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Do you know any RPG Maker games that use/d video? (SPECIALLY RM2k/3 ones)

Hi there! I'm in a bit of an investigation from the RPG Maker Embassy Agency Staff Bureau Commitee. It's a secret to everyone, so don't tell. Please.

Anyway, out of curiosity I was just minding my own business as usual, but then I was just wondering about what games did I know that used videos. Especially RPG Maker 2000 and RPG Maker 2003 ones. I remember that Stifu used videos in 95! And I recall seeing some animations done in some random very old 3D movie maker program.

But... yeah I can't remember a thing aside from Stifu's, and I'm more interested on RM2k/3.

Still, if anyone remembers some other game either from earlier engines (95 and Sim I guess are the only candidates here?), or newer ones, please tell too!

Anyone here remembers one? Thanks in advance!

Speaking of making a demo

As I'm planning to do a demo, I started to wonder about some things related to it. Maybe a lot of these depend on the circumstances, or maybe just on your personal taste or whatsoever, but I wanted to discuss a little about these. Things about "limits on the content", differences from the demo to the full-version, and maybe more.

Let's start with the content limits. We all know that demos are of course a fragment of the actual full game. Gameplay getting "cropped" (only arcade mode!), less areas, or even starting from a certain spot in the game (see FinalFantasy demos as an example). How much content does a demo has to offer? And what kind of experience? Has it to be necessarily a "reduced version from the full game"?

And that's where I want to get with "differences from demo to full-version". Not only on this activity, where one gets to fix and even improve stuff from the demo to the full version, since development is still being done. Things like an alternate version of the game (a different start, so you probably would like to treat it differently). And even a different ending! Like, giving a twist from the original idea of the game, making the demo not only a demo, but extra content for itself from the whole game. There could be also the opportunity to play the demo inside the full-game!

So, this is the topic. I would like to hear what you all think about it.

A somewhat-tutorial to make trees (in pixel art)

Well, I would like to start with a contribution to the community. This is something I did just a minutes ago (and posted it on some other forums). Anyway, let's do trees! Let's get it started already!
Oh, just a little note. This doesn't does wonders. You need at least minimal experience with pixelart/spriting.

What do we have here? This image illustrates the three basic steps.
1.First you make a oval-shaped figure. It doesnt need to be perfect. Rather, it's better if isn't! It will be our "basic foliage ball" (you will understand why little grashopper).
2.Second, get mad and copypaste it a lot! Make a shape that you like, and that gets to something tree-like.
3.And lastly, erasing. Leave an outline, and make then a trunk. In the illustration is an example of trunk.

Now, the hard part... The shading. Since this is not a pixel-art tutorial, I'll leave it to your own technique. There are a load of ways to solve some puzzles, same goes for trees. You "solve" it at your own.
But, for the sake of learning I'll leave some suggestions:
a. Don't try to "draw" each leaf separately. Think about "folliage" sections.
b. When clearing the lines at step #3, you can select some of those lines, of course! They can be a good guide for detailing the folliage ;).

And here are two examples of trees made by myself. One is the example from past image, and the other one a tree I did for my own project.

Hope it gets useful to anyone, cheers and GL,
Orochii Zouveleki

Have I made an introduction before?

Well, I'm pretty sure I don't, so I'm going to. I'm not going to be very active at the forums, maybe if I see something I can help... anyway.

I'm Orochii Zouveleki, and I'm from Costa Rica. I'm mainly an RM2k3 user, but I can do stuff with the others too (scripting-wise I have done some, I like varieties :3, but is not my strong point haha).

I'm mainly a pixel artist. I make all my graphics, and I draw at my style too (for the artworks). I'm too trying to learn to compose music, since I like it, as a way of expression is pure and powerful :D!!!! Oh well, maybe someday... I am making some themes for my project too.

And last but not least, I like a lot of doings from the users here! There are just a lot of projects with great potential, so I'm kind of envious sometimes. That's good, because it will force me to make my own better >=)!

Ah, and as a sidenote, english is not my native, so expect some grammar errors from me (I, of course, don't know if I'm mistaken), I will try to polish myself in that aspect.

So, respectful crowd, I'm leaving by now, thanks and see ya soon, cheers,
Orochii Zouveleki
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