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Missing in Action - A Call to Arms (Broken Game Links)

Of late it has been brought to my attention (again) about the number of games on the site with a download listed that don't actually have a working download attached. Quite a number of these are also unreviewed (hence my initial interest) and because there is no opportunity to play the game that lack cannot be rectified.

I know we have an 'obscure and rare' game thread for people hunting games, but this is more about filling the gaps that now exist here on the site. With something that has been around as long as RMN has this was bound to happen, especially when it isn't a requirement to host here in addition to any offsite hosting facility (maybe that could be suggested as a guideline?).

Still, I'm going to start this thread to highlight those games that are currently unplayable, and unreviewable, due to a broken download link. Whilst my personal interest is in those without a review, some that have been are still unplayable for later audiences so they are included as well. Completed, Production, Hiatus, Cancelled are all covered. The only ones not included are those where the developer has removed the download, like Grave Spirit or Takedown Legacy.

That's where all of you come in. If you are like me you tend to horde things, and not always adhere to spring cleaning, so there is a chance that out there in your various and sundry hard drives these games languish, just waiting for a chance to spring back to life for a new audience. So if any of the games in the list below reside somewhere you can reach or source and you are comfortable upping or linking them can you post in the thread with the game page link and the link to where it is stored and the lovely acolytes of Lord Aremen will petition him to bring them under his wing and store them on the sacred server, therefore protecting them for all time...or as long as RMN lasts.

For those that don't have access to their own file locker like dropbox or google drive here are a few free ones that don't appear to have a plethora of popups/flashing ads attached (how most of these sites earn their keep), with maximum file transfer size listed.

No signup required - limited storage 30-90 days from last download

http://www.zippyshare.com/ - up to 200mb
http://www.datafilehost.com/ - up to 150mb
http://www.filedropper.com/ - up to 5Gb

Need an account - long term storage

https://www.box.com/en_GB/personal/ - up to 250mb (10Gb storage)
https://www.copy.com - up to 4Gb (15Gb storage)
https://www.mediafire.com/ - up to 5Gb (10Gb storage) - turn on adblock for this one.

Anything above 400mb won't be saved on RMN servers as it's above the allowed limit. So if you're willing to put it somewhere with long term storage and keep it there that would be very much appreciated.

Also Game Dev's this is a reminder to you all too, have a look at your older games and see if the links are broken. If anyone has a chance of having them it's you.

So starting from the very beginning, since Julie Andrews tells me that's a very good place to start.

