Sorceress Quest

Hello shayoko,

yes, the control are typically old-school point&click.
Maybe I should think of a simplified mode.

The game is having some glitches on slower PCs.
But this is a problem of the patches I’ve added to the game engine that makes a click&point adventure on the Rm2k possible.

Thank you for having a look into the game, even tough it didn’t match your expectations.

i laughed when you became the maids slave :D it was pure irony!

Glad you like that. There some other similar scenes like that.

anyone who fully lps this let me know ill watch :3

There is a walkthrough in this page. ;)

Sorceress Quest Review

Thank you for the review! :)
This game is still in development and I'll try to get rid of the mentioned weak spots.

The creator of the Rm2k3 plug-in (DynRPG - RM2k3-Plugin-SDK) made also a bunch of patches for the Rm2k (which supports also make the really big charsets!).
Plus it allows to write own scripts, like menus or the textbox that allows more than 4 rows.

I also intend to add a walkthrough to the site.

Sorceress Quest

SorceressKyrsty's Quest for Booty, now that'd be a great game

Only if you pass the three trials. But isn't looting not a pirate thing. ;)

I like fun comments, but please post comments that is also related to the game.

Sorceress Quest

I also always liked point&clicks adventures and wanted to make one by myself.
Let me know how you like it.

So it is you why my downloads have suddenly increased. ;)
Thank you for all your help!
Also for suggesting my game in the MISAO-thread.
I’m looking forward for to your review.


Nice Metal Slug animations.
Also the battle system looks neatly animated.

Can you translate it into English?
But so far nice demo.

Haudruff and the TechnoMage

Very nice video presentation!
Although I've wished to see a ghost viking instead of a red slimeball dashing around.
From what I've seen this platform game seems to runs smoothly.

I really would like to see the intro of it.


Fountain? Isn't that a well? Also, others.

Yes. My bad! I fix this, when I publish the new version.


Thank you. It is not displayed on this screen, but if the you load the saved game state, date and location are also listed.

Sorceress Quest

Suscribed! I played quite a few P&C Sierra and Lucas Arts games, back in the day. Are you planning to submit the demo directly to RMN soon? Finally, will this one have the point system for accomplishing things?

Hello educhy,

it is possible to solve situation in different ways, which may vary tasks and riddles/quests. Actions and dialogues have a real impact on the story.
This game has no point system because that would mean that there are a right and wrong decisions.
I rather prefer that the player just do things his way.
No stress, more fun. ;)

Thank you! I hope you like it.
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