ,is a great soundtrack.

Relationship System and Combo Attacks

In the current game im working on, i have been thinking to include a relationship system (I:E various girl the main charecter can fall for and in turn ,changing the story) And was wondering ,should it also effect battle? And if so ,how? I have also been thinking of including a combo attack system (I:E two charecters atacking at once for unleash a evestating attack) but, i woulnd have a clue how to do that. Plz comment your thoughts and ideas on both of these ideas. Any help or input would be much appreciated.

Custom Charecter help

Ok ,for some reason, no matter what i do ,i cant get my custom charecters up and going. I've done everyhitng with them i know to do ,and ive checked every page of advice .Does anyone know a better charecter generator than charasgen ,or ,know someone who can help me make custom charecter. Any help would be much apreciated .Thanks for reading this.

Overall Help

Ok, i know it sounds noobish but, id like some overall help if someoen ahs the time. Like a mentor of sorts. Ive got ideas like fucking crazy ,but, there is still so much about RPGMK2003 that im still trying to figure our. I've looked all over for various answers and such .IF anyone can spare the time. I'd be very greatfull!!
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