From the creators of Persona comes... 'Catherine'.

fuck you



Treasure of the Rudras

I don't understand jokes or know any jokes or have any friends that tell me jokes or have any friends.

"i understand how you feel i was in the same place once too"


i was born with a destiny of roses

author=Yellow Magic
I know. In my defence I only go once every 2 weeks! And do plenty of other cool sociable things.

its okay

you dont need to defend anything


i was born with a destiny of roses

dramatic potato chip meme anime




TheDigitalMonk's Official Music Thread

i like the bit bonton track the best but why does it sound so familiar

the intro music for eyeswoaface is also pretty good but i was hoping for a little variation it just repeats it just repea

and i havent checked out the musetraxyet that is all i have to add

i was born with a destiny of roses


this is news to me

Cave Story for DSiWare, Nov 29th

that was a good decision. its what i would have done

Cave Story for DSiWare, Nov 29th

The DSi screen resolution is only 256×192, where Cave Story is intended for 320x240

are you sure they didnt just nearestneighbor everything

:o :o :o

Are savestates cheating?

technically any action outside of the set of actions allowed by the gaems design is breaking the rules so yeah you are 'cheating'


call it 'cheating' or 'bypassing that fucking 9 hour cutscene' or whatever it doesnt really matter cuz if the endgoal is to get the most out of the game then it just comes down to: do you trust the developers design to provide an adequate balance of fun/challenge at a reasonable pace or do you need to change the game to enjoy it more

unless you are competing in some way with other people (i.e. playing multplyr or scorebragging) theres nothing inherently bad about altering the rules to fit your own needs whatever negative connotations 'cheating' carries