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Tunnels of Doom RM2K
Bringing a classic 1982 dungeon crawl game to a new generation.
Before Crisis Remake
Remake of Japanese-Only Mobile Game
Notes on the Etgoesian C...
Farcical First-World-War-esque jRPG.
Legends Of Illarion: Nos...
A classic old school fantasy JRPG set a world of heroes, gods, and demons
Meganaut's SCP RPG
A shitpost RPG about SCPs trying to take over the world!
The Nova Bloodline - Gra...
A RPG about the beauty of insanity.
Suikoden Stories: Tapest...
Existence has been shattered, fate torn to shreds. The great tapestry of life is being undone. Are you(s) and your True Rune enough to make it right?
Super Penguin Guy
Go penguin go!
Bedtime Adventure
A short game about going to bed
McBacon Jam 4 submission
Lost in Fantasy 2: Exqui...
Cruz and his girlfriend are successful entrepreneurs with great prospects and they are living life to the full, but that all changes...
Three Cheers for the Str...
A short story about eroding friendships and the discovery of self-worth
Little Briar Rose
A point-and-click adventure inspired by "Sleeping Beauty" fable
Chips Challenge: Ace Edi...
Rediscover puzzle glory!
Halo's Mixtape
A short story about heroism, and love.
Legends Of Illarion 2: S...
Prequel to the RM2K3 game Legends Of Illarion: A desperate goddess intervenes in mortal affairs, leading to a future of conflict between the Younger Gods.
A young vampire on a journey for his own identity and the origins of his lineage.
Play as a Barn owl who sets out to become a Hu'mon master.
An Owl in the Night
When certainty is taken from you, what do you have left?
acai cOrner
A short adventure-spooky game!
The Alchemist and the Ow...
An alchemist runs a small apothecary in the middle of nowhere, her only companion, a loyal owl.
Soma Union
We'll restore our world... together!
Sorceress as Teacher
Someone hired a snarky violent dragon to teach children.
Untitled by OHBmouf
Roll through as Hero through a journey that test his overall strength will and bond with others
Explore a scary mansion, all you have with you is your trusty flashlight.
Talk Like a King
When you don't want to be King, what do you do? Talk your way out of it!
Legion Saga II
Created by Kamau, the game is a Suikoden fangame with RTP, rips and custom graphics combined.
cat game
Your cat has run away and is nowhere to be found, whatever will you do?
Zombies: Halloween Editi...
Zombie shmup just in time for Halloween 2013
Cover Your Eyes
Chloe and her two children will embark on an journey to find her missing husband before the whole town descends into hell.
An Encounter ~In The Rai...
"This must be how ghosts feel."
Madness Fantasy
Five friends leave for a crazy weekend, but end up arrested. Will you succeed in take them out of this mess?
Owlstanding Delivery
Help Santa deliver presents!
Feeding of the Owlets
feed your owlets
LoP Silver Owl Platoon- ...
Stealth RPG where the Silver Owl Platoon must stop a nuclear missile attack against Perren!
The Mercenaries
A Suikoden-esque game/prototype/thing
I Dreamed of Dead Stars
A tale of perdition
Super Mario Kart Remake
A remake of the original super mario kart
Lockheart Indigo
A private-eye must deceive a rich family into revealing their darkest secrets, before the killer amongst them silences everyone.
The Hero With a Thousand...
An old school fairy tale
Reaper of Swords
Reap What You Sow
Shooty and the Catfish: ...
A boy and a catfish, solving mysteries and crackin jokes.
Harmonic Odyssey: The Fi...
In a dark future, humanity's best hope for survival lies with an all-female musical quartet.
Princess Miyumi and The ...
A quest to defeat the Necromancer from causing a chaos.
Liver Land Halloween
​Spooky festivities have begun, and it's your job to provide the sweets!
XK Scenario: Humans, Ref...
Your objective? Re-secure SCP-3199 and stop its containment breach in this short strategy game.
They locked you inside a huge tower. Solve puzzles to escape.
A RPG Maker Pixel Horror Adventure game made for IGMC 2018
Shackled Seas
Free the seas from piracy!
3at a Cactus
a game you never thought you'd want to play 3
Explore mysterious dungeons in this multiplayer action RPG
Starlight Shoals
A maid runs away from home in this choice-driven RPG inspired by games like Chrono Trigger, Dragon Age, and Persona.
Shantae and Asha:Dream F...
A Monster World 4 sequel and crossover
The Maker of Dreams
A game-making simulation; tribute to the RPG Maker series.
Notes From Province
There's a lot of good in life. You just have to look for it.
The Huntress of the Holl...
Little... Pink Riding Hood?
A tale of two unlikely friends struggling to piece together their broken pasts.
The Age of Deliverance
A story-driven adventure at the end of the world
Super Mario Enigmatic
Puzzles of our time.
Story of Integra
Follow the journey of a young elf Integra White, as she travels through the world of Eeria trying to save her friend.
Chronicles of Tsufanubra
All hell breaks loose when a madman pursues his childhood idol.
An old school adventure inspired by early NES and SNES RPGs.
Will Island
The SMBX 2.0 episode that has all the good levels I have made.
Loser Reborn
The retro Lovecraftian JRPG
Innkeeper Sarah
The unsung hero of JRPGs, the Innkeeper.
Certain things are better left unsaid
The Star Rod Chronicles
Join Are on his quest for The Star Rod!
Inherited Sins
An adventure puzzle game.
AIKA - The Fragile Dance...
A short Rhythm Game with Visual Novel elements. Play as Aika Shizumi, a Kage of the emperor, as she embarks on a quest for vengeance.
Records in Blue
Explore a mysterious resurfaced island in this DRPG.
"The Depths"
"Will you help me?"
Fear & Hunger 2: Termina
A survival horror j-RPG sequel to the Fear & Hunger.
A story-focused RPG about trauma and memories of the past.
The Weird One
Camille has a crush on a friend but he may be weirder than she originally thought.
Nine Mile Ride
A modern visual novel made on RPG Maker XP
1 Game a Day / 1 Month
I am creating 1 game a day for 31 days
Dead Again
Survive the living dead, again!
Cube Wars
A 2D action arena game
My Darling
Don't wanna get home ? Takuya is waiting for you !
There is a reason folklore persists in many countries...and here you will chillingly see why
A short interactive story with moody musics.
Ill Horizon Shade
What if there was a disease that not even death could cure?
CLAWS KILL - survival ho...
Previously known as "K.EVIL" - survival horror game built with RPG MAKER XP - Download the full game from the link on the homepage (file is too big for
The gripping and ominous twilight before humanity's end​
the machine that BREATHE...
A tunneling machine finds itself injected into a body resembling a human.
The New Us
An RPG about dodging rent, exploration, and surviving the apocalypse.
A Maned Lioness
Prologue to the life and times of a MtF daughter of lions
Black Galax: Rewrite D̶̔...
What's your next move?
Country of Snow
For the weebs: Yuki no Kuni
Coldsteel and the Chaos ...
A Sonic the hedgehog fan-made RPG
What's Left
A tale of redemption
Hero's Realm: Heroic Edi...
One villain. A realm of heroes.
She: Chapter 1: The Endl...
An RPG Maker VX ACE Horror.
The God of Crawling Eyes
Survival horror/adventure game for the 2013 Halloween Contest
Wine & Roses
Enter the possessed Fort Adder to discover ancient spirits and slay foul demons.
Super Mario: The Secret ...
Help Mario recover the Secret Stars!
Moby Housekeeper
"Stealing things is fun... if you are an imp."
At Last Alone: Canyon of...
A mad summoner is on the loose! Journey to stop him in this dark JRPG.
A Figment of Discord
How many hearts can a poisoned apple wreck?
Turovero: The Celestial ...
A dark fantasy RPG where truth and lies collide and nothing is as it seems.
King of Grayscale
Super Duper Retro RPG
One Of You
Three individuals suffering from amnesia find themselves trapped inside a cabin.
Epic Monster Dungeon Exp...
Go forth, and slay the EVILGOD!
Dragons' Descendants
A wandering ronin must seek redemption for his crime.
Dream Catcher
Every dream has a deception.
The Seventh Warrior
The Seventh Warrior tells the story of "Dark", a demon prince who nearly conquered the world a thousand years ago but got sealed away in the end. Now the seal is broken and he is back to business!
Skydancer - Completely C...
Martial Arts, directional keys in combat to create combos, fatality system in battle! Custom menu, custom bs,mature contents
City of the Doomed
An adventure game in a city doomed to destruction
Shooty and the Catfish: ...
Go into big business and shoot some "bad guys" with some turn based RPG mechanics!
Around me, crimson-stain...
"As our lives were taken away, we became vengeful. For those who insult our resting place, this is your punishment".
Every Vote Counts
A cat has been elected as leader? What's going on here?
Pilgrim's Road
A short post-apocalyptic game with an abrupt ending, made for the aptly titled Abrupt Ending Party Event.
The Last Lesson
Solve the mystery of a murdered teacher.
Monsters of Kanji
Help Marty save his world by understanding it.
Chibimon Adventures!
A Chibi-Pokemon Game
No Delivery
An employee training video gone wrong.
You wake up trapped in a prison cell. Little do you know, you've been caught up in a strange mystery.
Sweet Middleground 2 ~th...
A game about the best cake.
21 Years: A Birthday Gam...
Lavender and Illy take Muffle to a haunted house for her 21st birthday.
Beautiful, incorruptible Juliana....
A Mystery Experience by Darkwisp
Loveless Special Edition...
A Final Fantasy Fan Game with its own brand of unique and colorful characters to enjoy!
We All Fall Down
A post-apocalyptic survival RPG set 100 years after a nuclear fallout in 1944.
Ruphand: An Apothecary's...
Follow Brill Yance, an apothecary from a small-town potion shop. Choose actions carefully in a tick-based battle system!
Born Under the Rain
Why does the jackal run from the rain?
Ringmaster Clause
An adventure game detailing the lives of dolls
Black Galax: Revert
Welcome to the scientifically advanced country Cliva! Where the strange and paranormal flies under the commoners radar...
