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Sci-fi fantasy post-apocaliptic somewhat-adventure!





From C++ you can access the bitmap data as simple structs, you just need to include some structs definitions that other friendly people provided for anyone to use (there is several versions of the same code so... yeah, you can get it from the link I put before, you can also DL my thing here while my script submission gets approved).

So yeah, all is done with native libraries. This means that if you want to do something, you must code the actual algorithm, but at the same time I think that's part of the fun hahaha!



I used to say that some years ago. xD
Nevertheless, if you want to animate stuff with plain old ruby, there is a lot you can do playing around with the sprite's source rectangle. ;^)

I also shared this DLL along with some wrapping code somewhere (and the source for the DLL). I'll post it here later.


Basically, I didn't use get_pixel/set_pixel. Working with bitmaps via Ruby/RGSS is painfully slow. You need to write a DLL, which then makes the necessary changes through C/++. Then after writing your own custom DLL, calling functions through RGSS's Win32API.

Here is some reference information. https://forum.chaos-project.com/index.php?topic=15430.0
You'll need some experience with C or C++ programming though. But it's doable.

A Sad Outcome

RMXP is kind of on its lasts legs. RMVXAce is probably not far from that. I sometimes think that RMXP will eventually become not just obsolete but incompatible with Windows. But I don't have enough time for moving to mkxp right now.

It's sad, yeah, but I guess you pondered this decision quite a lot. So I hope you do well in the future. Also if you and Gib are planning to keep on gammak, I suggest learning a new engine on the spare time, might be while working on something else. Also would help keeping an eye on the scope.

Anyway, wish you the best. Dunno a thing about Ruby Quest but I liked this game. I like things with heart and soul.


You fulfilled your sacred promise to us Earthlings of releasing the game. Hurray!

A wild developer (finally) appears!

999 base Speed for Shredax please.


I think that most changes I don't really mind. It's all about names and... names. I don't see the idea behind these, neither see why the recommended names.


The moves... I would be happy to think about some kawaii move for my Ellefan, would feel like revisiting an old friend. However I don't know, I'm skeptic about adding so much stuff. This project should move towards completion instead of prolonging itself.

Maybe keeping new moves simple, reusing old effects but with a twist or something. That limits what you can do for new moves and complicates (maybe) keeping moves interesting and unique. But should be less hazzle to implement.


A wild developer (finally) appears!

#2, I'd love to know what your colleages said. Pretty much. I think the same as Seiromem, at least keeping the concept intact.

As for #1, at first I thought changing the setting was too much, but if someone is remaking the tiles I guess he/she/it/dog/cat can do as he/she/it/dog/cat pleases. I just think though, don't overwork things. The project is big enough as is.

As for name, uh maybe something dumb like RMNmon?


Two years is a blink of an eye compared to the 60 development years left of before. :^D
(I use these "minigames" as a small head refreshment from time to time, so don't worry, the actual gammak shouldn't be hurt :^3).