I'm 22 years old, just graduated college for Game Design. I focus on narrative design in my games, and hope to begin making games within my own universe!

I prefer RPG's out of all the genres, but love exploration and puzzle games.
Perspective: Extended Ed...
Exploration Puzzle game, spectate the memories to find clues!



Perspective: Extended Edition Review

This review is very well done Accha. You pointed out pretty much all the issues that come with this concept. Further, I'm glad you went about assessing it the way you did, taking into account my focus on story and gameplay. I am a game designer and writer after all.

So first, this Fast-Forward button was brought up when Seiromem was playing. Indeed, I'd need a programmer to script this up. However I know all the script would have to do is manipulate frames. Everything that happens in the stages is about frames. The amount of frames it takes to walk, text pop-ups usually appear for 120 frames or 180 frames, and there is a wait corresponding to each text before the next pops up. Basically it's ALL about frames, so I think it's possible!

In terms of difficulty, this is probably the most tricky thing to work with. While I can maybe come up with ideas like "dead end" clues to screw with your deduction, it won't make it more difficult for roamers. So I definitely need to brainstorm ways to make it difficult to run into these clues if your just randomly going places... hmmm, and it's complicated to the point that I might need a scripter for this too!

I hope my contest version fixes up the dialogue somewhat. Introductions are always the weakest part of my writing, and this intro went through so many changes in a month, perhaps that's why it's the least refined I suppose. I'm a bit more happy with my conclusion and it's impact on the story going forward. But I did spend the most time with the level, over two weeks of the development, maybe three. And I love how it turned out in terms of writing. Perhaps I need to actually write my cutscenes out more, to insure I have successfully conveyed impact in my writing. I wrote the level out completely and... whad'ya know!

In terms of all the borrowed custom resources, I'm happy with my decisions, from a game designer's perspective ;) anyway. I didn't have time to count on my composer friend and artist friend. They aren't in my team or anything and they are busy with their own things. So yeah, I wanted graphics and audio other then the default, sought them out, and this is the outcome! The taller sprites I prefer over the smaller vx ones because... well, there's room for more detail and they look better to me.

And finally, the overall concept of my game. I'm happy you find I executed it successfully! That was the main goal, and it appears my goal to write a pretty good story at the same time was reached as well. The scope change for this game definitely helped it become what I wanted it to be, and this project is definitely going to see more coming in the future! Thanks for the review!

Painted Heart

So I loved this, I didn't actually notice many issues with gameplay during my playthrough other then the health one. I was more focused on getting used to what moves go well when. The enemy switching was missing something though, I admit.

However, I'm just impressed that you evented it successfully. I was working on one before this contest, that's why, but I just wish I had a programmer to do it. Which is what you hope to do so :P. Definitely a system I approve of, you guys should definitely keep working on it and using it. The strength and weakness equation is genius, when I think with my game design college brain. Having an element weak to everything but one, and an element weak to only one. Definitely a lot of potential. You got your difficulty curve good in there as well, I think.

I liked the 2d set up with the level design and applaud the game's custom resources. So uhhh

You have my vote for the IGMC! :)

2014 Indie Game Maker Contest

So uhhh, I just had a worrying thought. My submission on the IGMC site links to my RMN page specifically. I put in the description of the RMN game profile that my entry is version 1.4 and anything later is not for the contest. I'm worried still though, this is acceptable right?

2014 Indie Game Maker Contest

I've heard a lot of people complaining that they were meant to work alone, or that they're the only ones pulling weight on their team. I used to think that way too, but this month has taught me so much about game development and teamwork that I had to go back and rethink my previous philosophy.

I'm starting to think it's more about your team than it is about wanting to work alone. I was lucky enough to be on an awesome team that was just as hardworking as I was. Perhaps even more.

Me and Seiromem are joking with each other ;). I'm happy for the help, I didn't actually work completely alone :P. May everyone know I'm not upset I didn't "work alone". :P

Edit: Sorry Red_Nova.

2014 Indie Game Maker Contest

author=Yellow Magic
I was the sole developer on my team, but I'd by lying like a rug if I said my beta testers didn't count as much as myself.

Right, same here. I had five core testers. You're not alone in that regard!

2014 Indie Game Maker Contest

So the People's Choice technically has started? Or is there an issue with it, because the only way you might vote is with the like button? That can't be it because there are technically two buttons, facebook and twitter, and a separate award for getting the most likes so... hmmm. I guess more waiting is necessary!?

It's not a terrible game. lol. The art and music are amazing. I should probably write reviews but I'm too lazy.
Nah man don't worry, I respect the honesty!

Yeah, I also should make reviews of the contest games I've played... Maybe after a few days. We all deserve a little break after this, I think.

Well, you might as well start with mine :P I mean, I'd really like that 4 or 4.5 you've promised you're the only one to have given feedback so far. uhhh. yeah! Kidding. Yeah, I hope to do some reviewing of the contest entries that I've played as well.

Also, I worked on my entry alone, not counting Seiromem because he's my brother and just was here to assist with some mapping(although that is some help so not exactly alone), but who else worked alone? The main entries I've seen are duos and teams. Maybe a few single developers but I can't remember.

Painted Heart now released!

@outcry ahhh you like a challenge eh? Yeah, the last boss gets really tricky if you don't have some of the good painting techniques... good luck though!

I actually got stuck a few times throughout it too, didn't know where to go until it smacked me in the face. And the second round of those switch puzzles threw me off. I was expecting to jump on them like earlier, but it would just transfer me to the next spot. I got kinda lost and confused :P. I have a feeling I've missed something uhm... *cough* I have not found any painting techniques. I was wondering why it kept asking which technique to use :P.

Painted Heart now released!

Accha one small thing you've spelt enemies wrong in the paints description. Also I just wanted to check, you can't use the paints outside of battle? I made it through a tough battle but Zophie is down on HP but I can't heal her from the paints in the menu, is that the way it is supposed to be?

From my experience, you shouldn't have to heal outside of battle. Health is fully restored after every battle.

This was great! I just have to give another try at the final boss, I game-overed a few times throughout the whole thing on advanced mode. I'm happy with the battle system and art and music. Writing too. Brilliant job!

Perspective Contest Entry Version Details

And the final version for this contest is out! Now to start planning out a longer version with more levels and stuff while I wait. Fingers crossed I do well in the competition!

Finished by the skin of our teeth!

Cool, something to look forward to tomorrow then! Can't wait, it looks like it's really shaping up to be an exceptional work. Well done.