Veggie Tales 3D
Brave the hazardous Onion Mines and retrieve the golden treasure in full 3D
Dueling Penguins
A trash talking penguin goads you into a timed challenge!
Claroscuro (Definitive D...
Descend into this nonsensical dream....
A story of love and loss, Burden follows Greg, father to a recently deceased son Ethan and husband to a wife who can’t quite grasp that loss.
An ancient treasure lies buried in the depths of a long-forgotten tomb. Many have found death among its deadly corridors, will you be able to find the riches of which the legends speak?
Lya's school is the scene of an horrific attack, that will plunge the school, and Lya herself, into a nightmare that threatens to consume them...
Made Of Dirt
I continue living this cyclical quiet life, but these strange yet familiar dreams of mine keep appearing...
Dark Gleaming
Young Viking God Story
An epic adventure where you build your own future
Baclyae Revolution
A humble tribute to the Suikoden series!
Mario vs. The Moon Base
Mario must fight his way to Bowser's Moon Base to rescue the Princess!
A free roam, action adventure game set in a retro-future world that has fallen into decay. Features an action battle system, zelda like dungeons and exploration.
Age of Archeia
Happy birthday to Nessie! Happy birthday to Nessie!
The Aeon's Shard
A travel through history of Eonis, to find the mythical power of Aeons.
"Wood U Lyke 2 Her3 Mi Storey?"
Superstar Hero
A sci-fi dystopian action-RPG that doesn't take itself seriously.
Prime Maxima: Warrior
Combat-focused micro-JRPG
Naughty Suicide
Furry Trash
Nova's Engagement
Nova is a princess who is about to get married, but she does not want that.
White Sky
A game about two friends in a pretty boring world.
Dirge of Doningoth
A short and (hopefully) comedic RPG about betrayal, lies and friendship
Restless Dreams
A dark survival horror blended with Lovecraftian and J-RPG.
Northwall (v1.0.1)
Complex battle mechanics meets a grim story
Esper Wing Chronicle
Finding out your origin!
Madeline's Misplaced Mis...
A Victorian House Hidden Object Game.
Crystal Wish - Classroom...
Shrunk to size of pawns and facing dungeons made out of desks and magic, three girls will have to face the challanges of a self proclaimed Game "Master" Genie to get their size and freedom back.
An RPG about slime killing
It's a short, stupid game! Get out of the dungeon!
Death? Preposterous!
A non-violent, metaphysical RPG
Wonder Robot D
Robot draws magic power from items! Collect to build your skillset in this lighthearted RPG!
Blade of Acrimony: Wish ...
Follow Anaya and Leonard as they try to seal away the Wishing Sword once and for all!
Steamed Hams, but it's R...
"Well Seymour, I made it, despite your directions"
Road To Paradise - The D...
As a young dragon, investigate a mysterious portal to a strangely familiar other world.
Five friends. One house. Countless horrors.
Elf's Diary
Enter the life of a Fairy Elf boy who's dedicated in helping the people of Karonna.
Cold Rest
A more unusual ice siding puzzle game.
Your Star V.3
How will you escape the mansion...
Celdran's Curse
A story-driven RPG, about kids and politics.
Set Discrepancy
Sci-fi horror on a rogue planet, with customizable characters and a random world generator.
El Arte
You Need To Understand Art In Order To Ascend
Port Phobos
A Steampunk stylized science-fantasy RPG set in the late 1800's.
Fruits of Talent
A humorous exploration game with puzzle elements
Before You Craft
A short game features item craft script inspired by Minecraft.
Abyssal of the Opera
During a performance at an Opera House, a rift to the Abyss opens up and an abomination steals the lead singer...
Chromatic Aberration
Help a painter finish their last piece before they go blind.
Liver Land
"A Deathly is a Liver that threw away their chance..."
Unfinished Stories
Become a hero in this lovingly drawn comic book adventure!
Queen of Cups
A kidnapping, a prophecy, and girl that's just trying to find her brother.
Spiral Flame
What happens when a genius pursues an impossible goal that tears his life apart?
A Canvas For Eternity
"Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art."
Koumon no Hana
A love triangle that doesn't go as planned...
Arcanion: Tale of Magi
A platform style game reminiscent of games like Mega Man and Duck Tales.
Sweet Middleground
A game about the best clock.
Purification or absolution, and at what cost?
Room Escape
A brief Escape-the-Room game
Out School
Tactical RPG game made with RPG Maker MV, with modern style.
Bleeding Sun
Classic-Style Turn-Based RPG
Shooty and the Catfish: ...
Go into a mine and shoot "bad guys" with some turn based RPG mechanics!
Crescent Prism: Chapter ...
Perhaps you shall grow into the role one day.
Fenrir: First Operation
A top down shooter in RM2k3!
Project Outbreak
A story that spans across multiple timelines
The Adventures of Prince...
A Russian Fairy Tale ~ Visual Novel
Scarlet must escape from a damaged hospital while avoiding a murderous stepfather
Arbiter: Prototype
pretentious cyberpunk psychadelia!
The Looming Spire
Explore a massive tower full of treasures, monsters, and magic!
Corruption of Laetitia
A Valkyrie's tale of Valor, Betrayal, uncertainty and girl-love.
Survival horror game
Sorcelleria - The cult o...
Are sorcerers superior to mankind?
The Room of 2 Monsters
Befriend everyone or just kill them all
You've been in a coma for a year now.
Deadly Woods
Small town mystery / Action RPG
Destroy the force of creation.
Tales of Yuria: The Drag...
Story-driven RPG with a "Bard's Tale" humor and charm
Fields of Fire
As the last human mercenary, it falls to you to take up leadership in your people's darkest hour. You must defend your realm and ensure the survival of humankind.
"Your journey into the land of Cirhena awaits!"
Ember's Knight
A story of a knight who conquer dungeons, one at a time.
A Zeldalike Deckbuilder. Collect cards, explore dungeons, battle monsters!
Liberators of Gobagov
Rule your own kingdom
Legends of Astravia
Mend a divided world before the Cataclysm brings forth another age of ruin.
Faxanadog/Lobster Quest ...
The exciting and important tales of the Hero, now together for the first time!
I Am Still Alive
A world ravaged by chaos. A hero "destined" to save everyone. A familiar story, one you've likely heard many times before. But something just isn't right here...
Guardian Frontier
An RPG with classic-style gameplay and a non-classic premise, inspired by the history of exploration and colonialism of the 19th century.
Final Fantasy: Immortal
A retro Final Fantasy fangame
Karma Flow - The Prototy...
A Short 2D Noir Open-Stealth game. "Florien Kealborn is ready to do anything for her own family, even challenge Karma itself."
It all started here.
Eremidia Dungeon : Skywa...
A simple dungeon crawler game. And a spin-off from Eremidia: An Empty Tome!
Pac-Man VX
It's a short pacman minigame.
Bat Rider
Control an evil wizard riding on a bat, shooting things!
Digital Monsters - Taich...
Once again something happened to Tai that had already transported him into the fantastical Digimon world many years ago. Actually, Tai is just a normal boy
Ice Cream Island War
A Strategy-RPG to reunite the kingdoms of Ice and Cream
Bail the Bounty Hunter
If you don't turn up to court, they go after your next of kin instead.
The Golden Fish
Once a year every summer a golden fish appears which if you can find will grant you a wish. It's time for you to go in search of the golden fish!
Summon four champions from the Realm of Heroes to conquer the dreaded Tower of Darkness!
The Chronicles of Espiri...
Kent, an asteroid miner, finds himself marooned on a mysterious magical world.
Victory School
Save your school from an invasion, Lead it to Victory!
The Piano Player
You hear a piano in the middle of the night, but you can't find the source. Is this a dream? Or...
Fairie Krystal
An endless sidescrolling game
Abandoned vaporware
Eling: First Dimension
A puzzle platform adventure made in RM2k3!
A short rpg horror made for the 2014 Indie Game Contest. Solve puzzles and a mystery!
The stormwinds are growing, as my dreams are falling apart -- just like you.
Lufia VI:Echoes of Estol...
New lufia game with new characters,IP skills,weapons and much more.
The Legend of Blockman
An amazing time-travel action RPG.
Crimson Mind - Remake
A story of unfolding mysteries and growing.
Herba and the Song of Sp...
Too many goddamn butterflies!
Adfer escapes from an eerie forest while facing his inner demons.
A dark story-driven puzzle game
The Garden
My Spring contribution for Seasons of RMN
The Founder's Quest (A S...
A young swordsman is tasked with retrieving a village heirloom in a rite of passage ceremony that goes horrible wrong.
Tall Tales of Fall
Uncover the mysteries of the Fields of Eternity in this Seasons of RMN II event game.
Nightmare traveler
Save your sister from a monster that stalks her in nightmares.
Ouroboros (DEMO)
Dark Sci-Fi Psychological Horror Game
The Hero of Dreegom
A short adventure game
Epic Elf (2013)
A short RPG where roaming a dangerous island as a dark elf can get a little weird.
The Unofficial Squaresof...
The worlds of Squaresoft come together.
RPG 20XX Engine
The RPG Maker 2003-alike engine that can go up to 11
Paradise Blue
A Final Fantasy 1/5 style RPG that contains class changing/quests/and more!
Grimps: A Christmas Puzz...
Be a penguin, solve puzzles.
Monigote Fantasy
Comedy and adventure RPG
SaGa 4: Masters of the D...
A spiritual successor to the Final Fantasy Legend gameboy RPGs
Atonement: Scourge of Ti...
A dual POV dark fantasy game with a new take on angels and demons
'Can you overcome your own weakness?'
Lost Land: Ruin VX Episo...
Remake of the RPG Maker 2003 game, Lost Land Ruin.
Phantom Legacy (Redux)
The truth lies beyond death
A Snowball's Chance
A desperate cook leads some tourists up a mountain to fund an escape from a frozen hell. What's the worst that could happen?
fight for life
Your friend is in trouble! But maybe you'll find time for other things!
Color Master
Color themed Platformer RPG
Crypt of the Fungal Lord
Explore an ancient catacomb, solve it's puzzle and fights it's guardians
Magical Disaster X
Comedy? Magical girls? RPG? HECK YEAH.
