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Gravedigger 20XX Review

Thanks a lot for the review Zeuzio. I always knew it was-- no, I didn't know xD. But yeah. Thanks!

(Now I'll be closer to be the master of makscor >:D)

Certainly there is a lot of design flaws in that game, this was maybe my second platformer so I hadn't even ironed out the basic movement. The water for example is horribol :'D. And the boss was something I wanted to give a little twist, so even if it's technically possible to kill just by punching, I wanted to make it easier to use your digging skills for some kind of alternative beating.
You have to destroy all the ground and send him through the hole below him. That's why there is monsters under him and not with him. TIP: Destroy the bottomest layers of ground first, then the top one.

But anyway, I'll probably revisit the digging mechanic someday.

Thanks for the review again! :^D


Great! Both the news and the art.


Little did that Chessmaster know there are 8x8 chess boards. >:)

I feel so smart.

Blackmoon Prophecy 2 Playthrough Stream

I'll eat while you stream :^D.


OBS. It's free, it's for streaming but you can also just record the screen and windows. And a bunch of other things.

Ethereal's Longest Night

I hope I reupload a second prototype after I iron out some small things. This second prototype will not represent either what would the final game be like, but it's meant to incorporate the puzzle mechanics. :^)

Thanks Suzy the Cheesemaster!

Blackmoon Prophecy 2 Playthrough Stream

Are you going to upload it to Youtube later? :'DD...

Regrets and Desires

Remember girls can have girl waifus too ;D.

Dat Katalina looks like a bae. I hope that Grindblue Farmtasy ARPG comes to PC too. Not much money here for extra underleveled PCs. :'D

Regrets and Desires

Weee Luchi welcome back!

Secret Santa 2017 {SIGN UP}

Thanks Libby for the event, thanks Secret Santaa for the review be free to post it with score :^), I'm happy with it as-is.

And happy giftsgiving people. Hope you receive what you deserve! xD That might sound weird.