I'm 22 years old, just graduated college for Game Design. I focus on narrative design in my games, and hope to begin making games within my own universe!

I prefer RPG's out of all the genres, but love exploration and puzzle games.
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Dark Souls Changed the Way I Think About Video Games

I believe that Dark Souls's storytelling is AMAZING, and the hidden lore and narrative is EXTREMELY interesting, and incredibly smart and clever. Finding that little sad note about the boss you killed adds depth and meaning to the world and everything. I loved every minute of this game. Storytelling in it is very smart.

As for difficulty, it's really not hard or as punishing as you think. Sure, you die plenty, maybe. But the game made it not frustratingly grating at all. It's a fun challenge, and this game is successful in having great difficulty without handholding, but it is so very possible to figure out what you have to do yourself, and it becomes perfectly reasonable.

I don't usually deeply disagree with what I see on here, honestly understanding most negative opinions, but most of the negative criticism with this game I just don't buy at all or even believe is a true understanding of what's going on with dark souls. That said, everyone has a right and opinion of there of own, of course. I just find this discussion to bother me deeply, except for the reasonable, smart discussion of course. While I dislike incredibly difficult things, this game is reasonable believe it or not, and the storytelling is genius. I'm sorry for anyone who doesn't see that, but what can you do? If you ever want to make a game clearly to prove what's wrong with Dark Souls, go ahead. But don't tell anyone to "not buy it" unless it's truly broken, because this game isn't and you think it is because of your understanding of what's going on. In the same way, I'm just going to tell someone to think about it, not necessarily to go straight to buying it first, but see what you think or something.

I don't know, that's how I felt about this topic :)
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