Screenshot Survival 20XX

Wow, these screens are beautiful! Would love to see more.

Thanks! I don't want to flood this topic with screenshots, but you can check more screens on the gamepage Fear & Hunger 2: Termina

Screenshot Survival 20XX

KumoriCloudGames, that's a wild art style for sure. The Mage character is my favourite. Looks like a cool person.

Momeka, I've been seeing these screens of yours for a while now. Everything's looking so well put together. Very professional look and feel. The menu continues the same trend. The colour palette especially is cool.

Toaster Team, I'm not entirely sure what's happening here but looks cool regardless... actually what's the story here?

AshleyWasHere, Really nostalgic seeing rm2k's RTP in good use. I love all the original tweaks.

Few screens of my own


Breath of Fire vibes are strong in enemies and character sprites? (I'm assuming they were used as a base a bit?)

Looks really great. Looking forward to seeing more! :D

Shadow Seeker

Looks really solid! I love the variety of mechanics in play here. I need to give the demo a try!

Nice to see people keep the RPG Maker horror torch alive!

Screenshot Survival 20XX

@Punkitt, really impressive title screen! I love the tone. Btw, have you played Adventures of Lolo games? (I'm a huge fan of them) I kinda get those vibes. Although it might just be that rolley ball character.

@Deckiller, might be ez puzzle, but I don't get it lol. I like the visuals though! The dungeons especially looks awesome!

@Bandito, that kinda looks like early Dragon Quest town in both good and the bad. If that's what you're going for, fair enough, but otherwise I'd agree with Cap_H in that it could be condensed by a lot! I do like the variety and individual detail you've put to the houses though.

@Pyramid_Head, I like how well everything fits together. Love the tone of it all too.

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I've been spending more time watching playthroughs on youtube of F&H 1 and 2...

Yeah I totally get why people are playing like that. Especially how difficult the game can feel initially, it's nice solace to get a successful save. That's why I'm designing the second game to support that kind of gameplay more. F&H: Termina has got a safe savespot in the very first area without any catch really. (time does progress every time you save the game, but that only affects certain endings)

In general, Termina is going to be more welcoming experience. I don't want the game to be as hostile towards players.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

@Punk_Kricket, the early SMT games are really great! I adore the first Shin Megami Tensei on SNES. There's something in that game that has me hooked everytime I play it, more-so than later SMT games for some reason. I think it's partly because of the very quick pace you move around and in and out of battles.

I have yet to try the initial Megami Tensei series on NES. I heard those are brutal to the point of ridiculous frustration, so I might just skip them altogether.

Fear and Hunger

double post sorry! D:

Fear and Hunger

Congratulations on the release and on featured game status! Just purchased over on I am greatly looking forward to playing this and I have been for a long time!

Awesome! I think the game is in the best shape it has ever been with the latest update, so maybe it's for the better that you only got it now!

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@Starmage, I'm glad you got your copy! I wasn't sure if this was a good way to give away keys, like is there some bot scanning internet 24/7 for this kind of stuff? But apparently at least some people were able to grab their copies.

@Knightowl, I updated the Discord link. And yeah, the full version has more leeway in its saves. You get one save free and there is the whole Lucky Coin system that gives you better chances in coin tosses in general. The game does give you safe and sure savepoint later on in the game. The original intent was that the early part is kinda like roguelike where the player is encouraged to try different things with each new playthrough, but I think it's not told well enough and pretty much everyone tries to force their early saves. The game and me is to blame for that, but hopefully you'll be able to get into the groove regardless. If there're any big problems, maybe I can help a bit.