I feel bored. How odd.
I like puzzles.
A card game. Play it.



RMNMeet 2020

Oh, how I wish I had time and money.

Good Day Everybody, It's Me.

I guess you could say you're not gonna be silent any longer.

Odd rates all Unamused Emojis.

Amazon. Too shiny. 0/10.

Google. Too similar to Amazon. 0/10.

Microsoft. Too similar to Amazon, just more strokes. 0/10.

Samsung. Cursed. 0/10.

Whatsapp. Boring. 0/10.

Twitter. Good eyes. 1/10.

Facebook. Uncanny valley, almost too human. 0/10.

EmojiOne. Simple, good gradient. 0.5/10.

Openmoji. Doesn't look unamused. 0/10.

Emojidex. Looks like my dad. Disappointed in me, not unamused. 0/10.

Facebook, again. Cute, but lazy. 0.2/10.

LG. Looks like it has to reject a confession. 0/10.

HTC. Too angry. 0/10.

Mozilla. Has ears. 0/10.

Softbank. Tsundere. 0/10.

Docomo. Nice and minimalistic. 1.2/10.

Au-kddi. The exact same as Docomo, and just as good. 1.2/10.

That was my rating for the "unamused" emoji. They're all boring.


Wait, what? I never realized Gourd had a sister.


Enjoy yourself here, and good luck. Also tell Gourd I said hi.

Check out the Discord, by the way, it's a cool place for the most part.

[RMVX ACE] Kirri here!

Yo, nice to meet you.

Check out our Discord, it's pretty active, and a generally nice place to hang out!

Lockheart Indigo

So, wait. How long has this amazing game been up without a comment? Well, no more. Definitely subscribing.

ChromaCore Review

Thank you so much for the amazing review! All of the issues that you addressed in this review will of course be focused on and addressed as the game continues to be worked on!

Though, just to make this clear, this is a CCG, and will be updated as much as possible with new sets, so I'm hoping that it'll be quite diverse and replayable.

Once again, thank you so much for the review, it's greatly appreciated.

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Game Over

Sorry about not really participating this game. It was a mix between burnout and a lot of health issues over the past week.

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Game Over

What's the vote count at?

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Game Over

I dunno. Gut feelings, really.

Why was I targeted? Should be obvious during Day 1 that I sent a lot of attention my way. Probably because of that.