Naruto RPG maker 2003

Woah this looks amazing! Gotta check it out later!

Fear & Hunger 2: Termina Review

Thank you so much for the review! Nice to see people on try out the game! And glad you liked the game too!


Weird it looks like something I turned into in a dream. :O

Sounds like an interesting dream :D

Steam Demo Festival Aftermath  - Was it worth it?

This is some really interesting read. Thanks for making such detailed report of it :D

Because my own development is in such limbo that I can't say when the game is coming out before like it's two week's away, I always miss events like these. Obviously it's a big miss.

Hopefully you'll get a great launch because of the breathing hype machine! I'll go check out the demo too right now. I think I have yet to play it.

Getting emotion from 2d characters

Animated sprites mixed with good pacing, dialogue and music would do the trick. I don't think it's just a product of one single element. Face sets showing expressions would be nice too of course. It's pretty simple really, whatever is used in other mediums to create emotion works in a 2D game too.


This looks very charming. I've been playing FF1 Pixel remaster lately and I can't help but miss NES era graphics. This game might be just what I need!


Wow, I really like the overflowing forest! Looks very lively even though the map layout itself is pretty simple.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

@Giznads, That is unbelievably atmospheric and moody. Gorgeous shot. I really need to try your demo. The setting already sounds right up my alleys.

@Momeka, I've been following your stuff on Reddit (It's on reddit right?) Really love the colour palette and everything I've seen so far. The mini-map is a god send. I've been playing Elminage Gothic (a similar style dungeon crawler) for the past year or so and while the game is really great, the map function is very limited (it's literally limited use item) Once I modded the game to have unlimited maps, the game became instantly 100x more playable and fun.

Oh yeah, might as well drop a screenshot of my own. The development of my game has stretched beyond what I could've ever expected. (I thought this would have been done by last christmas already) But I guess better late than never. I just have to make sure it doesn't slip to that never category.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

@punkitt, Your screenshots always look great, but I absolutely love that lily pad area! Bee boy is an incredible design too. There are a lot of indie games coming these days with "simplistic" art styles, but I like yours more than the big majority of them because there's still obviously tons of detail and effort in the graphics.

@Decky, very solid mapping. These screens give me very warm RPG Maker nostalgia.

@EFFERVESCEWARE, the pink message box might be a bit too light to my liking. The brightness is close to the same as text's brightness level, so it makes it a bit hard to read. Well not hard, but harder than necessary.

@MackValentine, really like the UI design. Black borders especially. Great job!

@MaisterRabbit, very atmospheric. I'm interested for sure. Hard to say much more as you can't see much :D

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Wow, these screens are beautiful! Would love to see more.

Thanks! I don't want to flood this topic with screenshots, but you can check more screens on the gamepage Fear & Hunger 2: Termina