So... Final Fantasy XVI anyone?

What's everyone's opinion about the game so far?

The game was revealed a while ago and I haven't been able to get it out of my head since. Initially I was a little bit disappointed with the medieval approach, because I've grown to really like the more out-there-pseudo-futuristic worlds later Final Fantasies are known for and I was looking forward to seeing what Square came up with next. Then when the game looked a lot like many other darker fantasy titles from past 6 years or so, I was a bit bummed.

I knew I was going to like the game regardless though, because there has yet to be a mainline entry I didn't like. Since the reveal, the game has been in the back of my head and it has really grown on me. My disappointment has definitely turned into hype.

[RM2K] The RPG Maker 2000 RunTimePackage (RTP) is not installed for this user.

I was trying to play Seraphic Blue, an older RPG Maker 2000 game, and I keep getting this error even though I have installed the RPG Maker 2000 RTP that should be necessary to play this game.

I've got Windows 10 if that complicates things?

Any idea what could be causing the issue?

[RMMV] Basic help with uploading the game to Steam with SteamPipe

So I've been trying to upload my finished game to Steam following the instructions they have available. But I seem to run into error after error while dealing with the SteamPipe. I was wondering if anyone here had experience in uploading a game made with RPG Maker MV there?

The key questions are - Should I put the whole game inside some installer before uploading the game and I'm working on Mac, does this create a problem when trying to upload both Windows and Mac versions of the game?

So far I've created the Build and its Depots. But whenever I try to upload the depots via Steamworks SDK command window, the depots end up 0 Mb in size, suggesting that nothing gets uploaded.

I feel like these are totally basic-level questions, but for some reason I'm very confused all this D:

[RMMV] Any way to Double Tap Directional Key to Dash?

I got other functions set for shift and now in the current build these functions might be available at the same time. So is there a ready plugin or an easy way to make it so that instead of pressing shift, you'd double tap directional key to dash? Thanks in advance again! ^^

requestMotion during battle help!

I have an event happening mid-battle where I would like the actors battler motion to briefly change into another motion. What script lines could I use to get this done? From the research I did I figured I should somehow use requestMotion('attack'), but I don't know how to assign which character does it and whatever refreshing scripts and such I need for it to work.

Thanks in advance!

[RMMV] How to change actor images - face, charset, battler individually?

I would like to know if there is a way to change actor graphics, but only
certain graphics individually? By default if I try to change actor images, RMMV gives me this window:

But I only want to change character's on-map graphics and not touch face or battler graphics.

My game is set up so that changing all of them creates A LOT of trouble....

[RMMV] When using bow as a weapon, is there a way to make ATTACK reduce an arrow in battle?

Pretty much what the title of the topic says: When using bow as a weapon, is there a way to make each ATTACK-command reduce an arrow from inventroy in battle? I suppose this could be done with scripting I'm sure, but I got no talent in that - is there an easier way to do it with RPG Maker's ready commands?

Graphic Designer looking for work~!!

Hi everyone!

I graduated from my line of studies a month or 2 ago and I'm currently looking for whatever work possible. I'd be interested in doing freelancer jobs or if there is a bigger project - that would be equally interesting. I can do many different things that fall under graphic design banner, from illustrations to sprite artwork to animations and much more. 3D however is my weakest link, let's just forget such things exists :P I think I'm pretty good at adapting to different styles and generally I try give every piece of art - no matter how small - an extra something, Plus Ultra and all that. Feedback is crucial and often times I've noticed that following suggestions of others lead to the best results.

Now to the business side of things; even if I mostly spend my time around indie game making boards and such, where money is not a luxury we got - I can't afford to do work for free anymore. I will have to ask for a fare that's close to the standards of graphic designers. Of course it all depends on the size of work and what kind of project it is. Personally I prefer projects that I like, instead of projects where I get paid the best. So if you got a possible project - don't be alarmed with the money talk, I'm still interested in hearing out details! :)

My portfolio can be found here!

As for game graphics, my best known project is Fear & Hunger, where I have done practically everything from sound design to graphics.

More about Fear & Hunger here!

Here's just some random works, but I encourage everyone to check the links shown above:

RPGMAKER MV "TypeError - undefined is not a function"

When using YEP BattleEngineCore plugin on RM MV I get this error message after the first turn has passed in battle with the playable characters and the enemies having finished their moves.

Here's what F8 brings up:

"TypeError: undefined is not a function
at Game_Troop.Game_Unit.refreshMembers
at Function.BattleManager.refreshAllMembers
at Function.BattleManager.endTurn
at Function.BattleManager.updateTurn
at Function.BattleManager.update
at Scene_Battle.updateBattleProcess
at Scene_Battle.update
at Scence_Battle.update
at Function.SceneManager.updateScene
at Function.SceneManager.updateMain"

The error occurs even if I don't tinker with any of the plugin settings. Really troublesome :/ I'd be really grateful if someone would come up with a solution.

Fear & Hunger - Youtube Role-playing game

Hey you all! ^^
I just started this weird project. At least I haven't seen similar "games" before. Maybe there is a reason for that (because they don't work), but still I'll give it a shot.

So Fear & Hunger is a RPG - kinda - happening in youtube. I've made this short animation and the idea is that people can play it through comment section. The story progresses according to the comment that gets the most likes, other high ranked comments are taken into consideration too. (except I'll be happy to get just one comments at the moment lol :D) Also if there are multiple characters, I can divide posts accordingly.

I just made the first episode. The art is pretty rough, but I'd like to be able to make these in a few days notice, so that's the reason I didn't pour too much effort into it. At the moment, our character is yet to be created. Basic info like name and class are required and also what to do for the next episode.

you can find it here:
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