Problems with site loading properly

when i switched to chrome from firefox the last tab thing was a problem for like three days and then i got used to it :|||

you could argue the logic for either behavior but im sure ease of use has more to do with what youre accustomed to than design philosophy or w/e in this case imo

is coffee really the only way?

Buy better coffee. How hard is that?

think coffee in general is pretty yucky

at least w/o a shitload of sugar/cream/milk/sugar/sugar

NFL Super Bowl XLV

what is "sports"

Random Art Topic

mrmble mughlfbl whats this "art" faggotry son


wip gon finish later i guess w/e

NFL Super Bowl XLV

i ummm

im rooting for that

th-that one team



Random Art Topic


um wtf why so good

edit: dont be afraid to draw "ugly" people i find its mainly the gravitation towards "ideal" proportions that give pictures an anime-like look

also supergeometric noses/chins

edit2: ty

I'm going to get in a fight soon. Please, RMN... help me.

I thought of a few more... please reviews them.

A) You'll be getting band-aids at Wal Mart, after you've experienced my "Senkou Blade Art"!

B) One punch from me will be your downfall, then you'll always be picked last in dodgeball!

C) You're so weak I won't even need to brandish my sword, to send you to the emergency ward!

what the fuck is this a fist fight or a sword fight

What games are you looking forward to?

RO's major problem was asura strike

post your picture

sluv what are you

amorphous internet entity

What CMS do you using

wasnt it written ad hoc