this account consists of two proud female gamers who is also amateur gamemaker. Surreal or psychological horror games are certainly their cup of tea. They don't mind a few comedy here and there, though.




Subscribed! Looking forward on playing your game! :)

Imaginary Friends

oooh, psychological horror games! I love it. Subbed!

Theatre of Strings: Chapter One - The Grief Princess

Love it. And let me just tell you, the graphics are so... ashehjwpoinqnndbcqx. You've just earned yourself yet another subscriber.

Ciel Nocturne

Yay! The download link is finally up! I'm downloading the demo :)

Ringmaster Clause

This is a very good game so far, but I'm afraid I'm stuck :(
So, I'm stuck on the time when I (Clause)am supposed to hide from Nicholas' father. He always found me, and I don't know how to escape the 'glass cage'.

Help me please? I want to finish this game (T_T)

Ciel Nocturne

@nocturneofdeath, The old estimated date was somewhere this years autumn.. but I have some personal problems and can't complete it by then. The date for the demo will be announced soon :3

I see.. well, I'll be waiting for the demo! ^^

Ciel Nocturne

I saw and read about your game on your blog way before you posted it on RMN! If I'm not mistaken, you said on your blog that the target completion date is on December? Anyways,I'm in love with it.
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