I'm 22 years old, just graduated college for Game Design. I focus on narrative design in my games, and hope to begin making games within my own universe!

I prefer RPG's out of all the genres, but love exploration and puzzle games.
Perspective: Extended Ed...
Exploration Puzzle game, spectate the memories to find clues!



Painted Heart Review

Thanks for the review, outcry! Especially for touching on the overall misses of the game-- it really helps guide us for the next time. =D

Of course, good luck with whatever you work on next, RPG or not ;).

Our Hero! ORIGINS Review

Good review, I can definitely see this game being a 4/5. I just found more problems in the upgrade system and other aspects of the design. But either way, I agree with what you're saying here :)

Our Hero! ORIGINS Review

If combat was better I would give it a four, being above average. There was more to the play experience then combat, you're right, such as platforming which I felt was pretty good. I was about to give it a 3 or 3.5 but then I looked at the gameplay overall and felt a 2 might be better. But then I looked at the pluses and felt 2.5 was a bit better. It's a little below average for me.

I also tried to point out the good scene direction and UI and good use of pictures. I didn't mean to focus too much on combat. I more so just tried talking about every part of the game's design. 2.5 isn't a bad score though.

The Vendor Review

I'd definitely keep with a version 2.0 rather then a sequel for right now. Aim for the experience you meant for it and go in that direction. I guess the best way to describe this is by saying that, with my game, I'm going to continue where I left off on the story, and make it the full experience I wanted to aim for before scope changes and such during the contest. And add more after that, of course. So it's not exactly a sequel, but an extended version.

Making those stats more intuitive would indeed help more then just getting rid of them, I agree. My problem I suppose is that they weren't and I didn't use them, not that they were completely a waste of time. So keep them, see if you can figure out a good way to make them useful numbers of information for the player!

I recognized those scripts you modified, but from my play experience I couldn't tell if you evented the rest or did have custom scripts or modified them. Either way, that's cool! And yes, testers and proofreaders are really, really important. Especially to get the experience you want in your game down, and it looks like you had a really good proofreader too. Cause I enjoyed the writing, glad to see there weren't really any grammar problems from what I remember seeing.

And you're welcome! I'm happy my feedback will help you going forward.(Perhaps in version 2.0, just so you know, I wouldn't mind playing through those first two monsters again, the replayability is still there for the most part. Because it takes a bit to remember every single equipment item that corresponds with the monster, and what reward loot is good for what, I see myself not being really that bothered by playing through that part again. And with any improvements you make, it'll be even better ;) )

Perspective: Extended Edition Review

I did add a bunch of little things to experiment with the level design. That was one of them and I did add it for a test of difficulty. Thanks for reminding me of something I made myself :P, silly of me to forget that.

I'm actually officially starting the next level design plans now. I'll be doing this for the rest of my summer probably, and it'll be a good side project while I'm back at college. Thanks for your support Accha :)

Perspective: Extended Edition Review

This review is very well done Accha. You pointed out pretty much all the issues that come with this concept. Further, I'm glad you went about assessing it the way you did, taking into account my focus on story and gameplay. I am a game designer and writer after all.

So first, this Fast-Forward button was brought up when Seiromem was playing. Indeed, I'd need a programmer to script this up. However I know all the script would have to do is manipulate frames. Everything that happens in the stages is about frames. The amount of frames it takes to walk, text pop-ups usually appear for 120 frames or 180 frames, and there is a wait corresponding to each text before the next pops up. Basically it's ALL about frames, so I think it's possible!

In terms of difficulty, this is probably the most tricky thing to work with. While I can maybe come up with ideas like "dead end" clues to screw with your deduction, it won't make it more difficult for roamers. So I definitely need to brainstorm ways to make it difficult to run into these clues if your just randomly going places... hmmm, and it's complicated to the point that I might need a scripter for this too!

I hope my contest version fixes up the dialogue somewhat. Introductions are always the weakest part of my writing, and this intro went through so many changes in a month, perhaps that's why it's the least refined I suppose. I'm a bit more happy with my conclusion and it's impact on the story going forward. But I did spend the most time with the level, over two weeks of the development, maybe three. And I love how it turned out in terms of writing. Perhaps I need to actually write my cutscenes out more, to insure I have successfully conveyed impact in my writing. I wrote the level out completely and... whad'ya know!

In terms of all the borrowed custom resources, I'm happy with my decisions, from a game designer's perspective ;) anyway. I didn't have time to count on my composer friend and artist friend. They aren't in my team or anything and they are busy with their own things. So yeah, I wanted graphics and audio other then the default, sought them out, and this is the outcome! The taller sprites I prefer over the smaller vx ones because... well, there's room for more detail and they look better to me.

And finally, the overall concept of my game. I'm happy you find I executed it successfully! That was the main goal, and it appears my goal to write a pretty good story at the same time was reached as well. The scope change for this game definitely helped it become what I wanted it to be, and this project is definitely going to see more coming in the future! Thanks for the review!

MAGE DUEL - The Original Review

I held shift, so speed wasn't a problem for me. That's the only false part of this review, the rest I agree with. The Intro is really exciting, but it would be nice if it would change up a little as you got up the ranks.
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