Hey there I am obsorber, writer, game developer, a founder of Obsorber's Productions. We are recruiting to finish one of my games. We want to make it completely original. Message me if you want to get involved. We are looking for:

  • Spriters
    Music Composers
    Graphic Designers

You will be lead by me and paid for your services after discussion. You will also be credited for working on the project! Thanks and check out:

We look forward to you working with us.

Flight United 999 (Grey-scale Version)

What's with Flight United 999?

Set in the not too far future of 2017, Flight United 999 is a suspenseful Graphic Novel about a vacation gone wrong. After his brother wins a free holiday to the "Neo Dome", Jase the main protagonist of this speculative psychological thriller finds himself trapped in a conspired and mind boggling expedition. He starts to notice the signs that something is off about the flight not able to ignore all the bizarre coincidences plaguing his mind. For the reader's point of view, the whole narrative should be an enigma.

Want to read our web release? Check it out here:
-Homepage: http://flu999gs.smackjeeves.com/
-Directly to Pages: http://flu999gs.smackjeeves.com/comics/1840726/flu-999-cover-issue1/


Are you a Dragonball Z fan? Well I am a big one and I have watched the whole Dragonball, Z and most of GT series. Basically I am working on making a game at the moment which involves the legend of the Super Saiyan. The game is basically set in the far distant past when Bardock went back in time to defeat Lord Chill, Frieza's ancestor if you have watched the Bardock story. This game claims Bardock to be the first Super Saiyan and he would fight King Cold later on who to is from the same timeline. The game starts off after the defeat of Lord Chill and Bardock journey's to a distant planet to prevent the Dragonballs from being used. You see King Cold knew of the original Dragonballs much like in Namek for Frieza but he was defeated by the Super Saiyan who wished for the sacred stones to be sent to a safe location. Frieza would keep his goals secret from his father who was aware that they once existed later. The planet Bardock lands in is much like earth but not exactly as the gravity on that planet far exceeds Vegeta or even Namek. Bardock goes there to defeat King Cold, Dabora working for Babidi who also seeks the Dragonballs to gather enough energy to bring Majin Buu to life and a few other enemies. His other main goal is to send the Dragonballs away to a safe location and then claim them to be gone forever. The story is prone to adaptation but that's basically what his objective is to do. It is the story of this game that would spawn the legend of the Super Saiyan that appears every thousand years.

If anyone feels like contributing to this project then please feel free to join the game development team. I am in need of:
-Lead Man, implementing the story, cutscenes, gameplay system and putting the game together: Position Filled
-A Decent Mapper that can design areas much like in the DBZ universe
-A Graphic Designer for various aspects in the game.
-Producer- "Gets involved with communicating with development progress, provides support and their ideas are taken seriously (demonstration required)

I will be filling the lead man position because my skills cross through all that is needed. The only problem is that one person working on the whole Project is heavily time consuming and difficult but everyone would receive developer credit. If you feel like becoming part of this Project then please contact me and I would love to set us in a direction. (Evidence that I can develop games, see Project Viral my only completed game currently being updated. Other include demo releases, Morbid Awakening, Combat Specialists, Magnus Legend, Magnus Light, Eden Hall)

Let me show you what I've got so far:

DBZ ABS System

Hey guys, your favorite developer obsorber here. Ha, just playing. Anyways I just wanted to share with you an ABS system I am working on for Blizz ABS. Its going to be very similar to the Dragonball legacy of Goku Games but uses Bluzz ABS as a base platform.

DBZ ABS Early Development Video

obsorber Bish Bashes the Best RPG Maker Games

Basically this thread is just to review the best RPG Maker Games. I don't have the best recorder but my aim is to review and do some lets try videos on what the community would regard as the best games in RPG Maker. I am starting with Vacant Sky which I would regard as one of the most favored games in the community. By "Bish Bashing" its a slang term for me comically spotting the flaws with the game but I hope the developers don't take it too personally. Now I will also take what the community say into hand about what they regard as the best rpg maker games which need a bit of bish bashing. Leave your posts, I'm curious what you think and what games you think are popular enough to get a review. Also I will be taking some requests for games I think are good enough to be reviewed. If your game is of good quality then feel free to request a bashing review. So first up is:
-Vacant Sky

Lets Play Underlooked RPG Maker Games

Basically I feel that there are some RPG Maker Games that are underlooked. Some are very good but have got minimal attention as a comparison to others and these are also very good games. I am going to basically do some lets play videos emphasizing why these games need more attention. If you feel a game is under-looked and needs looking into then please feel free to contact me. The game has to be a full game, have little to no bugs and is based off you the communities opinions as well as myself. So far I am planning to Let's Try:
-Midnight Genesis Project
-The Fall of Terra

The God Value Theory


This is the God Value Theory. It's a mathematical and philosophical theory explaining existence through the concept of values by numbers or numeric forms. I came up with this theory today and thought I'd just get it out as fast as possible. The theory proves and also disproves the Big Bang Theory but goes further to finally conclude it. It criticizes established religious ideologies and supports the belief in God. This Universal Theory accepts the supernatural with science. It explains how science is also the study of the supernatural.

Its my own contribution to the Universalism Theory supporting most of the current established principles within it. I wonder what you guys think about the God Value Theory?

Morbid Awakening (Voice Over)

Currently in the Process of Revising Morbid Awakening my first proper released RPG if anyone recalls it but was a demo with many flaws. I'm in the process of re-writing, re-illustrating and reflecting the whole game. For the introduction sequence I need a voice actor, or voice piece/recording to state the lines set below.

"I remember it now, when it all started."
"It all began back then, when I failed my first ever mission."
"When I had to help Etheelia, falsely regarded as a terrorist."
"I finally opened my eyes, saw truth, the illusion
and the lies. It was a Morbid Awakening…"

Any volunteers, I will give credit. The voice over needs to be a clear one. Basically just do a voice recording piece and I will probably choose the one that is most clear and effective which fits with the personality of the character itself. The character is a male, the protagonist of the game, not to fussy about the tone or style of voice used. It's mainly the clearness I am concerned about.

Horror Developers

Hey there RPG Maker Horror Developers! I was thinking of gathering us developers together to create a game page or thread where we can check out each others games quite easily. Kind of a way to keep track of this particular category of games, demo releases and projects in development. As you know I'm a fan of horror genres and like you would be interested in your opinions about certain games in the community that have been created for this genre?

What do you think?
It would be kind of like discussion/exposure thread for all of us who like horror in the community...

Gang Stalking

This is an organized group who have targeted an individual or family based on some action or attitude displayed by the target who knowingly or most likely unknowingly used while in contact with a member of the organized group through a work place, or any other social arena. This has become common place in the United States due to the War against terrorism and has organized these groups of well meaning citizens who are now following targets they do not even know personally but have been placed on the List for what ever reason which may mostly be made up by someone within the organization (an organizer) who labels the target with any number of negative, evil, criminal character personalities such as terrorist, pedophiles, abusive parent, trouble maker, anti-American, anti-industry, or just someone that’s a monkey wrench in the workings of the organization. The person becomes a target of the organization due to their religious, political, or ethical beliefs and who speak out when they believe that something is not right.

Once the person is placed on the List then they are put under constant surveillance which includes stalking. This is where the target suffers because this group wants the target to know they are targeted so that the targeting is more than surveillance, it is a punishment. The group also does not want anyone else outside the group to know that the target is being targeted so that it is covert to the general public but not to the target. So that...

Been researching it, what you guys think about it?
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