What are you thinking about right now?

Why not host the image on RMN in the locker? That way I can see it too (imageshack and the like are blocked at my current...place...where I am on the computer).

um stop wasting company time

edit: this is ur boss lmao!

What are you currently reading?

A guy reading a book about a School-girl's life with her friends is not what guys should be reading. Like guys shouldn't read that vampire book that's popular with the girls now. It screams Rainbow.

well jakandsig

there is nothing wrong with being 'rainbow'

edit: ~*rainbow*~


cave innard or acid trip


What are you thinking about right now?

do you lot know what he does for a living

maybe you should still be excited

Demon Bitch/Bastard, Your first crush

( Note: Sarcasm -_- sorry you couldn't tell Gongo )

"sarcasm": get out of jail free

Square Enix loses all sanity, announces Final Fantasy 13-2

i called square enix

he seems to be under some emotional stress

said something about ff14

Random Art Topic

WIP as a Little Girl

i think wip is a truck

What does it take to get a book published...?

The ability to write, for starters

with every other person on the internet having plans to publish a book this actually may be your best bet

The Perfect Debate

some people are just too easily riled