TitleDeveloperGamepageLink (game or post)
Lost and Frigidundwighthttp://rpgmaker.net/games/64/
One HoursTrance2http://rpgmaker.net/games/74/
DivinitasLionesshttp://rpgmaker.net/games/124/(game is in German)
Demon Destiny 1~ The Warriors Of Legenddemondestinyhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/141/
Cell ChamberCalibrehttp://rpgmaker.net/games/172/
Shana of the GhostsUnka Joshhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/367/
Willa & Rott: An unnatural tale of a girl and her dogmaiahttp://rpgmaker.net/games/443/
Iffermoonanimdudehttp://rpgmaker.net/games/602/Found Link
Eternal GenesisMcTrickyhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/610/
Global WarmingAlli0dhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/623/
The Legend of Zelda: Zodiac MemoriesLance VIIhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/670/
Fenrir: First OperationSamhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/718/
The Mirror LiedReiveshttp://rpgmaker.net/games/761/Updated Link
That fine lineTylajameshttp://rpgmaker.net/games/795/
Cognitive Dissonance (Earthbound)otherhandhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/822/Found Link
SS: Dawn Of Ediniadonlinehttp://rpgmaker.net/games/824/
Jack's AdventureDrZoidberghttp://rpgmaker.net/games/928/
SpaceXGearInfinite Gameshttp://rpgmaker.net/games/932/
Return of the SithKiller Wolfhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/943/
Star Wars VII: The Sith Returnsgameguy27http://rpgmaker.net/games/994/
Liberta Open-World RPGNickhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/1032/This probably just needs to have the download link removed.
The Guardian Symphonysirgoldenhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/1055/
Malice: The Taste of FreedomLovelessEntertainmenthttp://rpgmaker.net/games/1108/
Rhukaat: Broken Chain PlusShabobahttp://rpgmaker.net/games/1135/
Uber Quest: The Hunt for Phatter Loot Episode I:MrMillsSanhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/1191/
Truth:The Other SideShadowcross123http://rpgmaker.net/games/1510/
Astyanax: Wrath SteelOracleGameshttp://rpgmaker.net/games/1575/
Error: The Awakeninggamehighwayhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/1628/
Dragon AdventureCyrushttp://rpgmaker.net/games/1633/
Biggles On Marscatmittshttp://rpgmaker.net/games/1731/Updated GameJolt Link
Paul Moose In Space Worldcatmittshttp://rpgmaker.net/games/1732/Updated GameJolt Link
Alice In Undergroundhimahttp://rpgmaker.net/games/1739/
Veggie Tales 3Dcatmittshttp://rpgmaker.net/games/1800/Updated GameJolt Link
Dragon Warrior: Rise of The HeroesMattdkhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/1808/
Too Many Kittenscatmittshttp://rpgmaker.net/games/1856/Updated GameJolt Link
Wooby RPG: Legend of the Woob BlocksDookiehttp://rpgmaker.net/games/1958/
Dark Arts I - The Wings of AngelSnkehttp://rpgmaker.net/games/2072/
The New Adventures Of ***** The Kidcatmittshttp://rpgmaker.net/games/2074/Updated GameJolt Link
Hartacon RMXPCharlieFleedhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/2285/
The Astonishing Captain Skullcatmittshttp://rpgmaker.net/games/2302/Updated GameJolt Link
The Case of the Man Who was DecapitatedJeroen_Solhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/2354/
A Dust Taleedumazierihttp://rpgmaker.net/games/2512/
Inuyasha ~TAMASHI~doranikofuhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/2595/My Copy Link
Super Mario Bros. X - The Apocalypse of ForozeQuillhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/2652/
Celestial Tear: Demon's RevengeYinhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/2730/
Mandew vs. the Forever RainYoshiohttp://rpgmaker.net/games/2887/
Axari: Zuzineomneezaetohttp://rpgmaker.net/games/3206/This one has a download; it's just not linked to the download button, but is available on the download page.
Mario's DreamFlying_pancakehttp://rpgmaker.net/games/3281/
Transitiondiaeitschhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/3406/This one has a download; it's just not linked to the download button, but is available on the download page.
Third Realmihsorakhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/3458/
One HourGamesfreak13563http://rpgmaker.net/games/3529/
Super Smash Bros. CrusadeFelipe_9595http://rpgmaker.net/games/3591/Updated GameJolt Link
House on Fire small demoBird_Eaterhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/3656/
Aqua Nebulonkoaangelhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/3663/
Space ResistanceRaiper34http://rpgmaker.net/games/3688/
Austin and the Desert Heart TriosuperBlasthttp://rpgmaker.net/games/3791/
Japan: Jubei's Vengeancetitogodhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/3818/
The Adventure of Shithead 2JWCaisahttp://rpgmaker.net/games/3832/
Legends of Pirox - Book of LegendsGmackhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/3908/
Victim of Xen the minigamesmoldershttp://rpgmaker.net/games/3940/
Dragon Warrior Classichawkeye77o4http://rpgmaker.net/games/4093/Updated Link
Eyes of the ForestMarcushttp://rpgmaker.net/games/4119/
Five: a 24 BadaptationDeckillerhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/4129/
Golden ArkXRazorBlackXhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/4182/
Super Mario SeasonsBlobofgoohttp://rpgmaker.net/games/4205/
Beefy Jim's Epic Quest Against the Evil UgwenchDudesofthttp://rpgmaker.net/games/4228/
Berserk: Golden Age Arc I Tech Demotitogodhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/4245/
Monotonous Dungeon QuestAuknhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/4442/
Goblet Grottocatmittshttp://rpgmaker.net/games/4524/Updated GameJolt Link
Sword of Light Mini-RPGGamer91112http://rpgmaker.net/games/4578/
Sword of Light II (Sequel) Mini-RPGGamer91112http://rpgmaker.net/games/4604/
Deadly Sinharmonichttp://rpgmaker.net/games/4605/Updated Link
Deadly Sin 2harmonichttp://rpgmaker.net/games/4606/Updated Link
Skybornharmonichttp://rpgmaker.net/games/4607/Updated Link
Puzzle Fantasyhimahttp://rpgmaker.net/games/4608/
Demonicjohnnyl7xhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/4647/Updated Link
Interactive Revolutionary MuseumCorentinhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/4680/
Mors TerraeCorentinhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/4681/
Super Boogaloo WorldCobaltStarman
Legacy of Wingsryoshuhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/5054/
Kanye Quest 3030Phenixhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/5065/
Autopsy: The Seventh Corpsestiven202http://rpgmaker.net/games/5086/My Copy Link
Rise of the Half BloodKibbelzhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/5143/As this is an online game and site is defunct, probably just needs download button removed.
The Lover's Final BalladNOACCEPTANCE772http://rpgmaker.net/games/5229/
Radio PSI Adventuresnoellechanhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/5275/
Winds of AscensionBhaalspawnhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/5369/
The Misadventures of Detective ButlerKinjohttp://rpgmaker.net/games/5470/Updated Link
Motryajsh357http://rpgmaker.net/games/5544/Updated Link
Dragon Blade Online RemakeZrokkyhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/5755/As this is an online game and site is defunct, probably just needs download button removed.
The Sakuru ChroniclesAdamSakuruhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/6072/
PrizmPathhuntermusicandtvhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/6389/Updated Link
Glitch Survivalhuntermusicandtvhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/6450/Updated Link
Shadow of Fate v1.4NexusAlphahttp://rpgmaker.net/games/6521/
Luigi's Fight For The Mushroom Kingdomreghrhrehttp://rpgmaker.net/games/6700/
New Aincradtgctekuhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/6778/Updated Link
Calcu-Late (To Study Now When The Test Is Tomorrow)fanfishhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/6887/Updated Link
The Game is OnSanoonhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/7026/
For a drawingSirBunnyCathttp://rpgmaker.net/games/7091/My Copy Link
Girl's Graveyard: ReduxAestheticGamerhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/7147/This one has a download; it's just not linked to the download button, but is available on the download page.
PrizmPath: Revisionhuntermusicandtvhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/7267/Updated Link
The curse of the livingRingoto-kunhttp://rpgmaker.net/games/8159/