Razor City Frenzy -Proto...
A city controlled by street gangs, knife duels everywhere, and a mysterious murder nobody can seem to understand.
Momo Bomber
Retro RPG-Platformer
The Button Witch
An adventure game featuring a cute witch, lots of puzzles, and a retro feeling!
Dia:Dol - Diamond Idol
Can you be the Diamond Idol?
An exploration into identity and self discovery...
Journey to the East II: ...
Travel to a foreign land and rescue your best friend from the clutches of evil.
Digital Chain
A Short VN Ghost Story
Eremidia: Rise of the De...
A dungeon crawler game and a continuation from Eremidia Dungeon: Skyward Temple
Astoria: The Holders of ...
Astoria: The Holders of Power Saga is a charming 35+hr RPG with an epic, twisting story, containing intricate characters and cinematic cutscenes. done in classic 90's, RPG-style storytelling.
Betwixt is a romp through a puzzle filled gauntlet!
The Swallow's Descent
A mystery/whodunnit starring William Byske, an investigator for the Arcane Recon Corps
Czarina Must Die
A priestess has earned the ire of the demi-goddess of ice...
Black Dog
Can you save your sister's soul?
Draconian Awakening
Explore the continent of Thyme and solve the mystery behind the Dreadnaughts!
Castles - Masterpiece Se...
The sequel to Castles- Masterpiece Set. Let's hope for a masterpiece.
Eremidia: An Empty Tome
The journey to Great Library recorded in blank pages
Realms of Arcanum: Gener...
Uncover the secrets of the realm of Septria in a fantasy role-playing game with an extensive class and battle system and a rich storyline.
Touhou Fantasy
Events of the Pandora's Box
Zephyr Skies: The Winter...
Nathaniel Everard must unravel the mystery of a kidnapped girl and an elusive sage...
Draug's Resurrection
Control an undead warlord in its nonlinear quest to regain control of its soul.
HorrorVale - Act 1
The Spooky, Halloween themed RPG
Timothy and the Mysterio...
This is not your ordinary fairytale. Prepare to die.
Eva Reynes: Volume One
Play as an investigator fighting against past demons on a journey of revenge, self-redemption and rediscovery.
Alpaca: Escape For The B...
A dark comedy about an alpaca going on a quest to become lunch
A Half-n-Half Affair
The world is saved... Or is it? It was! But then it wasn't. Or was it?
Children of Chaos
A short Survival Action Adventure game created for the first Seasons of RMN event.
Later On
David lives an ordinary life in a small town called Later On. When his only friend disappears, he seeks after him, and starts to question the reality of the situation.
Super Smash Bros. Crusad...
A Super Smash Bros fangame
The Cerebral Symphony
Road To Paradise - The S...
A US Special Forces team is about to encounter an otherworldly threat they never could have imagined.
Voices of Friendship
"Do you hear the voices?"
Final Fantasy: Sky Warri...
Prequel to Final Fantasy 1
Mayhem Maiden
Four kidnapped "maidens" decide to break out on their own. Hijinx Ensue.
The Logomancer
A JRPG without killing, where words are your most powerful weapons.
Death Proclaimed II
Taking place 10 years after the first game.
Sanc'ta The Beginning
Fight to return peace to the lands of Eleria.
How far will someone go for what they want?
The Mystery Files of Det...
An infidelity investigation takes a dark turn when the subject suddenly commits suicide.
Dolorific: A House
A house that seems to defy the laws of reality.
The Vindicators
Two strangers meet and are thrust into the world of espionage!
The Endless Empty
A surreal post-life adventure.
The Story After
Unravel the mysteries of the The Read Story, a magical tome that can read the future.
Red Trees
A young girl is on a quest to discover what's lurking in the woods!
Sacred Sin
"All we are is what we leave behind."
Steel Western
A Story of Loss, Transformation, and Elves
Crime Opera: The Butterf...
A visual novel telling the origins of the Gallo crime family.
Leo & Leah: A Love Story
How far will a lion go to save his girlfriend? 6+ hour complete adventure RPG!
Frozen Slumber
A short story based on the Legends Of Illarion series. Created for the Seasons of RMN event.
A child's quest to gain the emotions he was born without.
Blade of Acrimony
Sora and her downward spiral into insanity.
Legends of an Otherworld
An RPG with a CTB battle system, similar in gameplay style to Final Fantasy X, with 30+ hours of gameplay and a high but fair level of difficulty.
Abyssal Shine: Nevermelt
Made for IGMC 2017. You are part of a secret order that is looking for a missing artifact.
Remie and Alana
Confessions of Love appear as a duo of Magical Girls save the world!
Feral Dreams
12+ hour RPG with fully animated battlers!
Halloween Bash
Retro-styled Contest Entry
Puzzle Platformer
~ candy fangs ~
happy halloween~
One woman's quest to find her brother whilst an uprising is on the horizon ...
Iris Island
An enjoyable experience gathering/quest completing, light-RPG. (Version 1.8)
War of Two Worlds
War of Two Worlds is a classic-style RPG that recreates the feel of the old SNES games such as Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger
The Cat Artist
A short horror game for the Twisted Fairy Tales Event.
Being Yellow Magic
An average Joe finds inspiration for an RPG Maker game in the unlikeliest of places
The sword in the stone
Guide Sarah through the dungeon, explore it, fight monsters, and solve puzzles.
Black Leveret
A fateful encounter in the forest between a boy and a girl that will change their lives forever.
Faint Dawn
A classic sci-fi RPG!
The Legend of Zora 2: He...
Seeking the right path and completing the quest for power!
Transcendence Legacy
To reshape the world or let it be reshaped.
I Want to Bring Her Back...
He wants to bring her back to life but he doesn't know where to start.
Brutal - The Halloween C...
A short but frightening game for the 31st!
Rezident Evil: It Is Esc...
Enter RPG Maker hell, kill Matt LeBlanc
Flip Dimensions
Travel across the multiverse and become the strongest Dark Lord!
A light, wistful tribute to The Little Prince in which a work-in-progress robot befriends a star.
Blood Shard
'Is man merely a mistake of God's? Or God merely a mistake of man?'
Fable of Heroes I: Legen...
In the spirit of Dragon Quest, comes simple yet fun traditional J-RPG, full of secrets and treasure. *WARNING: THIS GAME IS NOT EASY*
Reminiscence: The WTF S...
Gameplay > story in this old school style RPG infused with both some intelligent and low brow humor.
"Ash" is a short game made for the Twisted Fairy Tales event on RMN.
The Magic Pot
When it's too good to be true...
Zelle DEMO
Spooky Horror Adventure, one treacherous night in a little boy’s life.
Just Right
A dark puzzle adventure game about a girl and three bears
La Pazza Leiorso
Guide Princess Preziosa through a difficult time and help her remain pure.
This Is Not My Final For...
A game about being a JRPG final boss.
The Legend of Pan
A Peter Pan game made in the style of Ocarina of Time
The Lost Demo
Tactical fantasy RPG set out in the desert.
Do Us Part
Twisted Fairy Tale, Matrimony Edition
Whimsical Misadventures ...
A Fairy-tale taking place in Detroit. An RMN Twisted Fairy-tale event entry.
A cop investigates a cult connected to a case of missing children.
Grimps: Squeaking of the...
Forlorn squeaks echoes throughout the night
Free to play browser fantasy MMORPG
Fantasy-based cyberpunk dystopia visual novel.
Blood Opera Crescendo
A terrifying investigative adventure game set in the 18th century: classical music, baroque style, horrible murders.
The Beauty's Nightmares
My submission for the Twisted Fairy Tales event
The Peach Wasn't Enough
Twisted Fairy Tales Entry
She Dreams Elsewhere
A surreal adventure RPG about dreams and the extent to which they mirror reality.
Temple of Memories
Escape the old ruin that you have been trapped in.
life of splork the orc
splork has 6 endings
Pokémon RMN Version
Poketto Monsutâ: RMN
Sunset Over Imdahl
Created by Teo Mathlein, Sunset Over Imdahl is a non-battle RPG that takes place in a city under siege.
Take Down Legacy Ep1 ~ R...
The Dawn of Void Saga
Where End Times Saddest ...
Forest Map Madness
Its good to be a pirate
RM2K3 Pirate puzzle game, multilanguage - English n Czech.
Acceptance - An Afro Guy...
A serious 3D Game made with a Real Engine
Brave Hero Yuusha EX
Let's put the story back together... again!
Skinwalker Wolf
Something is wrong with Sister Phebe.
The House of Gwendolyn
Imagine you've been enslaved by the three supernatural beings that murdered your father...
"A sinful nature."
Trapped (Contest VV)
Escape from the dark cellar vault in which you are trapped.
Adventurers 1.
A simple quest : Find the mystical amulet, or is there something more going on?
The Kidnapping (and othe...
The general idea is that Pri is a princess who gets kidnapped all the damn time
Code Alfa
A secret military airbase out in the middle of nowhere, conducting operations for an unknown purpose...
Can you survive the house?
Insurgence - Chains of R...
Insurgence is a 2D Role Playing Game with Visual Novel elements
BoxxyQuest: The Gatherin...
An epic and satirical throwback to the internet of yesteryear, made with the help of actress and former meme queen Catie Wayne.
The Misadventures of a F...
Three magical items. One ''excellent'' magician. A very dumb journey.
Talk Like a King: Ties t...
A remastered Visual Novel with even more obstales to talk your way out!
Azurael's Circle: Chapte...
Azurael's Circle: Chapter 2 is a horror-mystery adventure game where you must track down five missing teenagers in an abandoned apartment complex. There's something sinister awaiting you inside. Bewar
Azurael's Circle: Chapte...
A horror-mystery adventure game where you must find the truth about your mother's death.
Stellar Punk
Tactical 4X-Lite RPG
Castle Warfare
Defend your own castle and attack enemy castles. Manage your resources and build many different buildings that increase your defenses or crush your enemies.
Once Upon the Woods
A Hansel and Gretel short RPG made for the RMW One map game challenge.
Cope Island: Adrift
A paradise of self-improvement.
Meta Revelations: Ring S...
A boy lives on the mountains all of his life, until one day, a girl falls from the sky.
