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I'm Nurvuss and I like making music and games and writing stuff. Sometimes it seems that I never have enough time to do any of these things. Let's be pals!
JB Hairboll in Murder Fl...
When a frog turns up cold in Flirty Bird Park, the fuzz can only call one cat for help...



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I'm originally from Kansas, USA, but I've lived in London, UK for the past 15 years. Which is half of my life. So put me down as London, brah

Any other fans of industrial music here?

Chris Watson of Cabaret Voltaire gave a lecture to my Sound Art class about 10 years ago. Real cool guy! Great band, too.

Calling all foodies and lovers of food! (RMN Branch)

Tabasco on scrambled eggs baby. Better yet, tabasco on a pan-fried mixture of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. WHOA!

Any other fans of industrial music here?

The term industrial music was coined by Throbbing Gristle as a satirical remark about the Music Industry, first and foremost.

BUT YEAH I LOVE THAT STUFF. Particularly Einsturzende Neubauten, Coil, Foetus and Monte Cazazza. Babyducks are quite criminally underrated, too.

Tago, have you tried SPK's Leichenschrei album? That's probably their best one. Things got pretty bad with Metal Dance. Fun fact, Graeme Revell composed the Power Rangers Movie soundtrack.

[HYPE] Persona 5 Trailer

I saw this on sleep deprivation spending 8 hours in Sydney airport last week. It looks so good. I was losing faith after Persona 4 and its multitude of spin-offs, but this looks SOOOO GOOOOD

It may not be Cozy Okada and Satomi Tadashi's Persona, but damn if it ain't stylish!

Calling all foodies and lovers of food! (RMN Branch)

Here's a (not so-)slow cook beef chili I made.

I used this recipe as a basis, but I had to improvise due to lack of cooking materials! I'll tell you how.

Guess who read “cooking time: over 2 hours” as “cooking time: 2 hours”? (Spoilers: me). You’re supposed to slow cook this beef for seven hours. Who’s got that kind of time? Jeez!

But I knew deep within my heart of hearts, I had the power to make this right. I’m going to tell you how to make slow cook chili at a medium speed.

Step 1: First of all, we don’t even have a slow cooker. The first thing I did was get a big big wok, and I began to fry the salt & pepper-seasoned beef strips in a tabelspoon of olive oil. I pushed them around the pan on a medium heat for about 8 minutes until they began to brown. Then, I lifted them out and set them aside in a bowl. Don’t dump the beef oil!

Now, I fried the onion, coriander and red pepper in the beef oil. After they began to soften (roughly 7 minutes)

Step 2: I added the garlic, puree, chopped tomatoes (i used 2x cans of 400g tomatoes), stock, spices and beef strips back to the wok. Bring it to a boil, then turn the heat down low to a simmer. Put a helmet on that soldier! I mean, cover the pan. I cooked this mixture for 1 hour and 45 minutes, giving it a stir every 30 minutes.

Step 3: This is where you can rejoin the recipe without any problems. Turn off the heat, put in your chocolate and coriander, then stir it all around!
As you can see, we served this on top of basmati rice. I gotta say, this worked out really beautifully. The beef was tender and succulent, almost resembling barbecued brisket burnt-ends. Who needs 7 hours? Not this goon! I really recommend you try this out for yourself, because it’s the best beef chili I’ve ever made.

My partner and I make a lot of crazy lazy food stuff on our blog EFIR, which is where I ganked this one from.

once we tried to make this

and it turned out like this

The Ring: Terror's Realm

Sadly it is canon yes.

Video Games: Interesting Premise; Terrible Execution

SNES Sequel Equinox was more of the horror but in 16-bit!

Treasure Conflix

This one was only quite recently emulated successfully--i was desperate to play this during the late 90s to early 2000s.

Upon playing, it reminds me a bit of a 2D version of the criminally unknown PS1 RPG/Dogfighting game Velldeselba Senki


I really like the new look. Very slick!