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I like puzzles.
A card game. Play it.



ChromaCore Review

Thank you so much for the amazing review! All of the issues that you addressed in this review will of course be focused on and addressed as the game continues to be worked on!

Though, just to make this clear, this is a CCG, and will be updated as much as possible with new sets, so I'm hoping that it'll be quite diverse and replayable.

Once again, thank you so much for the review, it's greatly appreciated.

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Game Over

Sorry about not really participating this game. It was a mix between burnout and a lot of health issues over the past week.

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Game Over

What's the vote count at?

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Game Over

I dunno. Gut feelings, really.

Why was I targeted? Should be obvious during Day 1 that I sent a lot of attention my way. Probably because of that.

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Game Over

Honestly, right now, I mostly agree with Gourd_Clae. However, I can't shake this feeling.

My guts tell me that the following people are most likely to be scum. Not in any particular order, by the way.


[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Game Over

Yo, I'm town. I'm guessing scum was playing 4D Chess or something, making it seem lime they were targeting me because I'm town, but in return making it seem like they're trying to disguise Mafia as town, when in actuality, they're trying to make town look like Mafia.

Uh, I have no power roles, and I honestly agree with CAVE on this one: Undoing all of scum's work seems like the most effective route.

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Game Over

Hi, hi, hi. Guess who's back? I am! Wow.

Okay, I'm confused, why are we lynching Gourd, exactly?

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Game Over

Here's the problem, though, CAVE. Every single game, I base myself entirely on instinct. That's all I'm doing here, in this instance, as well. While my voice may have become much more verbally abrasive, my actual deductive ability is as null as it always is.

Basically, in the case of my death, where it's revealed I'm completely normal town, those are my guesses for this game. I'm hoping that it's somehow useful, since I don't think my deductive reasoning is anywhere near useful.

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Game Over

Here's my guess. How suspicious of me to post a list of who I think are the culprits!

Scum: kittenfood, CAVE_DOG_IS_BACK, OzzyTheOne

Town: Everyone else.

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Game Over

True, true, Demonlord. Go for it, then. Lynch me.

What else do I have to say about Demon? Essentially all I said was that Demonlord is, in my book, town. He doesn't give me any feeling of him being otherwise, right now at least. I think that should be obvious.