A Drop of Life
A trio of rookie soldiers encounter unexpected situations during what should've been a simple mission...
Virgo vs the Zodiac
Cosmic JRPG where you play as a cute villain.
Trick & Treat
Trick or Treat in a vampire's house
D is for Dungeon
A dungeon crawler starring a baby.
Quest Twilight Prince Pr...
A fully voiced epic otome game detailing a girl's journey into the wilderness of magic, mystery and intrigue.
Romancing Monarchy
Ascend the throne in an old-school fantasy JRPG!
Gate of Providence
Explore the continent of Iris and liberate the capital city of Eria in this turn-based fantasy RPG!
New Eden
A futuristic sci-fi tale about rebirth of humanity!
Follow Maisie on a quest across the fantastical world of Arcadea to find someone precious to her....
Quest Questers
A quest of quests! Climb the ranks of the guild as you help the people of Lasna!
Somber Elegy: Broken Dre...
Messing with powers beyond your control will cause catastrophic events that no one is prepared to handle..
Creator Deleted This
Waited Years for Lazy Reviewers to Never Review
Streifen (RPG Maker Horr...
Things go awry after a man decides to stay the night at a deserted hotel after his car broke down on the highway.
Heresies of Discord
Explore a Forbidden Shrine, Uncover clues, Stay alive.
OFF is the critically acclaimed French surreal adventure RPG made by Mortis Ghost in 2008.
A character driven story of grief, revenge and redemption in this SNES inspired fantasy RPG.
Conquer the 7 trials of philosophy and wit.
Game Chill 2009 Entry
A dungeon-crawler cross between Dragon Warrior, Diablo and D&D with retro NES flair
7º Continente
A comum teenage girl is tasked of saving the world
Midnight Train
Will you be able to find the next train? Time is running out!
Konazi Island
The adventure of a pariah to take down a fishy militia.
A short minimalistic Exploration/Yume Nikki Fangame
Drill Guy
The Shadows have taken over the Underground World. Only a miner and his drill can save everyone now!
Elemental Connection
Minimalist abstract board game about making Elemental Connections
標本少女 | Hyouhon Shoujo | ...
Four young women awake in four different rooms, with no memories of how they got here in the first place...
Ár-íshkiykára Stories, L...
Ár-íshkiykára Stories, Last of Winter is part visual novel and part adventure game where you try and prevent the starvation of your village during a long winter.
The World Needs You
Murder mystery detective adventure / Zelda-like Action-RPG
Three Ghostly Noses
A Three Ghostly Roses fangame by someone who hasn't played Three Ghosty Roses
The Tale of Snow Fairies
When matters get desperate, the only solution hides inside an old book...
Bots RPG
A game about a post-apocalyptic world where robots have taken over.
Infinite Mana
Infinite Mana is a love letter to classic Japanese RPGs with an engrossing story, open world environments, and Western RPG elements.
Without You
"The two of us, alone, in this strange, distorted and unsettling dimension. Will we find our way back?"
The quest of a perished human to replace an ascending god
Journey to the East
A girl on a dangerous journey across the war-torn land of her country. She must survive!
Star Legacy
Can all three races be united against a common foe?
Lie of Caelum
Anime-styled Sci-fi/Fantasy RPG
Shadow Star
A classic JRPG, reminiscent of Final Fantasy 4-6, Lunar, and Chrono Trigger.
Crimson Shift
You control an Assassin trying to break free and learn the truth. You can help her, or take her down a different path.
Umbral Soul
Build an army. Embrace the darkness. Conquer the world.
Beloved Rapture
16-Bit Style Indie jRPG
Lakria Legends
Become one with Fate, or forge your own destiny. When a planet is on the brink of extinction, will you become its savior, or its downfall?
An RPG about a wizard who can't use magic
Final Fantasy Discovery
A faithful recreation of popular Final Fantasy systems blended into a single game.
~ alter perfect ~
vx ace contest entry
Underwater Horizontal Shoot em Up
Dragon Quest: Legacy of ...
Fangame inspired by Dragon Warrior 7 and Dragon Warrior Monsters
Downhill Battle
Dogs are man's best friend, and woman's too, but what about cats?
Sacred Earth: Desire
The Promise has been made. Now Desire takes hold.
InSaNitY is an indie RPG MAKER VX ACE "horror" game. Enter your friend's dementia and try to make your way out of a twisted game while saving your fiends...
The Linear Game
Walk from point A to B.
A tale of sacrifice and ants.
Broken Reality - Version...
A lovecraftian medieval fantasy RPG, inspired by old D&D games.
Legion Saga Arcade
RETURN TO BERYLLUSIR in this thrilling adaptation of Matt Glanville's classic series!
The Mystery Files of Det...
Use your detective skills to unravel the mystery and reveal the killer to escape.
Dream of gluttony
Take a walk in a cute Food Town, make some friends and play with them! Only if you aren't human of course...
A shmup featuring HEROGOOD and VILLAINBAD, two longtime enemies with similar goals and very different ways to achieve them..
Project Violet
Mogu Man Lite
A nostalgic minimalist action puzzle game made purely in RMMV
Vega Legacy
My own humble offering to the RPG Maker 28th Birthday event.
Tears of Revenge
Revenge is the only thing driving you forward
Final Fantasy vs. Dog
Cecil faces his greatest challenge yet...
A coming of age tale about spacefaring jellyfish.
Dreamfarer (English Tran...
A child lost her dreams and a man drowing in the dreams.
Mystery Dorm
Help Zul find a way to get out from the dorm
Words are for meaning: once there is meaning, one can forget the words.
Eye Sore (*Ouchie)
Looking at it will hurt!
A person he wishes to remember, yet a past he longs to forget.
Space Police Vocal Unit ...
Humans and aliens don't quite see eye-to-eye. The universe needs a mediator: Space Police Vocal Unit, SPECTRUM!
the Little Music Box and...
Classic Short RPG
Heroine's Quest: The Her...
Explore the rich world of Nordic mythology as warrior, sorceress, or rogue, and stop the Herald of Ragnarok!
Fear and Hunger
A dungeon crawler set in very dark and ruthless dungeons of fear and hunger
Puzzle Game
The Ledge
Ten-minute thriller. Stop a suicidal man from jumping.
Something mysterious has landed in Flatwoods.
Ascending Dreams
Legend of Zelda style RPG Maker VX Ace Game!
Destiny Chronicles (a Le...
"May the odds be ever in your favor" is such cruel clause...
Find answers hidden behind a surreal world and its odd inhabitants.
Razed are the Powerful
A witty near one-liner of an experience based on recruiting your favorite RTP heroes to fight alongside you.
Cancelled LS VXAce versi...
VXAce version of LS
Ningyo Heart
An extreme survival horror RPG game.
Dragon Fantasy 2
Sequel to the RPG Maker 2000 hit entitled "Dragon Fantasy."
Step through the 4th wall… into the world of NUMINA! An exciting adventure that fuses many classic RPG aspects, a character-driven story with player choices, a dynamic battle system, puzzles and towns
Exile's Journey
A disgraced knight must face his internal conflicts when the world is in danger.
Guild Raider!
Light and classic crawler. Explore the sealed Magischolar's Guild to find all 77 magi.
Apocalypse Never
Comedic game following a 27 year old shut-in trying to escape his home.
Owl Quest
An 8-bit RPG about collecting and battling monsters! For Seiromem.
Find out which of the villagers are werewolves before it's too late.
Ocean's Dream
Fulfill Ocean's dream of finding a woman by working hard and buying gifts, before Caz steals all the chicks!
Lunic Illusions
3-RPGs-in-1, following 3 different heroes into 3 distinct worlds.
Corpse Party -insanity-
Byakudan Senior High School. A place full of dreams, wonders, and death.
A Visual Novel horror game in which your choices impact the story.
Dark and Bright
This is a story about friendship, depression and the constant evaluation of life. Embark on the journey of your friends and learn about their dark and bright times in life - and yours, too.
Where are my Internets?
You play as a typical city person who arrives in a desolate countryside with no trace of the internet.
Day Dreaming Derpy
Part-timer Mom by Day... Dreamwalker By Night
Growling Garden
Eerie Adventure/Rpg
Until Daybreak
Stalked by the Angel of Death, young boy Léon is determined to protect his sister at all costs.
Macguffins (WIP)
Guns, Gadgets and Macguffins
It was a warm autumn day in almost the middle of nowhere and everything seemed stagnant.
Seven Mysteries: The Las...
A supernatural horror game about a group of students from the only school of a small strange town.
Pumpkin Splat DEMO
A game about candy, Halloween, slime, slugs, friendship, and slug petting.
Legrand Legacy
Legrand Legacy is the incarnation of the classic JRPG with a modern stylized graphic, unique battle system, and a deeply twisted story.
The Quest of Lost Memori...
Piano's Quartet entry for McBacon Jam 3
Project Pi
A heart rending story of a billionaire playboy whose life goes upside down, when he wakes up in a meeting room with no memory of how he got there. The events lead to the death of those close to him.
The Witches' Tea Party
Make friends and defend world peace...or not
Phantasia 6
The sixth entry of the Phantasia series.
Weird and Unfortunate Th...
A young girl named Ib visits an art gallery with her parents. While observing the many exhibits, she suddenly realizes she is alone.
Last Word (IGMC Version)
RPG mystery about aristocratic discourse.
Chronology of the Last E...
One man tries his luck against the world and everything in it.
Super Doki Doki World
Doki Doki world is in panic! Mario & co. to the rescue!
Games Journo Story
The world's first games-journalism-journalism-game-that-isn't-really-a-game.
Herdess Adventure
Shepherdess and a sheep are demonic minions of sealed overlord, who were sent to wipe out a teenage with great destiny hero who wants to destroy this overlord before he will resurrect from his prison.
A short boss-rush game based on the "Kids Design" RMN event.
The Maid of Fairewell He...
Fairewell Heights, an apartment complex that looks like a castle. There are rooms where love is covered in dust and where ghosts shop. Marshmallow must solve the mystery behind each of these rooms!
the Matrix of Time
use your pointer to direct your swirl to the exit of each level
Mystic Castle
This is a six stage game which takes place in a castle.
