Certain things are better left unsaid




Exactly! I'm very blessed to have a bunch of testers hugging every corner just to see if they can slip through something x) But even they miss stuff here and there. So I'm super thankful for any pointers.

Yeah, I saw you made a few games, yourself, hehe. I'll definitely check them out once I get the chance!

And thx! :)) I'm super glad to hear it! I'll let you know once the pre-build is up.


First of all: Thanks for all the well-put feedback and the illustrations. I really appreciate it! (:
I'll go into tiles and layers below, since it's a more systematic problem.

As for the other stuff:

5. Did you mean "clerk?"
Fixed for 1.3

1. Spelling error with the "Unrelenting Man." You spelled "even" and "begin" wrong.
Can you tell me which map this is on? I think I have an idea, but if you can point me to the general direction, it'll make it a lot easier on me.

2. There are two villagers: one outside and one in the custom's office. You ask where barracks are located, and they both say... "Right over there."
Good catch! Likely oversight on my part. I'll get it fixed.

3. The guy asking you to talk with the cranky hermit. After he says he'll handle it himself, he just teleports to the door.
Fixed for 1.3

4. For your transfer events. You should have them transfer to the new map one tile ahead. You have them standing on the transfer event back to the previous map. So players have to move forward 1, and then back.
I'll have a play around with this. To me, it's more a stylistic choice. I can see it being annoying if people want to instantly go back to the previous map. However, I don't think it's that common, to be frank. Regardless, I'll have a play around with your suggestion and see how it feels.

5. Also... I'm one to pause some dialogue in my games for some dramatic effect, but it seems to happen a bit too often, and the pause can be quite lengthy.
Hehehe. Some pauses are indeed too long. It's something I'll always be adjusting. So yeah, I'll defo look at the earlier sections in regards to that and see where the timing can be improved.

Now as for the big one:
I'm aware there's a lot of tile and layering issues.
Thanks for the pointers, though. I'll have a dedicated look at them, shortly before the release of 1.3.

Most of the problems stem from the fact that the taller sprites need a lot of band-aid fixing, since at least RMMV is super-bad at handling it with it.
I'm trying to come up with a more systematic solution, especially since the fix I'm currently using comes with a huge hit to the performance on some maps.
In other words, I'll try to get it sorted for the next patch. Just a question of how elegant the solution will be x).

Alright, I hope I covered the gist of it.
I'm very focussed on getting the second part of Act 2 finished, but I'll definitely come back to your notes before release and see what I can do about the things I haven't fixed, by then.
If you're interested, I'll send you a link to the pre-release build of 1.3, once it's finished (should be in two weeks, at most).

In any case, thanks again a thousand times for your effort!
I'm always super happy for people to point me to stuff I missed and am looking forward to what you think of the rest.


Yeah! It's the prologue plus the first Act. I counted the former as an episode, back when it released.

There's also a chapter select option when starting a new game, so you can always choose where to jump in.

Sorry about the confusion! Hope I could clear it up :,D


Thanks a lot, guys <3
And I hope the final product will live up to it.

[RMMV] Hello there


After submitting my first game I'd thought it appropriate to properly introduce myself. I only recently discovered this site, but you look like a bunch where I might just seem to fit in... I hope?

As you might have guessed by now, I'm not really good at introductions, so take this entire thing with a mountain of salt.

In any case, I've played my first video game when I was five and since then always tried to "give something back". I've been dabbling with a lot of map editors, wrote short stories and poems, tried to make something resembling music, but nothing really felt proper. In 2012, I started drawing maps (very ugly ones) and pictures of a world I wanted to build. Soon after that, I began writing short pieces about various locations, institutions and nations.

Nothing really really came of it though, until I bought the VX Ace maker in ~2013. After spending almost 300 hours in there, I had a whopping number of three maps ready and was nowhere close to finishing anything of worth. Trachi was just too complex for me and my non-existent skills to realise. At some point, the HDD which housed the entirety of the files died. Most of my motivation went with it and I never really touched VX Ace again, though I always wanted to resume work on what was already called Trachi back then.

Fast forward to January 2018. MV Maker is on sale. I hesitate, but not for long. I create a project called Trachi Reborn. Of course I scrapped the cringy addendum, before anyone else could see it. Again, I spend tens of hours on one map alone without really being satisfied (I'm pretty sure it's obvious which one it is). This time, though, I had a proper story to tell. Suddenly (slowly, to be more precise), I start making an intro. Two people meet. I think I can make out their agendas, but it's too foggy still.

I know is that none of them are saints. So I have to make them suffer. I despise the fact that they'll become monsters, eventually. But I have to show the world how it happened. I owe it to them. Even though they're fictional (at least I hope so, lol!).

Holy smokes, that was long! Sorry I didn't talk about me too explicitly, but I'm sure you're able to pick up a few pieces here and there. If not – don't worry! It's not like I have a clue where this is going, either.

In any case, I hope we'll get along!
P.S.: Talking to people is hard!
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