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[RMN Drama] The guy who made the Final Fantasy Mystic Quest remake is trying to sell it

...As an official Square Enix product, no less!

If I throw in an extra couple of bucks, will he include his FF4 remake?

Thoughts? I'm really amused and impressed by the gall of it all.

What I find particularly appalling, however, is if you navigate over to his website (not gonna link to it), right next to the link to buy his game for $8, is a link that says if you pay him $1000, he'll export your RPG Maker game to Android. That's pretty devious and I hope nobody's naive enough to fall for it.

Mods, if this is an inappropriate thread, feel free to lock it and I apologise in advance.

Issues with downloading files?

Hey gang!

I decided that today would be the day that I take part in the Strawberry Review Jam, so I attempted to download a few games I had not played before. I'm getting some verrrry slow download speeds from the site--like over an hour to download a 75mb file.

I've checked my connection and it seems like everything is fine on my end--I'm getting download speeds of 1mb/s elsewhere.

Is this a known issue? Or am I just having a weird day? Thanks!

[Game Jam] A Jam for Leelah

JamForLeelah Homepage

Hey, you guys may have heard the heartbreaking story of Leelah Alcorne, a teenage transgender girl who, after being pulled out of high school and forced to attend conversion therapy by her religious parents, tragically committed suicide on 28 December 2014.

Matt Boucher and Kara Jayne are hosting a Game Jam in Leelah's honour, to raise awareness of transgender issues and to also raise money for LGBTQ charities.

The jam is set to take place between 17 January and 17 February.

There are some guidelines:
Each submission must fit at least one of these requirements and be submitted before Midnight February 17th to be eligible for this jam:

Be primarily centered around trans issues, or other issues related to gender identity. This can be anything from having a trans protagonist to a game about growing up trans or navigating gender identity issues. Please be respectful, as anything that is purposefully disrespectful to the LGBTIQ community, or specifically the trans community, will be removed without hesitation.

Use inspiration from Leelah's art/music/ideas to primarily create a game, whilst still attempting to raise awareness about trans youth issues and trans representation in the execution of that idea. A small collection of Leelah's work can be found here.

Be inspired by Leelah's interests as expressed on her Tumblr e.g. sailor moon, female empowerment, fashion, anime, gaming, etc whilst still attempting to raise awareness about trans youth issues and trans representation in the execution of that idea. Leelah's Tumblr can be accessed via a backup here.

I don't know if I'll be able to take part as I'll be away for most of this period, but I sure would like to. I thought I'd spread the word in case anybody else was interested.

Asylum Game Jam

The Aslyum Game Jam is back for its second year.

From the website itself:

author=Asylum Game Jam
Returning for a second year, Asylum Jam is a 48 hour long game jam where game developers are challenged to make a horror game and explore the genre without negative mental health or medical stereotypes. This year, Asylum Jam will be taking place from October 31st to November 2nd for whatever 48 hour period that is most convenient for you in your timezone. The ticker here is set to 7PM CET.

After a very successful first year with 385 participants and around 60 submitted games (which you can play here), we're back for another dose of horror gaming - and we want you.

Sound good? Last year produced many interesting works from a number of different voices. It'd be great to see even more this year. I hope to participate myself.

New Persona 5 Teaser

I've become a bit disillusioned with the Persona series, but I must admit I'm excited. I suppose we'll be seeing more of this during Tokyo Game Show, but I thought I'd see what everybody else thought.

What do you guys hope to see in this new instalment?

Alternatively, what's your favorite Persona title or memory?

P2 Eternal Punishment was my favorite. I was 15 when it came out. I was bored in the suburbs and pretty lonely. I used to wear make-up to school but I'd have to wash it off before I got home so I wouldn't get in trouble with my dad. Seeing the character Eikichi have the same worries was fantastic.
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