Sir Randolph the Visiona...
this game takes place in a tower, make you way up the tower
Order of the Crystal Cha...
use your elemental sphere to break down the barriers
False Friends
When the appearance deceives...
From Next Door
There seems to be something wrong with your new house after all.
Painted Heart
Restore a lost painting with your art.
A surreal, exploration, horror RPG. Travel between new (old) worlds and uncover new (old) mysteries with your new (old) friends! ♥
Six Rules
He never listened, because he was a fool.
Sarasaland Adventure 2: ...
Sarasaland is in danger once again, but who's the culprit this time?
Illusions of Loyalty
A short, dark fantasy RPG for those who like a challenge.
Pocket Quest!
When JRPG meets Board Games: A prince in distress, an heroine to the rescue!
Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis
Side-scrolling post-apocalyptic RPG
Ghost School
After being suddenly thrown into an abolished school, six high school students must find a way to escape!
The Black Sword Chronicl...
Confront the ancient evil that threatens the world of Quaternaria
Eye of Uzola
The story of nine characters and the threat of a dark god's rebirth...
Goatchild: Advent of Van...
An action-tailored Dark Fantasy/Horror experience with emphasis given to atmospheric visuals and abstract storytelling.
An alternate take on the classic fairytale of Rapunzel. Puzzle game with horror elements.
Protect the house from all cutest creature as a boxxy ParaDog!
Adaeus: Rogue Planet
A rogue-like metroidvania with RPG elements
Maya's Wish
A little girl delivering a letter that changes things.
Red Balloon of Happiness
Red balloons bring happiness to any home. Any? Are you sure?
Kore geemu wa very kawaii desu ~ (ᗒᗨᗕ)
Can you unravel the mystery of the Smith Manor?
Left Behind
Cerdic needs to find Sera in an underground cave. No battles.
Protect your child from anything and everything, Dead or Alive.
Wild Rage New Generation
Big game of Wild Rage!
99 Levels. 99 Heroes. Permadeath. The Ultimate Dungeon Crawler.
Have power on this dark land to lighten it, and power on this dead world to make it live.
Party 2!
Solve puzzles, open presents, and more! DON'T LEAVE ME
A Ghost's Lullaby
Tomorrow will be Valentines day - tomorrow she will know what you feel - tomorrow... you will be dead.
Back to Felix
Story Driven Rpg Maker game
Prom Dreams: A High Scho...
Take your dreams by the hand for an unforgettable night of magic, romance... and terror.
The 13th Killer Episode ...
everyone have little evil in their heart
Remnants of Isolation
Fight for your freedom in a world that fears and despises you.
Densha Soul
Wrong ticket = a trip to hell.
Super Talking Time Bros ...
Guide Mario and friends through two games developed by the people at Talking Time! Double the Mario and double the fun!
Revelation Chronicles: E...
Anime styled Fantasy RPG.
The Tiamat Sacrament
Az'uar, the last dragon, hatches with memories of nothing but with a sense of everything. Can he overcome the forces that have claimed countless dragons before him?
One Night at the Steeze
A night of fun complete with pizza, games, and stage props out to kill you!
Mouth Sweet
Retro horror RPG with tense combat. Shoot the invisible enemies before they reach you!
Honey Tea Time
Solve the mystery of the missing bees!
Super Coolgame! Just Kid...
Lighthearted game with four girls in the forest.
Peaceful Days
A Simulation Game. Let's become greatest farmer ever!
Mordred's Castle: Quest ...
King Arthur and his friends must defeat the evil Mordred to save Camelot.
RPG where choices matter
The Devil's Broker
a supernatural action thriller
The Convent
An horror game that takes place in a convent.
Feral Dreams 2
Direct sequel! 10+ hour RPG!
Vindictive Drive
Thriller/Action game with dark themes following Arris Fern's bloodthirsty revenge.
Heroes of Shaola
Venture through a corrupted medieval world filled with actions, drama and political incorrectness, while opposing factions are trying to outwit each other.
this game has been discontinued
Three foolish mercenaries go on a journey for fortune
Accelerated World
Short sc-fi romp for the MOG Creation Event.
Cave Adventure R
Explore a mysterious cave while looking for treasures!
Legend of Heroen
A clasic like old school RPG Snes era
Seven Mysteries
Keep the secret...
Forced Recall
A race against time to find clues within a fractured mindspace.
A short RPG
Star Stealing Prince
Beyond the stars and under the flakes of fallen snow, a kingdom sleeps.
Tina of the Stars
Grab some stars and save your fairy friends!
Forum Command: The Attac...
A Game Made in Celebration of RMN3's Locker
Desert Nightmare (Englis...
English translation of a German horror adventure
Dream Eater
A horror-fantasy about sad and lonely people.
Caught by A lure
We don't all drown in the sea.
Over My Dead Body (For Y...
Play as a zombie and ghost. Dying is part of the experiment.
A young man with an inferiority complex dreams of achieving great things
A Dream Home
Can you make this place the home of your dreams?
Hierofanía 2
A young queen figures out what kind of ruler she will be
Tale of Vassya: A New D...
An Adventure RPG with two different storylines. DEMO OUT NOW!
Passage of The Hollow Mo...
My personal greatest creation!
Sci-Fi RPG focusing on galaxy exploration, combat and resource acquisition.
Nod Off Lane
"Nod Off Lane... now that is a reasonable name"
Avelions 3 - Crimson War...
The Winter War and the Crimson Sword~
Echo of the Universe
Nice fun fast RPG
Secret of the Geraki
An archeologist's quest for fame and fortune.
hack 'em all!
Dragon Cult
The end is near
Final Fantasy IV Alter D...
A re-imagining of an alternative plot to the original story of Final Fantasy IV.
Iron Gaia
As the only human awake on board a space station controlled by an insane AI with delusions of deification, you must unravel the mystery of your own identity and discover: "What is the Iron Gaia?"
Ruby Wolf
A short submission for the My Own Game: Creation event
Imaginary Friends
"I wish I had a friend"
Silent Insanity 2
Post apoc horror rpg.
Shattered Hourglass
A Time Traveller's long journey through life and death.
Obelisk: Devilkiller
A battle-packed contest entry for the RMVX Ace Nugget Crash Course
Zero Base
A side scroller shmup where you start out with no bases
Infinity IV: Open Source
Be the Ninja. Explore an open world. Complete quests and live the life you choose to live. The world is yours.
The Untold Story: Fighti...
The Untold Story takes place in a middle aged fantasy world.
A post apocalyptic martial arts RPG.
August and the Abyss
Welcome to the joy of RPG Maker
Sepia Beach
A short story told in sepia.
Chibi Dungeon
Light hearted game focused on exploration
The Lone Chameleon
A challenging puzzle-game with simple mechanics
Fragments of Mind
The Lady has been cursed. It is up to you to save her!
Revival For Justice
sjmorgan and Jeroen_Sol's Swapsies Event game
To The Tower's Top
Climb the tower and find the truth at the top! For the SWAP IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU event!
A short, atmospheric horror game. Can you make it back to Wisteria?
Oblivion Quest
A FF-styled JRPG with a Classic Twist!
Through Dark and Liar's ...
There is truth here, but you don't want to find it.
Silence! The Elder Speak...
Make Some Choices... In a Forest!
Quest for the Peace Swor...
An Epic tale about war and love, brought to you by Zero3D and Luiishu535. This game might change who you are. 18+
Killer Gin 0.9.9 (!!! Ki...
An Epic Fantasy RPG! (Browser, PC, Mac, Linux Demo)! Will be on Steam very shortly!
Sasha and Sir Plutarch's...
Help a girl form a team to make her first rm game.
"She won't stop screaming in the dark of night. I visit her grave and ask her to stop, but it never helps."
Entering the world of internet communities can be a frustrating experience.
Gladiator's True Purpose
An orc captured for the public's entertainment discovers his true purpose. Made for the "Swap in the Middle with You" event.
Dry Fate
Can a young hero stop the end of the world?
Quad Pro Quo
A collectible card game based in the world of "The Tenth Line."
Mars Underground
Get stuck in a timeloop in this apocalyptic adventure game
Castle Oblivion: Remake
Have you ever made a mistake you regretted so much that you wish it possible to turn back time?
Jimmy and the Pulsating ...
One day, Jimmy looked inside.
Account Mu
It's a puzzle game.
The Witch's House
Are you ready to die a lot? I promise you will die a lot in this game.
People turn back at every point, but you can only go once.
A story-driven game that takes place during Hollywood's golden age.
Pokemon Nighmare: Invasi...
An action adventure horror with Pokemon graphics
Final Fantasy Blackmoon ...
When the Crystals of Element are endangered, only one dragoon can save the day.
Lufia V: For the Savior
A sequel to the critically acclaimed "Lufia" series,sixteen years in the making. Puzzles, battles, and more!
An open exploration-based puzzle game with a cool dog.
Moon Whistle XP (English...
Dreams and reality... Are we too bogged down by reality? Why not live the dream?
A 2D platforming shooter indie game
Final Fantasy 1 meets Megaman for Robot Stomping Fun
Final Warrior
A classic old school adventure for rpg's gamers!
A Quest For Heroes RPG
Action Adventure RPG. Find your missing friend and slaughter countless enemies of evil nature. Find your inner warrior and save the city of Moonshine!
The messenger and the cu...
A messenger has to fulfill his duty or die trying
The little game about a girl who gets into an unknown world for her.
Melting Moon
"Cursed little girl, did you know that Death stole your heart? How are you alive? How do you exist? I thought only monsters can live without a heart."
Three Ghostly Roses
Tackle the twisted and miserable with fists of determination.
A little story
STAR-BOX: RPG Adventures...
STAR-BOX – RPG Adventures in Space! Strap on your gravity boots, power up your laser, and climb aboard your spaceship for a retro-styled, RPG-jaunt into the unknown!
Transcendent Memories
7 sins, 1 story
Under the Tree
Christmas RPG? Something like that.
Star Isis
A race on the verge of extinction desperate for survival.
Rot: A Kinetic Novel
A kinetic novel dealing with some REALLY heavy issues.
