Hi, my name is Steve. I've been lurking here for quite a while. I've tried my hand at RPG making before, starting on the Playstation, and ending last with RPG Maker 2k3. Who knows, maybe I'll try again sometime?


Hi! I've been here for a while, but just signed up, sooo...

So I just wanted to say hi. My name is Steve, and I've been lurking this site for quite a long time now, and since I've been getting, and playing games like crazy from here, I figured I should join up...and maybe review some stuff!

I also donated...I seriously wouldn't want to see this site go down :(, apparently it almost did one time! That, and I find this one to probably be the best portal for indie games! :)

Anyways, thank you for having me! I've done some developing on some half done RPG Maker games in the past, maybe I'll give it a shot again.
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