Uh? Do you guys listen to music?

basically ive no idea how to id genres or what qualifies sounds as belonging to a certain genre but according to wikipedia i enjoy "classical" and "electronic music" and "alternative rock" and and other made up combinations of words

i think i like songs with interesting/unusual harmonic progressions and novel melodies though im pretty sure i dont know what i like since most of my fav. songs are pretty mundane

this is my all time favorite song

this is my other all time favorite song

does anyone like billy joel i really really like a few of his songs but pretty much hate the rest tbh

same goes for muse and the fray

i also listen to a shitload of v gaem tracks but thats kind of cross-genre blah blah blah

YDS really wants a headset to make better sounding LT videos.


Let's Try - Season 2

also im sure people are watching but there isnt much you can say about LTs because they are at their core just commentary and not a creative product theres not much to commentate on on commentary and im guessing this is why they are 'for developers' or whatever

buuut if the devs dont wanna come hoo
what are you going to do

Let's Try - Season 2

oops please ignore my asshole friend/sibling (who is actually me) who got on my account

i havent watched many/any of your vdos in full but based on what i can remember i think your audience will be more willing if you cut out shit nobody wants to watch and made your commentary more concise cause i remember the runtime being p. ridi

Let's Try - Season 2

I just deleted all of my videos. I didn't really like them, I was also very upset that developers just didn't watch. I'll probably get back to it after awhile if I can get a better recording device so the audio doesn't sound like shit, and if developers who ask me to play their games will give a facking hoot about it.

where did i hear this before stop crying and put them back up

New Year's Resolutions

0 to lung cancer in 3 seconds

YDS really wants a headset to make better sounding LT videos.

i didnt know headsets were known for producing superior quality recordings

headsets = headphone + microphone


Treasure of the Rudras

it was deemed incompatible with your american sensibilities

i was born with a destiny of roses

Blame!is the best manga i hope someone posts to reaffirm this because it is true

im shooting gravity at u

pew pew


so anyone hear about that arsenic microbe nasa found