A somewhat self-reflexive game about games and me
The Shift Saga: Esoteric
"Underneath all reason lies delirium, and drift."
Protect the Labyrinth!
Queen Mary's Script Reto...
An adventure game detailing the story of Mary and her newfound doll.
Ninja Clause
A non-serious, short adventure puzzle rpg
Konpeki! Cosmic Drama!
Isometric Board Game System crossed-over with RPG elements~
Get ready for a colourful experience!
Alcarys Complex
A story-driven action-RPG.
Shadow of Isharul
A game about two brothers in a world of demons.
... Family
RPG Where you wrestle your subconscious for control of your mind as an insane Poet
Monster Hunt
A simple quest for riches can turn dark when you involve forbidden magic.
A classical, yet unconventional RPG
The Bamford Tenement
An open world centered around one quest hub
Chains of Fate
A classic-style RPG focused on choice-making and decisions!
Ecco Inter Saeculum (Ech...
TRPG - Chapter 1 and Battle Arena
Can you change your fate?
A method to his madness.
The "monochromatic" game
Super Mario Bros. 3X
A classic SMB3-style game for SMBX.
Delve into a world where you'll face betrayal, behemoths and divinity itself!
Sundown Project
the sun is rising! stop it!
Dragon Quest +
A new remix of Dragon Dragon Quest.
Animal Crossing: Old Pal...
An Adventure/simulation game where you move into a small town with various Animal neighbors trying to build a life.
Under World 3
Action-RPG with endless features and a deep story
Fourteen heroes climb a tower infested with demons.
One Night
A puzzling survival horror game which tasks you with finding a way out of a monster infested research facility.
Soma Spirits
A world divided in two. What choices would you make?
Heartfire: A Born Again ...
Join Aldo and his friends on their mission to upload a scientist's memories into a supercomputer.
Paradox of Creation (AKA...
A broken world, with a surviving inn. To survive, those survivors must venture into the world without knowing what awaits them.
The Hunt - Rebuilt
Trapped within a forest of death, a white stag must find his way out before the hunter chasing him gains his prize. That is....unless the forest kills him first.
do not play this game it's a trap a trap
Theia - The Crimson Ecli...
A Fantasy-Sci-Fi J-RPG
Virgin Ritual
Throw virgins into lava.
An RPG about Joanna, her survival and her choices in a world of chaos.
Dragon Ascension
As a tale of vengeance and trickery unfolds, will Ryuuta be able to save what is truly lost?
Nakaishi Wars
_fade (prototype)
The journey of a Shadow in a surreal world.
The Indigo Illusion
A modern mystery game about teens' dreams
Uzi's Drugged Adventures...
During one of her drug induced delusional states, Uzi finds her self on an adventure to save the king from the crazy Dr. Uranus.
Explore a Ancient temple while deciding your fate and that of the world!
Hired Sword
GTBS Tactics System
I Object!?
The Demon Army Kidnaps the Groom
Might and Magic TsuK - G...
A not-even-close-to-being-good entry into the "Golden Age of Game Making" event!
Qui Domi
Fight monsters under the bed to save a dying world.
Dear RED
"Be a good girl and everyone will love you"
Graceless Reminiscence
Does the cycle of war merely exist for humans to preserve "peace" and "stability"?
Action RPG now fully translated. No RTP required.
Castle Oblivion 3
Third game in the series. This time, it's a bit different.
Battle Royale
42 students start, only 1 can win...who will survive?
The Burning Grail
A short post-apocalyptic adventure
Shukumei Star II
Two teams on opposite sides of the globe unknowingly share a struggle against the QryCo company.
Fat Schwombo's Castle
Action Shooter
Love and War: Act I
A young man fresh out of high school will soon discover the role he must play.
Red Syndrome
The red mist grows...
Wario's New Encounter
A new Adventure for Wario
World of Empty
Out the Window
A short CYOA-style adventure made for ShuffleComp 2014
The hours of folly are measured by the clock, but of wisdom no clock can measure.
Echoes of Aetheria
RPG inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics and Ogre Battle
Vagrant Odyssey
It's an Odyssey about Vagrants.
90 Días en Capricornia
The world of Capricornia is about to get sterilized. Will be able Rina, Katsumi, Casio and Zaza to stop it?
The Ocarina
The short RPG with only one map.
Labyronia Elements
The five elemental worlds are in peril. Guide the protagonist 'Dark One' to uncover the mysteries of the divided universe.
Star's Favour
A quick romp through a temple in the starry sky. Supposedly to save the world, not that our heroes care.
Turnabout Steampunk
An Ace Attorney fan-game in a steampunk AU
An Enigmatic Daymare
Super Mario Enigmatic's little sister with more brains than brawn.
206 Fantasma
Take the lead of community center for paranormal elderly, youth, and children
Lunar Quest
Rescue the Lunar Sisters from the captor of Snowgem Dragon!
Shaola: The Far East
Follow the painful and bittersweet journey of a young herbalist who wants nothing to do with being a hero.
A game about a girl who can see ghost
RPG Fighter League
Battle in the Colosseum with the best team of your choices to the Top Fighter League.
Nocturne: Rebirth (Engli...
The story of a vampire whose life begins to change after meeting a girl...
Destructoid Story Remast...
A girl named Firion moves across the USA and begins attending Destructoid High, where adventures of the fictional kind await her.
Time traveler (Remake)
Follow the story of the half spirit girl
DBZ (Working Title)
Goku faces the task of eliminating old enemies.
Fable of Heroes II: The ...
In the spirit of Dragon Quest and The Legend of Zelda, comes simple yet fun traditional J-RPG, full of secrets and lots treasure to find.
Epic Fantasy RPG
Mage Duel Extreme
the (maybe sort of) final(ish) game from Max McGee
Drekirökr - Dusk of the ...
Sci-fi fantasy post-apocaliptic somewhat-adventure!
Finding Eden
A microgame about friendship after the end of the world
The World Is Made of Pap...
Reality is unstable.
A look at our society through the eyes of the extra-terrestrial.
Kingdom Hearts: Another ...
RPG Maker XP Fangame
Cope Island (IGMC Versio...
Take a chance to better one's self.
Toraware no Shoujo - Cag...
The game follows the story of Ai, a girl caged in the attic of her house by her father, and her attempt to jailbreak.
Save the day
Phantom Block
Change the world.
Monstro: Battle Tactics
A fantasy strategy-puzzle game!
The Allison Door
A psychological horror game. Currently writhing in flux.
Curb the Population!
Decide who lives and dies so that the population may be sustained.
Beacon Zero (Demo 1.0)
Beacon Zero demo for the Ingie Game Garage
A short but witty adventure game in which you help a potion maker get to his shop.
Farm Life 2040
A game inspired by the Insanity Jam Idea Generator.
Black and White Side-scrolling Adventure of Wack
Fable of Heroes III: The...
In the spirit of Dragon Quest and The Legend of Zelda, comes simple yet fun traditional J-RPG, full of secrets and lots treasure to find.
LEARSON - Chapter Three
The third chapter in the LEARSON series.
Epic Odyssey
Embark as a young knight who unknowingly set in motion events that will forever change the fate of his world.
Play RPGMaker games on OS X and Linux
Mindless Box
A comedy otome game dealing in witches and ghouls
Pandora's Present
Pandora's Present has been opened, and four kids are ready to fight the escaped evil!
Starless Umbra
Join Amalia as she discovers the world of Alcuria in search of her friends!
Jaquio: Angel of Death
Jaquio is a classic 2-D style RPG made with RM2k3
Legend of Zelda: Lost Is...
A full-length custom game made for Zelda Classic
VXA Pantomime: FFVI
Sit back, relax and watch a Pantomime played by our very own VXA characters! (runtime: 30 mins and 2mb d/l)
The Grumpy Knight
Elsa returns home to "save" the kingdom from monsters.
Follow the story of two survivors after an infection has spread across the USA.
Dragon Fantasy: Venaitur...
The ancient battleship Venaitura has given rise, and threatens to decimate the entire world!
There are nine sheep, and you should find them
Secret of Cypressa
A young wizard must embark on a quest to locate a long-lost hero and save her town!
Eternal Twilight
Fantasy Turn-Based RPG
Traditional RPG set in the Elder Scrolls universe, featuring Argonians
Therese Saves the World
That's it, it's the time to save the world!
BoX -containment-
The mix of puzzle and arcade game with over 100 stages to overcome.
Wild Rage Christmas Batt...
Wild rage action hero
Four Sisters of the Wind
Enter the Hidden Temple and find the Orb of Darkness
Rock The World
A game for the MVLympics event.
Six students play a cursed board game that whisks them away to a twisted version of their school. Between deadly traps and chasing monsters, they must finish the game if they want to survive.
Harold and the Emvee cre...
A short puzzle-ish game with some bosses
Final Fantasy VIII- The ...
A fan-made prequel to Final Fantasy VIII telling the story of Laguna, a fearless journalist trying to protect those he loves.
Labyrinth in the Sea
A story of a man
Tetra Master
Tetra Master! Now with online play!
Jo the Trader
Strategy game with your hero as trader
Azure Waves
Release something 2013 Action RPG
A tale of a young hero with a destiny
Your Everyday Average Role Playing Game - A Dusty Tome Tutorial
Vampires Dawn - Reign of...
A grandpa tells his grandson a story about vampires...
The Drop
A dungeon crawler set in the universe of The Reconstruction. Features a unique health system, environmental and property interaction, and stealth elements.
A Hint of a Tint
A roguelike with something for everyone
A Dust Tale
A Sci-fi adventure, where a lot of dedication is being put.
Star Eater
A Post-Ironic Role Playing Game
Nightmare School
The Nightmare Begins
Slimer! Monster Quest
Heroes attack a village of slime monsters but one survives and seeks justice.
The Legend of Zelda: The...
An old school Zelda fan game
Droid Age!
Item Collection game made for the Non-RPG Maker Event
Shes Apart of me
Shes apart of me its RPG dark fantasy or even horror game like fantasy maiden
Deep Cosmos
Can you survive the universes darkest mysterys?
The Dark Eternal
The Sequel to Dark Eternal: Dissolution, the original feature-length RMXP Game.
