Hi, my name is Steve. I've been lurking here for quite a while. I've tried my hand at RPG making before, starting on the Playstation, and ending last with RPG Maker 2k3. Who knows, maybe I'll try again sometime?



Monigote Fantasy English Beta is finally out!

Awesome to know, been waiting for this one for quite some time! WHY it took me half a month to notice this (mostly due to not being online too often)I don't know. Anyways, definitely interested, PM incoming! needs your help (again)!

I am sure there are other sites that host indie game projects (Newgrounds comes to mind) but we appreciate the support all the same! The donation email hasn't changed - it's still

Thanks for your generosity!

Haha, yeah you're right about the indie game site thing, though I was mainly referring to RPG maker games, among others hosted here. Newgrounds is all Flash games and stuff, this is almost like a Deviantart (without the drama and stuff attached to it) for games from people from all walks of life. Either way, I hope this site is around for years to come! There's stuff here that'll keep anyone busy for an eternity.

And yeah, it's I wanted to be sure though. Either way, thanks for being here! needs your help (again)!

Hey, I'm just curious (this thread hasn't been posted in in a while, but I thought I might ask...)

I've been donating $10 a month for...2 or 3 years now I think, Paypal says 2011 is when I started. Is the address the same still or should I resubscribe? Either way, I'd like to keep donating, this place is still one of my favorites, and the only one really still actively hosting indie game projects. needs your help (again)!

I've been doing $10 a month now...for the past year, I think?

I haven't even been coming on here much, but there's so much I've gotten from this site, never mind that it's one of the friendlier sites on the web.

I'll consider raising my donation...but I won't be able to until I'm done moving :(. But my $10 a month isn't going anywhere!

File Size? Is It Important?

I know I'm kind of late to the discussion, but I thought I should say something...

As many people said, downloading 160 MBs is no big deal these days, really.


If you're that worried about it, download Audacity, and you can reencode your mp3s to a much lower bitrate (Audacity can go as low as 8 KB/s), which will put your MP3s at only a couple hundred KBs apiece, instead of the full couple MBs per song. The quality WILL drop, but the difference is negligible if you're trying to save space.

Eternal – Return of the Void

Well...Despite all the nitpicking and what not, I've got to say I like the sound of this all so far!

I like the way you've described the story in the hero's words...I'm hoping there will be a lot more, you make it sound interesting :).

Also, RTP or not, I like the graphics style you've chosen. It sets it apart from all the SNES lookalikes around here. And yes people, it's going to look pixelated, it's on RM2k3!

Anyways, subscribed. Can't wait to see what you pull out here, I'm hoping to give it a thumbs up, myself.

Looking for Beta Testers!

I'll most definitely be willing to beta test, if you'd like! Loved the first demo I played.

Dragon Quest: Legacy of the Lost

Alrighty, so I'm done! I put about 7 hours into the demo, very very impressive! It almost feels like a love letter to Dragon Warrior 7 fans, which I'm most definitely one of. One quick question, then I'll get into the spoilerriffic stuff.

Are the demo saves going to be compatible with future demos and possibly the main game? If not, that's fine, can't wait to play more!

Anyways, ok, so I wanted to list a few things. None of them really break the game, nor do they make it too difficult, just some things I think you ought to know.

A: In the castle of Rhemage, you can walk onto the tapestries, and then into the backdrop of the castle. It doesn't net you anything special, nor can you break the game, but I think you should know.

B: The dancevegi's odd dance can, and will completely drain your characters of MP in the Rhemage of the past. It's not THAT big a deal, especially with the town nearby, but it did make it difficult.

C: Cardial. Just out of curiosity, was it inspired by the Hamelia area in Dragon Warrior VII? I've got to be honest, that was probably the most memorable area in DW7 to me, since I spent at least 10 hours griiiiinding there, haha. Gracos (as well as Gracos V) were SUPPOSED to be hard bosses...The boss of Cardial was pretty tough though!

D: Speaking of Cardial, I found it really difficult to grind there, namely because the heal slimes were making the battles last forever. Which brings me to my next point...

E: When everyone is holed up in the tower, you can't buy the new weapons or armor that were available in Cardial before.

F: Are you considering adding save points within other areas of the game? Or are you going to stay with the 8 bit feel?

G: Last but not least, when you visit Cardial in the future/present time, going into the tavern will cause you to go back to the past Cardial.

Whew, anyways, sorry for all the whining. I loved this so far, and I LOVE the fact that you used the DW7 music, it really fits, even with the 8 bit feel. Love it so far, can't wait to play more in the future!

RMNv4 Feedback

Well, I think it looks pretty slick, especially on the front page.

Game pages, to be honest, I liked the tabbed look more from before better. It's not a BIG deal, but everything looks a bit squashed together. I also liked having the subscribe button be a bit larger and off to the side, rather then huddled with a bunch of others underneath the game's logo.

Personal preferences though. Everything looks quite a bit more streamlined, and like I said, the front page looks really slick. I also like how you kept all the functionality somewhat the same, without moving too much or renaming it.

Aside from my quibbles about the game pages, great work!

Dragon Quest: Legacy of the Lost

This looks awesome, I've got to say. Dragon Warrior VII is my favorite of the DQ/DW games (though the NES IV comes in close!)

I like the 8 bit style, too, to be honest, I've always loved the DQ/DW NES style.

Couple of questions though...Just out of curiosity

A: Are you using the older Enix US spell/enemy names? Or the modern ones? I know it's a really minor detail, but I'm just curious. I'm still sort of getting used to them...Still muchly prefer the older ones.

B: Are you planning this to be HUGE in length like 7? Once again, just wondering, but from the sounds of things, you are!

Anyways, sounds amazing so far! I'm going to dig into the demo very soon! Also, subbed!
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