What are you thinking about right now?

but pretty much any other configuration of knives lilgirls and blood will get me off

dark internet clouds

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those abs

2 heads in length from hip to bottom of knee and 2 heads in length from bottom of knee to bottom of feet

goal: make the success

Spiral Knights

dropped a hundred on this game and now i cannot eat

Bin Laden Defeated

cell in mwave oven



It's a mockup of an inventory. The idea is that you would see a character's equipped items and general inventory simultaneously in one menu, as opposed to having two separate commands to check them.

an excellent idea

visually i would have inventory items pop out instead of going into slots but that is just me

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the doctor has the results apparently you have......... artistic talent

im so sorry

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these people are a danger to society and a drain on the economy

lets bring back the lynchmobs

people who wear khaki coats must be eradicated from america

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Madonna drag show for charity

the things we endure for the good of others

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the candlelight flickered in his deep chocolate eyes as he gently ran with sensual motion a fingertip down the smooth contour of his slender shoulder...........

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at that point he thinks: well im already here and i have imageshack open.......................,,,,,