Guide Me
A short, RPG Maker VX Ace horror game
Futuristic sidescroller game
no-one has to die.
Lives are in your hands.
Dreamland R Final Mix
Survival Horror Game set in a supernatural town in the woods
Final Fantasy Empires
"Surprisingly original and solid! ...a true anomaly." - dragonheartman
Super Luigi World (2018)
Ultimate 2-D platformer challange
RMN Christmas Card 2009
A community game welping: "Happy holidays from RMN!"
Virtual Grappi
Your fun friend from products is here with you now in virtual game light and shadows! It is time to help a Grappi daily life!
Psycho Bananas
Psychotic bananas are ruthlessly flying around your phone.
Suikoden - A New Destiny
Suikoden fangame
Cafe Closedown
A visual novel made for the No-RM event
Deckiller's Return
Deckiller's first completed game in almost two years! It's a short SMBX game, but loads of fun!
Cheetahmen 52: Part Arie...
The Bandits of Tynael
In a world ravaged by terror and high income taxes, it is your duty to defend the towns outside of the walls. Will you be able to protect them?
The Shards of Pluto
A simple platform jump style game (for 2?)
The Saints of Redemption
An old school RPG inspired by classics (like Suikoden and Final Fantasy) but with modern gameplay mechanics, an epic fantasy story based on the human condition, and a good dose of humor.
The Tenth Line
A platformer RPG with unique progression, skill-based combat, and a colorful cast of characters.
Super Pantito
Help Pantito defend his home planet from alien invaders! Winner of the No-RM Event 2015.
Spirit Blade
A more consistent Fantasy RPG with girls!
Norse Myth
An epic RPG set in a Norse Mythological world.
Eternal Dreams - The Las...
"Even with the power of a god, nothing can save you from human greed"
Hero's Realm
I always wanted to make that game based on everything I enjoyed as a kid. This is the end result.
Mario's Mansion 4
The horrifying fourth entry to the Mario's Mansion series!
A small mystery and puzzle game.
Final Fantasy Dreams
An adventure that spans not only the world, but time itself.
Mirror Boy
A boy with a mirror must block, dodge and bounce to survive a quest he doesn't even want to be on.
Final Fantasy: Endless N...
Created by Delita Hyral X, FF:Endless Nova is a complete Final Fantasy fangame.
The Uranoth Chronicles -...
Step into the darkness in this atmospheric tale about Soul Gems, Vampires and Destiny...
Solar Platypus
(A Solar Fox clone) Collect the solar cells whilst dodging plasma shots!
Explore dystopian ruins seeking the memories of a time long ago.
Mont Asall
7 day roguelike event game
Shards of Xar
A mysterious darkness has risen from the unknown
Porcupine Princess
The story of two lovers separated by different beliefs.
Intertwining storylines in a land of steam and broken dreams
Subject M37
A SMBX game developed for the No-RM event
A pixel horror RPG about sisters and scissors.
Violets in the Sunrise
Will you find true love?
The Chosen Saga: Valenci...
An RPG Epic about the rise and fall of kingdoms, and the one "chosen" to resolve the madness.
A horror exploration game.
Angel Painting
Ann was wandering around an abandoned building to find her missing friends. But she'll encounter something else...
Rouge Rogue Rabbit Punch...
A rogue-like where you punch rabbits
Girl of Dreams
A dating sim. Sorta
Darkest Dreams
Can you withstand the worst nightmare and uncover it's secrets?
Miraculo Island
Adventure visual novel game set in an island with a touch of mystery, horror, comedy and more!
The Book of True Will
When world views collide, a visit to a childhood friend quickly escalates. Follow an unlikely team of adventurers in this character-heavy puzzle RPG.
Old Zelda style compo game for ika
A puzzle/adventure game with unusual capabilities
Punch Bears
A game to relieve stress
Tristian: Lady of the Li...
To what extent must I go to protect you, Ianna...
Sweet Tooth
Created for the Non-RPG Maker Event, aka the Renpy Event
The OutCasts 2
Wish from a dark sword
Dragon Fantasy: Heroes o...
An 8-bit fantasy adventure that recreates the magic of NES classics.
A fast-paced evented sports simulator!
Dhux's Scar
A traditional RPG rife with over-the-top religious overtones!
Tides of War
Tides of War is a horror/adventure game with a heavy focus on story and exploration. This game has a variety of aspects to it and is inspired by an expansive story I wrote.
Saturn Fib: Ace Attorney
The story of a young defense attorney in a world of crime.
Brian's Adventures DEMO
A funny game that full of mischievous and irritating moments!
Candy Ballad
A lighthearted Halloween Platformer
Valentine is a rpg maker horror, drawing influence from The Witches House and Ao Oni
Veil of Absolution
Hocus Pokey
Retro RPG made in a classic Gameboy style. CANCELLED and download added.
Rance - The Brutal Legen...
A boss fight driven gameplay Rance Kichikuou Rance Timeline Fangame
Digimon World Ace: The L...
A classical-style RPG featuring Digimon
Aetherian: Journey to th...
A treasure hunter on a quest in the world where the elements reign.
Luxaren Allure
Eternal amour versus infernal armor in this WLW RPG!
Super Pokemon Eevee Edit...
A retro Pokemon game with Final Fantasy influence.
The Wizards Tower
The demo game for the new release of the RPGToolkit
Happy Birthday
When a party for a wealthy family’s 10 year old daughter ends with the birthday girl dead and her sister missing, the detective isn’t exactly conventional. Short murder mystery adventure.
Touhou - Wandering Souls
An Action-RPG/Beat'em up Touhou fan game
it's a xombpycaplypse
Schuld (English Translat...
a short, surreal, psychological horror
A dream-exploration game set in the future.
Mega Man: Revenge of the...
A action-based platformer based on the classic 8-bit Mega Man games.
Ara Fell
A 16-bit era, Japanese-style roleplaying game set in a magical world floating above the clouds.
No Life
What is one to do when life can be easily snatched away?
Side-scrolling shooter SIM.
Three mercenaries, two factions, ALL BURNING ROBOT ACTION
At Last Alone: Rescue at...
Members of the royal family have been kidnapped! Infiltrate the castle and rescue them in this fantasy JRPG!
Second Death
After crash-landing on a strange island, a Chicago cop must face horrors of the wild to save his loved ones and himself.
Ruby Quest: Undertow
Guide a lost rabbit out of hell.
Farmyard Chronicle, Dire...
A fun-loving cow-kicking puzzle game!
2d Horror Game
This Is Where I Want To ...
Short kinetic visual novel about a dying person.
El Dorado
Puzzle game about a conquistador, his road to gold and the cartoonic traps on his way.
"Why, time has stopped for no one but you."
Silence of Monolith
The answers aren't clear. They never are.
A short dungeon crawler about a break-up in a witchphobic fantasy world.
Retro-style beat-'ep-up game with a good/evil meter
Champs of the Bocca
A fun and exciting randomly generated dungeon crawler
The Last Girl on Earth
A story about the last girl on earth and how she survives.
Aria's Story
A story about a girl who loves books.
The Amber Throne
A game about a girl in a desert world beneath a mysterious floating castle, and her quest to reach it.
Mystery Falls - Director...
Adventure / noir game
Townlore 2.0
Gardens of the Void
Small idle game
Brave Hero Yuusha
Familiar stories can take unfamiliar turns...
An entry for McBacon Jam #2 . That's all. You can stop reading this now.
Amidst the Cold Night
Experience the weirdest winter night trip in an unrevealed tale of a snow forest.
Almost Heroic
Ludum Dare 33, August 21st-24th, 2015, Theme: "You are the Monster"
Summoning, a game about saving yourself and your friends!
Back on Tract
Puzzle game. Move to the goal, manage resources, dodge plants.
Warrior Quest: Monsters!
Classic style RPG with monster recruiting and a focus on storyl ine.
Museum (Musée de Cire)
An unforgettable journey is waiting for you...
Dark Souls inspired Metroidvania RPG
A short adventure game that has the player piecing together what happened the previous night.
Forever's End
After being labeled a traitor, ex-Captain Epoch Lander must decide whether to accept his fate or fight his former allies for what he believes to be the greater good: even if it means fighting alone.
HOME (OFF fangame)
Spinoff project based off of Mortis Ghosts' "OFF". Play as the Judge through an abhorrent and abstract world.
An experience that will change your vision of the afterlife forever.
Pocket Mirror Classic (2...
A thrilling horror game filled with mystery and heartbreaking revelations!
Dragon Fantasy
NES-themed RPG Maker 2000 project.
Heroes of Umbra
A cross-platform 2D multiplayer sidescrolling RPG.
The Blight
Train within the time given to defeat the Blight.
Steel Spirit SaGa
A tale of four heroes connected by fate.
Blood Haze: Reborn
SMT-inspired JRPG with over 25 hours of content. Set in a dark fantasy world, where demonic corruption is spreading. *DEMO AVAILABLE*
Breach: Awakening
Fake First Person Sci-Fi-ish Dungeon Crawl
Chrono Chronicles
A fan-Sequel to Chrono Trigger
Amulet of Athos: Legend ...
Under construction
Runic Cipher
An old school JRPG with a refined style.
North to Hollow Grove
A traditional, Tim Burton-esque RPG with gameplay akin to Zelda and Final Fantasy..
Never Fallen
Class system, Pokemon inspired element swapping, Learn skills similar to FF6's Esper System
Rosbi Life #2014Reload
The first adventure of Rosbi Life series
April was a Fool
No, you can't date the Dragon.
Radiant Blade
Travel in search for memories with your villainous brother
The walls between worlds begin to weaken, and one man seeks to bring them crashing down for good...
LEARSON - Chapter One
This is my first completed RPG Maker game. It is loosely based on a story/stories that I have been playing around with in my head for years.
Perspective: Extended Ed...
Exploration Puzzle game, spectate the memories to find clues!
Where could Mrs. Claus be?
The Fishermen and The Wo...
Fred, the no-neck fisherman, goes on an adventure to find a good fishing spot.
Ethereal Dreams
Traditional fantasy RPG with original graphics and systems
Super Mario RPG: The Sta...
