Dub Movie

Hey guys I found this awesome site where you can sub Bollywood movies with your own subtitles...its really easy and funny...here is a crappy one I made:


Romancig Walker HELP

Okay I been looking all over the internet for a walktrough...but no luck...The "official site" for the game doesnt have anything either(instead it has a walktrough on how to play Lineage II illegally wtf?)
This forum is my last hope...

Anyways If anyone out there knows the answer for this...

I just gave my last Victory Points to the VicMart and he tells me to look for a girl? Where can I find this girl? I heard you find her in the Astral Realm but Im already in the 3rd boss and I still havent seen her(and there us a glitch in the third boos even if you dont have her in the party but you check her grave she will speak)
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