My link nomenclature 'updated' just means the link on the devs website or other professional site (mostly gamejolt) has moved, the download button just needs to be redirected. 'Found' indicates an alternate file locker or storage that I'm not 100% will always be available, but it's the admin's call if they just want to link to it or up it here. 'My Copy Link' is stuff I've found on my drive or elsewhere and have stored and would appreciate if it was upped to RMN's servers. All other notes are self-explanatory.

This one is going to be a bit of a labour of lunacy for me, so if it takes off and doesn't fall over and sink into the swamp I'll check through it once a week and update the OP. Admin's of course are free to edit this post as they see fit.

Rescuing old games

Quick question. Very recently both Kylaila and I found a couple of games that had broken download links and after sourcing them elsewhere upped them to offsite file lockers and added a link in comments on the game-page for anyone who wanted to give them a go. I was just wondering is there a way those games can be upped to the RMN servers instead? Not for space, Ky's using dropbox, I'm using Mediafire and there is a lot of room available. More for the fact that the grey download button is there and it connects to a broken link. If people don't scroll down and read the comments they will miss out on playing the game (though I can't recommend that for the one I rescued, it's not a good game).

SegNin seemed to use the comments on a regular basis back in the day to provide resurrected links, so I'm not sure if it's possible to do this, or if the admins even want to as the game-pages are the domain of the devs, but given these are game pages, but not games, that have been abandoned I thought there might be a way.

Question for all McBacon Jam participants

With the current review event that is going on, specifically targeting those games that were eligible from the McBacon Jam event I'm going to try and play and review them all within the 2 week time frame. However given the nature of the contest I know a lot of the games aren't polished and don't have all the bells and whistles the devs wanted to include. Most of the game pages seem to indicate that the versions currently available are not the final product and more will be added. Because of that I wanted to ask, when I review would you like me to not include a star rating? I've never not starred a review before but given the unique nature of this bunch of games and the fact that a lot of them are still be actively worked on I thought I'd ask.

I may not get to all of them, or I may burn out on the theme but if I do I'd like to take the devs views on this into account in this instance, simply because I would not normally review games in this state.

Let me know via the thread or a PM if that works better for you. One thing I will say given the collaborative nature of this if one of the devs doesn't want a score and the others do I still won't put one on.

Makerscore not adding up?

Hey Guys,

I just though this was me, but I just saw a post from an actual game-maker in the Makerscore information topic stating that their game had received a review (coincidentally, from me) which meant they should get a MS bump, but they hadn't. I've had 7 reviews approved and so far only 4 of them have had MS attributed. The last one that seemed to work was on the 20th, the next one I had approved was on the 24th and since that's a week ago I would have thought it would have come through. Though I oddly have an extra 2 MS from somewhere.

I went and had a look at a few other users that have been submitting reviews lately and it looks like none of the reviews post the 22nd have been attributed. Have a look at Loser's profile for a prime example, he/she has had 7 reviews accepted since the 22nd and still has a displayed MS of zero.

Since a maker has also noticed a lack of growth I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's not just the review attribution that has gone awry. Personally it makes little difference to me, I'm not a game maker so the MS is just a perk, but I know for those who make the games it means a lot, so not sure what changed behind the scenes around the 22nd of May, but something appears to have gone a little pear-shaped.

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