Mario, Luigi and Bowser are on an all new adventure that spans more worlds than one!
8 Bit Quest
PacMan Cool Hybride
One Night: Full Circle
Discover the secrets of an entire town and survive unspeakable horror as the conclusion to the One Night series is revealed!
Cast Aside
Episodic Active Strategy RPG with an involved plot and puzzles.
You are requested to locate an old temple and find a magical orb that's hidden inside. And you are not the only one looking for it! A short game, created to test out the VX Ace.
Blank Dream
A young girl commits suicides only to find herself alive... or is she?
Moon Tree
Something is wrong on Station 34. Originally created for IGMC 2015.
A futuristic dungeon crawler where a headstrong AI takes on an army to escape a doomed colony.
Alice: The 1st Story
Welcome to Wonderland. You are currently in the Heart Territory. Enjoy your stay and try not to die!
Crazy 2 player football
Irene And Flask
Irene and Flask have to destroy one of Flask's creations when he "accidentally" creates a monster made of liquid nitrogen!
Demon Dreams
Metroidvania RM2k3 action adventure game!
In the Dark
An RPG Maker horror game about old gods, talking flowers, and a poor pitiful woman with no memory.
Side-Scrolling Action Platform Metroidvania
Explore an abandoned moon lab after a very unusual accident...
Stray Cat Crossing
A baby-faced monster is waiting.
The Last King of Hyrule
A community SMBX game focusing on the adventures of Link
Fleuret Blanc.
Mystery RPG about fencing, possessions, and information collection.
A short mystery/horror text adventure.
An RPG-Maker Point n Click Adventure. A tale about games, darkness and memories.
Very Retrouvaille
Help a little ram find their pet rabbit.
Think Outside the Box
There's more than one way to solve a problem!
Biggles On Mars
Biggles must save Mars from the evil Dr. Spectro with only his wits and a rickity biplane
Chain of Retribution
A rivalry between sisters threatens to tear down a nation.
Copy Girl
Retro action platformer
Ellie Starling's Very Lo...
There's something every way, if you go far enough.
The Seventh Door
A supernatural thriller-noir adventure game.
A rogue-like point and click action game.
There's Beauty in the Bl...
Experience a relatable story of indivuality, sexuality, and motherhood.
Monster-raising city-building dungeon-crawling simulation RPG!
Half-Off Hero: The World...
Defeat evil, save the day and sell, sell, sell.
RPG Paper Maker
A 3D game editor based on a 3D universe with 2D sprites and 3D objects.
Three seeds, three temples, three carriers and a lot of silliness.
Blacksword Chronicles
Epic tale of sword and sorcery. IGMC 2015 entry.
The Basement
What would you do if you find yourself locked in a basement?
The Dinosaur Festival
The story of Escalia follows Fayhe Corin, Olivia's magically gifted daughter, and her friends Lumia and Seyfer as they find themselves in a series of unfortunate events that could spiral out of contro
A Multiclassed Bard's Ta...
You're the Evil Overlord! ...or, at least, you're his son.
Live the world of Anime!
Spira Mirabilis
A low-fantasy RPG set in a unique world, where choices will matter.
KindergarTen 5 - The Par...
Something different is gonna' happen.
The Gift
Does the holiday spirit end after Christmas?
Afterlife: The Second Di...
Once upon a time, the Afterlife in a parallel universe...
OMNIS - the Erias Line (...
A story and character driven RPG featuring a variety of game play and key decisions that influence how events unfold. (Smaller, "no rtp" version available.))
Pokémon Dusk
Pokémon meets zombieworld!
Final Fantasy Blackmoon ...
One hundred years after Blackmoon Prophecy, a new threat emerges in the form of mankind's former friends. Espers.
Super Talking Time Bros ...
The expansion that got way out of control! It's the size of STTB2, yet still an expansion somehow! The Super Squad heads to space!
A lighthearted, quest-driven RPG
Pirate Rush
A light-hearted treasure-hunting adventure filled with magic, pirates and voodo curses.
Action shooter game for a contest
Alter A.I.L.A.
Post-apocalyptic RPG
Shukumei Star
Kingdom Terita is planning to invade! Can Tsukiden stop the attack, and get to the bottom of the invasion?
Generica: The Next Gener...
The sequel to a fun generic NES-styled RPG
Welcome to the Vestel...
Rise of the Third Power
An epic drama of political intrigue, betrayal and war, blending elements of western and Japanese RPGs.
Dawn of Dreams: Shadegua...
Atheria is under threat, and Ashien is the last bastion of hope against the encroaching tide of darkness.
Journey's End: Alex vs E...
Climb the tower. Kill the bad guy. Save the world.
Destiny Quest
A entry for the Golden Age of Game Mak Event
An Earthly Inheritance
A short RPG where you are not the hero! You're not even the player! Made for the GAGM Event in 2015.
Songs from Aelsea
Save the Waels!
Nora's Tale
A Zelda-like action/adventure game
Frog: An RPG
Games don't need dialogue to have a plot. Play as a frog and infer the story! (Whatever you're thinking, you're probably wrong)
Fredrick To The Rescue
An Arcade-Style RPG like ghost 'n' goblins...(it have the same plot)
Last Quest IV: The Prequ...
RPG Maker 2000 adventure for the Golden Game Mak Contest
Loop's Quest
For the Golden Age of Game Mak! event, life changes when you find an evil cult in your basement.
Girl, her brother and hi...
interactive animation
Dream Drift
A classic RPG with features from many beloved 90's RPGs
Sunken Spire
The Queen of Ulstern sends her best agent with a strong backup to investigate an abandoned laboratory, but things quickly escalate.
Bleeding Moons
Bleeding Moons is an interactive story about fate, duty and free will.
Crimson Memories
An Action Tower RPG ... it's challenging
Master of the Wind
An episodic superhero role-playing game.
Homework Salesman
A life simulation dungeon crawler / crafting / resource hoarding game
A MidHorror Night
A short mystery halloween game in the style of a B-Movie
Is it a clash of men or gods that looms?
Soul Shepherd
An RPG that fights back
Befuddle Quest 2: Charme...
Official Community Puzzle Game: The Sequel
Prayer of the Faithless
On the brink of the apocalypse, two friends struggle to find what is worth saving
Eitear Aisling
A single-player RPG with hurt 'n heal battles.
Free Spirits
A historical urban fantasy RPG where you DON'T punch ghosts in the face.
Zombie Text Game Pre Alp...
Manage your resources and try to survive
Resonate ~call out my an...
A girl and her newfound friends must grow a tree to return home.
Ill Horizon
Battle against monsters and madness in this harsh survival game.
Fighting Robots Quest
More than one hundred playable characters!
The Hawkman
Recreate your race and take over the kingdom
Mystic Sunrise
The Official English Rm2k3 Sample Game!
Outlaw City
Superhero-based RPG.
Kago to Torii
Set in Japan in the mid 90's, Kago to Torii is an upcoming RPG Maker VXA horror game.
Castlevania NKN
Completely original traditional 2D Castlevania
Dreaming Mary
The adventure through a girl's final dream.
A Krampus Christmas (Gam...
Three siblings break into their school in order to steal the hat from a Frosty the Snowman sculpture when things go horribly wrong.
A psychedelic horror labyrinth~
Reap and Sow
Farming and dreaming.
A small VX Ace project
Lisa "The First"
The tale of a young girl.
The Great Empty
Explore galaxies and megafauna.
U.S.G. ~A New Beginning~
A shoot'em up-rpg hybrid made in RMXP.
The Theater
5 teens run afoul an ancient power on Halloween night in this puzzle/adventure game
Summer 2011 Contest Entry
Heartache 101 ~Sour into...
Add on to the story and create new datable characters for everyone!
Must stop evil empire; Must kiss all party members (and enemies because why not)
Jump v3
The third and best Jump game I made
I Miss the Sunrise
A prequel to The Reconstruction featuring a unique battle system, customized weapons, and character creation.
Linus: The Forgotten Day...
A coming-of-age tale set in a gritty, medieval world.
Komarimono Scapegrace
Scapegrace is a Short Visual Novel addressing the mental growth of a boy in Japan in the first years of the Edo-Period.
Ink Travellers - Present...
Travel through your books to find the ultimate birthday pressent!
Golden Destiny
Explore the world as a fallen angel to discover your true destiny.
everything is going to b...
A game for IGMC 2015
Climbing Kitty
Climb trees in order to escape humans!
Adventure/¨Puzzle game
Four kids stumble upon an ancient secret that puts the entire future of humankind in jeopardy.
Discover the world of Twell in this new adventure.
GUILT is a short game made for IGMC 2015.
Hero's Preface
A fantasy RPG with mature themes and crude humor
Lasting Dreams
Unique side-scrolling Zelda style Rm2k3 Game!
Binding Wyrds
A modern fantasy game, delving into the shadows of the supernatural.
A story that will surely touch your soul.
Face off against a mysterious group of demons and slowly find out the truth behind them.
Final Fantasy: Legend of...
A Final Fantasy fangame that faithfully recreates the mechanics of classic Final Fantasies, with a light-hearted feel.
Dragon Knight:Royal ques...
Are You up to the challenge?
A dark RPG maker experience.
Ultimate Survival Game!
What's wrong dear, had a bad dream?
Broken Gauntlet
Capital "T" Tactics
Ciel Nocturne
Despite having a sharp pain in my head all I could think about was.. who am I?
A arcade space shooter!
Engalia: The Wager
A dungeon-crawl RPG created in under a month. Originally an award-winning "RM Venture" contest entry!
Radiant Chain
Eight imperfect heroes. One terrible threat from the past. This time, it's personal.
Nightmare of The Snow 雪の...
From a cold ritual, a freezing curse was born... ~寒い転生から、氷結呪いが誕生~
Pom Gets Wi-Fi
A pomeranian's quest for wi-fi.
Super RMN World
A whole new world!
Lux Libertas - Early rec...
Rpg with interesting story, characters and unique world.
Super RMN All-Stars
The best of RMN Bros.!
They say when you meet her, you'll die soon.
The Sound of Flames
A choose your own escape game.
World's Dawn
"The best of Harvest Moon coupled with better writing" (